Friday, January 1, 2010

What is Lego Quest?

Lego Quest is a non-competitive, creative building challenge resource for LEGO loving kids that lasted for three years and resulted in 51 unique quests.

LEGO Quest came to me out of the blue one day. I fired off an email to my friends with kids saying "okay kids, get your LEGO out, it's time for a challenge!" I was curious to see if anyone would play along.

After receiving my very first submission I was hooked. Seeing kids interested enough to investigate an idea, build something and share it, made me very motivated to come up with new, interesting, educational and fun challenges.

After discovering how excited my friends kids were to play along, I decided to open LEGO Quest up to my on-line friends and their cool kids and from there it grew into over 800 kids in over 20 countries submitting their creations to my challenges.

LEGO Quest is a place where you will only experience positivity, encouragement and sharing.

There are 51 unique, fun LEGO building challenges you can take. That's one a week and will last you a year! Read the challenge, design your solution, then have a look at what kids from all over the world created in response to the same challenge.

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*If you use any of these ideas or challenges in your own group, school or library program, etc. please give credit to my years of hard work by citing this blog.*