Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Aircraft Photos

Wow! An all time submission high of 117 unique creations to the design an aircraft challenge.

Kids submissions are from Africa, Australia, Canada, Egypt, Japan, Mexico and the USA.

by Gilon, age 11, Southern California, USA.

"It's an F-117 Stealth Bomber that I built about two years ago."

by Jordan, age 8, Melbourne, Australia.

"I called it the J19, it is a cargo plane and has a hinged roof."

by Callum, age 12, Japan.

"This is my creation. I didn't have a lot of time to make it so it's probably not the best I could do. But here it is. Enjoy!"

by Elijah, age 9, New Mexico, USA.


by Kaden, age 10, Ohio, USA.

"I built this aircraft because it makes me think of the future."

by Noah, age 7, Sydney, Australia.


by Mina, age 11, Cairo, Egypt.

"This is Nancy Drew's flying convertible. On the right is Nancy and me and on the connected trike is Frank and Joe Hardy of the Hardy Boys. The back panels fold and reveal propellers to be used for the air or underwater. We are off to solve some mysteries."

by Austin, age 6, Ohio, USA.

"This is a helicopter. The blade part comes off the helicopter to become an explorer type thing. (The blade also actually rotates.)"

by Parker, age 7, Georgia, USA.

"This is an airplane with missiles on the wings and boosters in the back."

by Michael, age 13, Abigail, age 9, Maximilian, age 11 and Rylee, age 8, Ohio, USA.

"The Titanium Falcon was conceived and created by Michael with assistance from Abigail and Maximilian. The Mini Skywalker was conceived and created by Rylee."

by Ethan, age 8, Ohio, USA.

"The very dark blue piece in the front is the cockpit and it has a passenger area in the back on this military plane. The engine is in the front and has a blower which makes the engine run better."

by Malcolm, age 9, Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

"The pilot controls the ship with his control panel. I gave him a seat to sit on. I put the power source a few studs behind him. The power source is a round, clear lego brick with a crystal in the middle. The power source is toxic so the pilot is protected by a shield behind him."

by Remington, age 10, Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA.

by Erin, age 2, Katy, Texas, USA.

"Erin built this herself and played with it like a rocket."

by Juan, age 10, Pennsylvania, USA.

"The Red Phantom."

by Zak, age 7, and Erin, age 5, Ohio, USA.

"A jet fighter from WWII."

by Joseph, age 5, New South Wales, Australia.

"This is a custom made Aircraft with two people inside it. It is designed for racing."

by Jacob, age 9 and Abigail, age 7, Maun, Botswana, Africa.

"They worked together on this creation. They are from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, and are living in Maun, Botswana, Africa."

by Benjamin, age 8, Akron, Ohio, USA.

"This is called the Shark Jet. There is a working door behind the pilot so that the pilot can get to the cabin. There are three passengers inside the cabin. There are 2 small grey jets and one large black jet. My sister made an airport and landing strip for the Shark Jet."

by Olivia, age 10, Akron, Ohio, USA.

"Airport for the Shark Jet that my brother made. The red building has a ticket counter and a café with a bar. Next to that is the metal detector and a barrel where all of the stuff that gets taken away goes. The passengers are waiting behind the white fence. The boy flight attendants are in red soldier uniforms. The girl flight attendants are dressed in white. The Chinese restaurant at the airport has the red and white umbrella."

by Jakob, 8 years old, Brewster, New York, USA.

"Jakob posed his Lego aircraft creations on his outer space comforter and took the photo himself. His photo is titled, 'Entering Inner Atmosphere.'"

by Owen, age 9, New Jersey, USA.

"The Horseshoe Crab. It has an elevator in the back, four jet engines, four guns, a grappling hook, reverse thrusters, landing gear and it even has a little hatch for the cockpit. And if you look closely you can see controls and on the bottom there are back guns and a time missile. Even though this is not aerodynamic, I think that it’s still a pretty cool ship.”

by Nicholas, age 12, Connecticut, USA.

"This is a Russian Kamov-50 'Blackshark' attack helicopter. It has a cannon mounted under the starboard wing stub and weapons pylons with four AT-6 NATO-codename 'Spiral' anti-tank missiles. I made this model from photos of the actual helicopter. It also has the trademark Kamov double contra-rotating rotors, reducing torque and eliminating the need for a tail rotor. Among its various nicknames are 'werewolf' and its NATO codename, 'Hokum'. It has two Klimov TV3-117VK turboshafts directly above the wing stubs. Maximum level speed is 217 mph. Range is about 155 miles."

by Lily age 7, Tennessee, USA.

