Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Macro Scale Photos

Last week I challenged you to create a macro scale design of a LEGO piece. Here are the ingenious designs that you came up with.

*Note, this is the last challenge until September, thanks for a great year! See all you amazing designers in the fall!

by Nathan, age 11, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

"I made the red Lego trademark brick at a 1:6 scale. The underside allows many of these bricks to be stacked like actual Legos." 

by Logan, age 12, South Carolina, USA.

by Fin, age 7, Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

"I picked the window frame because it was easy and interesting. It was a more interesting piece than a simple brick. It was hard to get the proportions right and still make it strong and look almost exactly the same. The penny is so you can tell how big each peice was."

by Nathan,  age 8 1/2, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

by Kayla, age 11, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  

"The 'L' stands for Lego." 

by Duncan, age 8, Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada.

"He thought it would be cool to see if he could build a mini figure out of regular sized pieces." 

by Sam, age 10, Washington, USA.

 "This is a larger version of a 2 x 1 brick." 

by CJ, age 12, Canada.

"I think it's pretty good."

by Luis, age 8, UK.

by Joe, age 8, UK.

"I tried to make a ginormous 2x2 because the 2x2 is a lego piece I use a lot." 

by Russell, age 9, Mountain Rest, South Carolina, USA. 

"My exact replica creation came right from the heart." 

by Bennett, age 7, Birmingham, Alabama, USA. 

"My creation is a yellow slanted piece and a red rectangle piece."

by Guin, age 8, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA.

"The little brick, the big brick, and my dog." 

by Damian, age 6, Alberta, Canada.

"I had fun making it!" 

by Ethan, age 9, Columbus, Ohio, USA.

"I couldn't get 144 red bricks for the 8x16 giant brick, I built this 4x8 giant brick. Hope you like it."

by Levi, age 12, Queensland, Australia.

"I built a HHHUUUGGGEEE! Lego cup about 200X bigger then my original replica. My Mum loves wine so I added some clear lego bricks for that special effect! I love it! How about you?"

by Kaela, age 10, Queensland, Australia.   

"I love dogs and that is why I built one!"

by Dominic, age 12, South Australia.

by Lucas, age 10, South Australia.

by Samuel, age 4.5, Auckland, New Zealand.

"I wanted to replicate a box (small box on the photo). It started out as that, then I turned it into a jewellery box for Mom, and it ended up as a car (shown on photo) which I designed to pick up cherries. So the man with the knife cuts the cherries as the car moves forwards and backwards. The car is called cherry volcano because he cuts so fast that all the falling cherries look like a volcano." 

by Ethan, age 9, Florida, USA.   

"I made a 2x4 Lego brick. I hope you like it." 

by Owen age 6, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. 

by David, age 7, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. 

by jamie, age 8, Virginia, USA 

"I used the normal 8 brick and made it into a big one using a bunch of pieces. I used a 21 brick base."

by Soren, age 8, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

"One of my favorite pieces, larger" 

by Micah, age 8, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

by Mitchell, age 9, Nova Scotia, Canada. 

"These are my screaming lego guys. the small one is bob and the big one is Fred.

by Freya, age 4, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.

by Bryce, age 8, San Jose, California, USA.

by Joshua, age 7, Montgomery, Alabama, USA.

"I like my creation I made. I hope you like it!"

by Jonathan, age 8, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

"I made a 2 x 2 white Lego brick." 

by Harrison, age 7, Sydney Australia. 

"This is my big and small bridges."

by Jamie, age 7, Japan.  

"My big brother helped me a little bit with this one. It was difficult."

by Adriel, age 6, France. 

"Window for small and big lego people"

by Isaac, age 7, Berkshire, UK.  

"This is my Lego Batman Hood. The little one is from my Lego Batman set which I copied."

by Emily, age 11, Berkshire, UK.  

"I have made a model of a blue Lego crystal, which you can just about see in the bottom right of the photo."

by Simon, age 6, Maine, USA.

by Lainey, age 9, Maine, USA.  

by Joshua, age 7, Wales, UK. 

" I decided to make one of the smallest LEGO pieces into one of the biggest! We didn't have enough plain blocks, so you can't see it, but there are funny pieces like roof blocks inside! I really enjoyed doing this as part of school."

by Mason, age 9, Hartford, Connecticut USA. 

"Mini Lego piece of of a StarWars gun."

by Tucker, age 6, Hartford, Connecticut, USA. 

"Mini Lego piece is of a flame from the Indiana Jones set."

by Daniel, age 12, Columbus, Ohio, USA. 

"Macro Lego Head."

by Jake, age 9, Columbus, Ohio, USA. 

"Macro Robin Hood Hat." 

by Luke, age 6, Columbus, Ohio, USA. 

"Macro White Lego Piece."

by Julian, age 8, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. 

"Only difference is that there's a secret Blue Lego inside."

by Emily, age 5, Saskatchewan, Canada.

by Nithya, age 9, Atlanta, USA.    

"This is the bigger version of a lego person's head. The scale is 1:7.78."

by Lochlan, age 6, Canada.

"This is my creation. It is a rectangle brick. I made it out of flat lego pieces and brick lego pieces. You can see that I put a normal rectangle brick beside it. Bye-bye and be careful it's breakable on the bottom."

by Zac, age 11, Massachusetts, USA.  

"Big B Little b, What starts with B, Big Bald Bob Head, That's Macro to Me!"

by Leilani, age 5, Washington, USA.

"I got pieces and lined them up on both sides to make my favorite one. I made it yellow because I liked the idea of a yellow tower."

by Maximillian, age 12, Saskatchewan, Canada.

by Isaac, age 12, Saskatchewan, Canada.

by Ronan, age 10, Saskatchewan, Canada.

by Zoe, age 14, Saskatchewan, Canada.   

"Behold it is a giant one piece! Gaze upon it's splendor!"

by Gavin, age 6, Utah, USA.

"I made this with lots of red LEGOs." 

by jacob, age 9, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.    

"It's so easy to do this piece. It's the easiest piece in the box. It has been very easy."

by Gabriel, age 8, New Jersey, USA.

by Moriah, age 6, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"Mine is a macro size of a Clone Trooper's pants."

by Zander, age 8, Wisconsin, USA.

by Slone, age 6, Wisconsin, USA.

by Truman, age 9, Poulsbo, Washington, USA.

"Big brick. He did manage to hide a spaceship on the inside, but that is only for him to see."

by Jayden, age 7, USA. 

"I duplicated a 6 piece lego and used a mirror to make it even longer!"

by Callum, age 12, Japan.  

"This is a regular slope brick. It is 4 times the original size."

by Daniel, age 9, British Columbia, Canada.

"Choosing an item for the Macro Scale Challenge was easy! I made a Light Sabre." 

by Micah, age 7, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. 

"This is my macro scale gun."

by Alexandra, age 10, Michigan, USA. 

"A lego block."

by Zachariah, age 8, Michigan, USA. 

"A wing lego."

by William, age 5, Marietta, Georgia USA. 

"It is a seat lego and its tall but not that tall."

by Steven, age 7, Marietta, Georgia, USA. 

"It's one by one in macro."

by Aaron, age 7, Arizona, USA.

"Macro of a 2x1 brick."

by Joelle, age 5, Arizona, USA.

by AJ, age 8,  Rochester, New York, USA.

"Macro dog- he's hinged at his neck and tail so he can bend his head down and wag his tail."

by Joshua, age 10, London, Ontario, Canada.  

"This is called a "Super Brick". I learned how to build it at the Legoland Discovery Center in Chicago. They make and use these superbricks when making larger structures."

by Nick, age 8, USA.