Monday, March 28, 2011

Natural Disasters Photos

Last week I posted the challenge of creating a natural disaster scene out of LEGO. Here are 70 unique creations. Amazing, terrifying events brought to life with your innovative designs!

by Benjamin, age 13, Waterdown, Ontario, Canada.

I chose to create a tsunami for Lego Quest 37 because of the recent disaster in Japan.

by Malcolm, age 9, Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

Tornado. My inspiration was a picture from The Magic Tree House Book Twister on Tuesday and I learned a lot yesterday about Natural Disasters. My family and I went to the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto. There was an exhibit about Natural Disasters. I learned how a tornado is created. Tornados are created when a thunderstorm is really strong and it has a lot of wind going in a lot of different directions and speeds. When that happens, you need more wind making a flatter cloud at the bottom and a funnel cloud comes out. It starts to rip up stuff from the ground but it isn't actually touching the ground. When the funnel cloud touches the wind on the ground, it is known as a tornado.

by Hetty, age 10 & Ben, age 8, Birmingham, England.

This is our erupting volcano. Made from a lego pyramid with a vinegar and sodium bicarbonate core and a bit of red and yellow food dye for added lava effect. We thought of this because of the volcanic eruptions in Iceland last year which kept many of Europe's planes on the ground for weeks.

by Simon, age 8, Saskatchewan, Canada.

This is a tsunami. As you can see the wave is going over the car. There is flooding everywhere taking trash cans and people with it.

by Shannon, age 9, California, USA.

A tsunami.

by Cleary, age 10, California, USA.

An earthquake.

by Marley, age 8, New Brunswick, Canada.

He made a lightning storm that causes a forest fire.

by Elise, age 8, Dutton, Michigan, USA.

This is a house after an earthquake. There is a man trapped inside the house.

by Jeremiah, age 6 and Micah, age 9, Dutton, Michigan, USA.

This is the aftermath of an earthquake. The rescue workers are trying to find survivors.

by Fin, age 6, Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

This is a landslide and the picture was taken from a helicopter up high above the site. You see a few wrecked down houses and some trucks that have got in trouble. Like the ones at the bottom of the mountain, the red one got hit by a rock and tipped over. The other one had a rock shatter the glass. The blue truck is a toe truck and the red car was being towed. They were heading for the gas stop to get fixed. But then the landslide came.

by Chase, age 8, USA.

Mini Figures in Peril
Lego City News Network - A flood has struck the outskirts of LEGO City. Mini Figures are told to get to your roofs, even if it means climbing up your chimney. The planets are aligned causing the BIG ONE. With the flood that connects to the ocean, your roof will get crushed. So get Uptown - Quickly! LEGO News Network, signing off.

by Kylee, age 5, Virginia, USA.

It's a Rockslide!!!

by Katy, age 4, Richland, Washington, USA.

This is my flood. The girl is swimming in it.

by Finn, age 6, Richland, Washington, USA.

This is my creation Mt. Lego. You can see the guys running away from the lava flow! Mt. Lego is the most dangerous mountain in all of Lego world.

by Micah, age 6, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

I made a volcano and a tsunami. One guy died in the volcano.

by Moriah, age 5, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

It is a tsunami. Three flowers, a man and a bush got swept away.

by Chris, age 12, Kennewick, Washington, USA.

This is a scene after a volcano eruption. Lava is bubbling through the town and houses are burning. People are running away, and one got caught.

by Cassie, age 9, Kennewick, Washington, USA.

A water main broke in the middle of the street. Ron is hiding in his house because he doesn’t want to get wet.

by Hannah, age 10, New Jersey and Henry, age 8, Virginia, USA.

A tornado going through a city. The skeleton was pulled out of his grave and the houses from their foundations.

by Alden, age 7, New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA.


by Adrienne, age 13, Ontario, Canada.

Tsunami. The big blue wave is about to crash on the land and create a disaster area.

by Andre, age 12, Ontario, Canada.

The yellow tornado has already grabbed trees, cars and more (the green spots).

by Isaac, age 10, Figtree, New South Wales, Australia.

A volcano about to erupt.

by Faith, age 6, Figtree, New South Wales, Australia.

A family escaping a tidal wave.

by Eli, age 8, Oklahoma, USA.

This is a tsunami.

by Sarah, age 4, Oklahoma, USA.

This is a forest fire "Those tall brown and grey pieces are burned trees. I worked hard on this."

by Austin, age 7, Ontario, Canada.

by Christopher, age 6, Texas, USA.


by Zephyr, age 8, Wichita, Kansas, USA.

Landslide Disaster. I asked my mom to help me.
This is a scene of a landslide on a hill above houses in a city called Laguna beach which is a real city where this happened.

by Avin age 8 and Dimitri, age 9, Maryland, USA.

Forest fire. There are two horse skeletons, and a bunch of burned down trees.

by Logan, age 8, Nova Scotia, Canada.

The natural disaster was a blizzard and the snow is so deep only a castle turret is visible.

by Turner, age 6, Missouri, USA.

There's a flood, a kid drowning, and a house behind a dam.

by Ryan, age 5, Missouri, USA.