"A plane that the army uses to fly across California for battle."

by Calvin B., age 7, Austin, Texas, USA.

by Eli B., age 5, Austin, Texas, USA.

"It is a topless spacecraft."

by Joshua, age 8, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

by Michael, age 9, Pasco, Washington, USA.

"This is my Lego spaceship. I secretly used a underwater helmet from my Antlantis set."

by Grace, age 11, Ohio, USA.

by Jaden, age 11, West Richland, Washington, USA.

"This is my most unique LEGO Aircraft. It has armor-fortified walls and lasers that can turn into engines. There's a pilot in the cockpit and a hall that leads to the rear rotating door. It also has a turbo cannon mounted onto it. I hope you enjoy it!"

by Samuel, age 5.5, Ontario, Canada.

by Megan age 7, Columbia, South Carolina, USA.

"She even borrowed my camera and took the picture herself. She said 'This is a biplane'."

by Luke, age 8, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

by Tyler, age 11, photo taken by Megan age 7, Columbia, South Carolina, USA.

"Double wing slasher. Blades move from front to back and cut through anything."

by Will, age 5, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

by Leif, age 8, Canada.

"The bad guy is chasing the good guy."

by Molly, age 9, California, USA.

by Cassidy, age 6, California, USA.

by Josh, age 6, Minnesota, USA.

"This is a robber ship. It is flying to Wisconsin. Because he was trying to get away from Florida. There were too many cops there."

by John Paul, age 6, Virginia, USA.

by Henry, age 10, Virginia, USA.

"This is technically a spacecraft made for carrying cargo and energy from one space station to another."

by Calla, age 9, Whitby, Ontario, Canada.

by Rowan, age 7, Whitby, Ontario, Canada.

by Eliana, age 5, Whitby, Ontario, Canada.

by Sofia, age 9, Connecticut, USA.

"This is a UFO. It’s on Mars. That’s an alien Martian standing next to it about to open the hatch. I made the background out of colored paper."

by Sammy, age 9, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA.

"This is a future police aircraft. It has a big light to see enemies. Sometimes it has a 4 wheeler on the back. It also has wheels for road driving, not just take off and landing. The wings will fold up."

by Michael, age 6, California, USA.

"It's a jet."

by Madison, age 4, California, USA.

"It's a flying home with a window and shooting project on the top of the window. I put something on my rooter kiss a bowl. I put some green parts and some white parts and some black parts and some red parts."

by Nick, age 7, USA.

"Air Tiger."

by Joshua, age 9, London, Ontario, Canada.

"This ship is called the 'TX-20 Rapid Fire'. I really like how the landing gear folds up and I like the style and art of it. It also has two torpedoes under the body. I make a ship almost every day but, this is DEFINITELY one of my favorite ships that I've ever built."

by Reece, age 9, Nova Scotia, Canada.

by Cole, age 5, Nova Scotia, Canada.

by Keenan, age 10, Tennessee, USA.

by Evan, age 12, Brick Township, New Jersey, USA.

"This is a small scale model of an airplane coming in for a landing."

by Amethyst, age 9, New Mexico, USA.

"Amethysts Magic BendCraft."

by Branden, age 6, Florida, USA.

"This is an Indiana Jones plane. It has wide windows on both sides and each wing has integrated guns to shoot the bad guys."

by Nithya, age 8, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

"The easiest part to do was the tail and the hardest parts to figure out were the wings of the aircraft."

by Mitchell, age 8, Nova Scotia, Canada.

"This is Mitchell's Airship of Doom. It has 12 wings so it will never crash, 9 guns to protect its crew and an Airport with a back-up ship."

by Zoe, age 13, Saskatchewan, Canada.

by Ronan, age 10, Saskatchewan, Canada.

by Max, age 11, Saskatchewan, Canada.

by Isaac, age 11, Saskatchewan, Canada.

by Hayden, age 8, North Carolina, USA.

"The boats are fighting the planes and the aircraft are winning. The patrol boat has come and the patrol boat is trying to destroy the main aircraft which is my version of a Fokker T Triplane from WW II. This is bound to be an exciting battle!"

by Sean, age 9, Texas, USA.

"It is a VIP transporter from the city of Destroyerville on the Lava Planet."

by Mark, age 10 and James, age 8, California, USA.

Mark: "I was planning to build a glider, but when I started putting the pieces together, it sort of turned in to a fighter plane."
James: "My helicopter has a propeller that spins. I made the cockpit to fit a mini figure, and it has a steering wheel and control console."

by Luke, age 10, New Jersey, USA.

"My LEGO Aircraft is called the 354.6 AeroSpace Transport. This Star Wars inspired flying machine can travel in space and almost any atmosphere. The ship can connect to a trailer as shown. Both the AeroSpace Transport and its trailer have two laser cannons. The ship can also drop Smoke Bombs. The cockpit seats one minifigure and a minifig prisoner can be kept in suspended animation inside the trailer. As a build, the 354.6 AeroSpace Transport has two flick fire missiles, easy cockpit access, a handle for easy transport and play, and a bomb dropping function. The trailer features a prisoner unloading feature and two rotating 'laser guns'."

by Shannon, age 9, California, USA.

"It is a transport ship. It’s transporting Clones and Jar Jar Binks is driving."

by Cleary, age 11, California, USA.

"It is a mother ship. It has a detachable base with turret. There is a passenger compartment in the center of the vehicle. You can also detach a speeder to explore with."

by Christopher, age 6, Texas, USA.


by Simon, age 8, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"This is the aircraft 5000. It has a giant blaster on the top and two lights, one red, one green. The driver is a Clone Trooper. The gas tank is the hole behind him."

by Caroline, age 6, Buffalo, New York, USA.

by Gabriel, age 7, New Jersey, USA.

"This is my aircraft vehicle. The picture is taken from the top. The white round thing in the back is one of the jets. The guy next to the jet is the one who controls all the guns. The guy in the front steers and has binoculars."

by Luke, age 9, North Carolina, USA.

“This is my RF 83 Fighter Jet. It has two laser guns and an escape pod.”

by Rachel, age 11, North Carolina, USA.

“This aircraft is used for traveling around for fun.”

by Sarah, age 10, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

by Elliot, age 5, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

by Walker, age 9, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

by Aiden, age 9, Wichita, Kansas, USA.

"My airplane is equipped with 2 guns, cargo, buttons, and levers. It is a fighter jet."

by Frazer, age 11, Richmond, Virginia, USA.

"It is US Fighter Jet Plane."

by Alex, age 5, Pennsylvania, USA.

"This is a V-22 Helicopter. You know that movie 'Hard Hat Harry Helicopters'? That's where the V-22 idea came from. This is very special. It's made of legos. The rotors are on hinges. They're for the harrier. A harrier is a plane with rotors that spin up and spin down. Watch this video on youtube if you want to see a V-22."

by Nathan, age 9, Arizona, USA.

"The Brown Hovercraft. It's mostly brown, and inside has a TV."

by Spencer, age 7, Arizona, USA.

"My StarWars Ship. If I had a StarWars ship, this is what it would look like. The guy is me, and I have buttons to push. My ship is mostly black."

by Zach, age 9 and Luke, age 6, North Carolina, USA.

"The large craft is a bomber with parachuters ready to jump out. The smaller craft are fighter jets. The vehicle is the 'rigger' ready to pull the planes to the runway for take off!"

by 'L', age 5, North Carolina, USA.

"He decided he wanted to build an actual airport too, not just an airplane. He added a control tower at the back of the base, as well as a small tree. In the center, you can see the workers and one of the airport buildings and of course, the airplane on the runway with the air traffic controller waving the flag to direct the plane."

by Jonathan, age 7, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

"This is the aircraft I made. It is a rescue ship I made from my Lego pirate ship. The cannons are engines and the rudder has an engine on it. You can steer it with the steering wheel. On the ropes someone is swimming around."

by Darcy, age 7, Mirboo North, Australia.

"The 2 aircrafts are going to have a race. Who do you think will win?"

by Nathan, age 11, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

"I made a replica of the 'Strateflier,' A commonly used transportation machine invented by John Avery Whittaker in the Adventures in Odyssey video series.

"A flying machine made out of a boat with oars and big helium balloons!"
-John Whittaker, I Slap Floor

by Nicolás, age 4, Mexico.

"Remote control aircraft."

by AJ, age 8 and Abby, age 6, Rochester, New York, USA.

"Our aircraft 'Cool Ship' has incredible wing span and it has alarm systems on it. The ramp off the back is for people to walk in and out if it. There is room for more than one pilot, so that when one is tired, another can fly it. There are people inside playing checkers."

by Anthony, age 8, Texas, USA.

by Brenna, age 10, Katy, Texas, USA.