There are 2 Lego guys in a house on fire. It was taken over by a wild fire.

by Sam, age 8, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

This is a volcano erupting over an Native American village. The tall brown pieces are the tee-pees, some are on fire. The brown lego studs are the villagers running from the lava. The tan tee-pee belongs the chief, who is a red lego stud. The white lego studs are the guards.

by Nicole, age 11, New Jersey, USA.

The "Natural" "Disaster". Mom walks outside to find her garden is growing weeds and the pool water is filled with algae.

by Gerrick, age 7, Tennessee, USA.

The corner of this house was damaged by the tornado.

by Ashley, age 8, Kincardine, Ontario, Canada.

This picture is a tsunami hitting a city. There's a blue tidal wave, and a black twister touching down! Watch out!!!

by Rich, age 9 & Brennan, age 6, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA.

Lightning Strike!

by Parker, age 6 ½, Georgia, USA.

This is a house that has been struck by lightning and has caught on fire. Two people are running from the house, one fell down as he was running.

by Joey, age 11, Myerstown, Pennsylvania, USA.

Surfing a tsunami.

by Elijah, age 5, Shadow Hills, California, USA.

This is a volcano erupting and the people are running away. There was a street that was ruined by the lava so the police blocked off the path to the street.

by Aaron, age 6, Tucson, Arizona, USA.

This is a miniature blizzard, with a blue person caught out in it. He is right in front of a white snowpile.

by Jason, age 8, Wilmington, North Carolina, USA.

Two cars and two trucks have been blown over by a tornado. A tree has been knocked down, and a horse has escaped.

by Kate, age 6, Wilmington, North Carolina, USA.

Tree hit by lightning.

by Seth and Nathanael , ages 10 and 11, Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada.

Triple Wipe-Out!
This is a picture of 3 Natural Disasters occurring at the same time! The tornado is in the middle beside the people who were roasting marshmallows when it happened. On the left is a flood and the Tsunami is on the right side with the big, blue wave and boat.

by Nicholas, age 11, Columbia, Connecticut, USA.

This is a Navy destroyer beached on the shore of a southern rainforest during a violent storm at sea. It has plowed a huge trench in the ground.

by Aiden age 8 Wichita, Kansas, USA.

I have a fire, tsunami, and an earthquake. The big blue wave is about to hit the fire and save the terrorized Lego guys.

by Liam age 9 Wichita, Kansas, USA.

My creation is a coast guard boat that broke away from its tethers and went out to sea with no one on it. Waves are crashing over the side from a tsunami. The white Lego pieces are foaming water.

by Megan, age 8, Chelsea, Alabama, USA.

This is a house being flooded.

by Chase, age 7, Chelsea, Alabama, USA.

This is a wild forest fire.

by Ryan, age 11, South Carolina, USA.

The Inland Wave is just a small part of a HUGE Tsunami! what an after shock of the earthquake in japan!

by Sage, age 9, Bar Harbor, Maine, USA.

This is a volcano with lava shooting up and out the top.

by Bryce, age 7, California, USA.

This is a train derailment with rescue crews, news crews and a fire.

by Noah, age 7, Sydney, Australia.

Bushfire with fireman.

by Camden, age 8, South Carolina, USA.

AHHH my farm is getting destroyed by a giant river!

by Sam, age 7 3/4, California, USA.

This is a house on fire. A lightening bolt struck it in a storm. I couldn't help but have the white things under the fire. They hold it up, so I had to have them there.

by Jedd, age 6, Adelaide, South Australia.

Here's a volcano and a fire. The guys have come to help out.

by Ashley, age 7, Florida, USA.

Here are two opposites: A drought (left) and a tsunami (right).

by Katie, age 10, Haysville, Kansas, USA.

This is Bumblebee Cats vs. 3-Headed Dragon. The Bumblebee Cats are so heavy that when they hit the ground they make an earthquake. The 3-Headed Dragon, when they come up, lava comes up from the core of the earth with them. They are fighting each other, and the people are
having earthquakes and lots of lava, and they have these monsters to deal with.

by Tom, age 8, Haysville, Kansas, USA.

This is a dragon fighting a yeti. it causes earthquakes. they are
fighting on a exploding volcano. i specialize in MONSTERS!!!

by Zeke, age 6, Indiana, USA.

This is a tornado. I put a steering wheel in it because a car got blown up into the tornado.

by Gabriela, age 9, Indiana, USA.

It is a volcano. The red flags mean that the volcano is erupting. There are several smaller volcanoes around the big one.

by Jaden, age 10 and Mitch, age 9, West Richland, Washington, USA.

This natural disaster occurred when Adam ate the fruit that God forbid him to eat. The snake in the tree is Satan who tempted Eve to eat the fruit and give it to Adam. This is when sin entered the world.

by Eli, age 8, Manitoba, Canada.

by Victor, age 5, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.


by Carolyn, age 7, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.

Forest fire.

by River, age 9, Tennessee, USA.

This is a house on fire. As you can see it is burning up. There are firemen putting out the fire.

by Lily, age 7, Tennessee, USA.

A building is on fire and there are people trapped inside.

In Brisbane, Queensland, Australia recently was inundated with a huge flood and months later public spaces are still closed. At the Gallery of Modern Art kids are making art throughout the exhibition as the kids artspace is still being repaired.

Imogen, age 7 and Indira, age 5, Queensland, Australia.

Helping rebuild at a massive Lego public art station.