"It's a magic carpet! I built it because I thought no one else would think of it."

by Autumn, age 9, Katy, Texas, USA.

"Its a flying house I built it because I like the movie Up."

by Zac, age 10, Massachusetts, USA.

"This is a non space, air attack F-146 aircraft. It has 7 blasters, 4 wings and has atomic powered engines. And it is flying around my house!"

by Jack, age 4, South Australia.

by Laurence, age 9, South Australia.

by Oliver, age 5, Florida, USA.

"New Space Craft 2000."

by Eli, age 6, Los Angeles California, USA.

"I made a Aircraft carrier and aircraft that would be flown in the Air force."

by Kahle, age 13, Makwa, Saskatchewan, Canada.

by Hunter, age 10, Makwa, Saskatchewan, Canada.

by Thaliya, age 7, Makwa, Saskatchewan, Canada.

by Lucas, age 9, South Australia.

"I made a war plane, it has two men shooting the enemy."

by Dominic, age 11, South Australia.

"I made a flying car, there is a zombie flying it home."

by Jai, age 10, Sooke, British Columbia, Canada.

"There is a stretcher on the ship for injured gangsters."

by Joshua, age 9, Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada.

by Michael, age 4, Ohio, USA.

"Was made for speed."

by Simon, age 8, Ohio, USA.

"This aircraft was made to land and drive away also. The wings fold under."

by Josh, age 10, Florida, USA.

"It is called an 'air bus'. It has two mini escape pods, and can fly 90 miles per hour."

by Hunter, age 7, Middle Tennessee, USA.

"This is a rainbow flying car."

by James, age 7, Spring Hill, Kansas, USA.

by Emily, age 4, California, USA.

"My airport has a sky control tower, an airport, a hook for if anything falls, a fuel car, 4 airplanes, a runway, and a slot for packages and stuff."

by Bobby, age 8, California, USA.

"It's a cool aircraft that I modeled after a jet."

by Josh, age 6, Stone Mountain, Georgia. USA.

"He wants you to know that in the big white chunk behind the seats there is Lego fire to propel the plane forward. He also wants to point out the slanted pieces he used for the tail fin and the Clone Troopers on board."

by November, age 7, Australia.

“My plane is also a spy plane. It has wheels for landing, and the second steering wheel is to open the fuel.”

by July, age 6, Australia.

“This is a spy plane for spies to fly in. They are going on a mission. They are dressed like this so they don’t get cold up high in the air."

by Ashley, age 8, Florida, USA.

"Up, up, up and away! This girl got her hot-air balloon at Lego Air Travel, which is having awesome deals on hot-air balloons! Come get yours before they're all gone!"

by Caison, age 4, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"Caison says the wheels on his airplane allow it to land on the ground and on water so it can be a float plane as well."

by Jaci, age 5, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"Hot air balloon. Jaci would love to ride in a hot air balloon one day, she's especially proud that hers has a door so it will be easier to get into the basket."

by Hannah, age 8, Adelaide, Australia.

by Amee, age 10, Adelaide, Australia.

by Calvin, age 10, Northern California, USA.

"...3, 2, 1 lift off!"

by Sam age 8, Northern California, USA.

"The reason why Jay is sitting on top of the roof is so that you can know who is driving since the cockpit is a little dark. The orange things behind him are missiles that can go back into the wing and then go out. And as you can see, that is Darth Vader's cockpit. The little missile next to it is supposed to be a star destroyer so you can compare sizes."

by Mason, age 8 and Tucker, age 6, Hartford, Connecticut, USA.

"This craft has two ships in a docking bay, a jail cell, it has a red alert and a camera that can see the entire ship, it has an escape pod, and a gun slicer that shoots out slicers that act like guns, and there are six guys that talk about the dangerous war about Star Wars. There is one pilot and ten people total on the entire ship."

by Finnegan, age 7, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"Red Dragon with Green Rider."

by Keira, age 5, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"Rainbow Dragon with Black Rider."

by Sebastian, age 7, Guelph, Canada.

"My creation is a space ship that could be in Star Wars, I used Star Wars lego pieces to make it up. It's called a sky glider. There is a snow trooper flying it. It has two fangs at the front. It is an attack ship."

by Jason, age 8, Wilmington, North Carolina, USA.

by Hoster, age 7, Tennessee, USA.

"Double Decker Zoomer"