Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Micro-Scale Photos

Last week I asked you to create a Mirco-Scale LEGO design. Here are 93 amazing submissions!

by Simon, age 9, Saskatchewan, Canada.

by Riley, age 7, Tasmania, Australia.


by Xavier, age 5, Sydney, Australia.

"This is my lego coffee machine. I based my design on the real full size coffee machine that we have in our kitchen."

by Marley, age 8, New Brunswick, Canada.

"The Titanic."

by Adrienne, age 14, Ontario, Canada.

"A tiny village."

by Spencer, age 7.5, Arizona, USA.

"This is our neighborhood. It has a lake."

by Braden, age 8, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"This is my creation of a small micro city consisting of houses, a florist shop, a satellite and hotel."

by Marshall, age 9, Canberra, Australia.

“This is a triple storey micro-building, being spray painted by two giants.”

by Elijah, age 10, Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

"Mini warp ship."

by Sam, age 9, Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

"My creation is a space cruiser."

by Gabriel, age 8, New Jersey, USA.


by Noah, age 8, Sydney, Australia.

"A pet microchip (on the left ) and a magnified germ ( on the right )."

by Xander, age 8, Minnesota, USA.

"Mine is a flying motorcycle with sidecar. It has a blaster and rocket boosters."

by Nathan, age 8, Canada.

"This is a lego man riding on a segway."

by Ethan, age 6, Ohio, USA.

"In Star Wars, Luke Skywalker rides on a giant tauntaun. This is my mini-version of the tauntaun."

by George, age 8, Ohio, USA.

"This is a mini-ambulance."

by Elliot, age 6, Canada.

by Lauren, age 11, Ulladulla, Australia.

"A model of the Earth, with a mini-Africa, tiny Asia and a non-existent Europe! We don’t have pennies, so I used our smallest coin – a 5 cent piece."

by Julius, age 8, Newton, MA, USA

"Attack of the giant baby. The baby's rattle has boulders inside of it and weighs about 200 lbs. The building in the middle is a church and is surrounded by houses. To the people the baby is about 25 feet tall. The baby weighs 1000 lbs. and could easily crush a house."

by Levi, age 12, Queensland, Australia.

"I call this creation Micro Medieval. I Have built this Micro Castle that is under seige by the black guys but I do not no how they will go with that. The castle is the one at the back and the black guys camp is at the front. I used a 20cent Australian coin."

by Tansy, age 6, New Brunswick, Canada.

"A purse."

by William, age 5, Guelph, Canada.

"I made a hamburger. There is ketchup in the middle. Everybody knows what hamburgers are. The end."

by Sebastian, age 7, Guelph, Canada.

"This is a rocket ship. It can go very fast. Especially that it's very small it can go extra fast. And it's flying in outer space in an asteroid field. And it is very special."

by Jakob, age 8, Brewster, New York, USA.

"This is a mini biplane next to a penny."

by Logan, age 6, Seattle, Washington, USA.

"This is a little fighter ship."

by Maximillian, age 12, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"This is a ferryboat, I used my hair for the rope on the mast."

by Isaac, age 12, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"This is the Bridge of Kaza-dum, where Gandalf (little white stud) fights the Balrog and says 'You shall not pass!' The red stud is Aragorn and the white flat piece is Frodo."

by Zoe, age 13, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"It's a giant sea turtle attacking the Black Pearl, (which is made from pieces of the Pirates of the Caribbean lego.)"

by Ronan, age 10, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"This it Pandora's Box, and it opens."

by Ethan, age 9, Columbus, Ohio, USA.

"This is an aircraft carrier. The two blue plates in front of it is the sea, and the black studs are the planes. The tile is the runway, and the 1x1 slant is the airplane taking off. The two red studs are two more airplanes."

by Tyler, age 7, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

"The Quest for the Guardian of the Cave."

by Harrison, age 6, Northern New York State, USA

"Micro-scale Construction Vehicles. Clockwise from top: an excavator, pile driver, crane, and dump truck. The dump truck really dumps. The excavator arm goes up and down and the cab spins around just like a real one."

by Joe, age 9, England.

"The white ship is called The White Crusader. The red ship is called The Devil's Heart. The grey ship is called The Silver Shadow."

by November, age 8, New South Wales, Australia.

"Here are two amoebas - tiny microscopic creatures." (we didn't include a penny as we don't have them here)."

by July, age 6 New South Wales, Australia.

"This is my micro city, with a river in the centre, and an old aquaduct by the river."

by Bella, age 6, Tasmania, Australia.


by Kyle, age 10 Nampa, Idaho, USA.

"I built a micro-mine with a mine cart and rails. I like video games, toaster streudel, and LEGOS!"

by Tucker, age 6, Hartford, Connecticut, USA.

"Electricity Connected Future. It has a Rhino Center, a Hippo Center, and the gray, yellow, red and blue building is a Goat Center. The building with a hole is the school and it has a Block Center, a Moon-Walk Center, an Ice Cream Shop, and the blue, white and yellow building is a Race Car Center. Everything connects. The best part is the Transporting Center where you can transport from place to place."

by Mason, age 8, Hartford, Connecticut, USA.

"Micro-scale football stadium with the stadium's name, Mason."

by Aaron, age 5, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"This is my speedboat. It has jets on the bottom and a propeller at the back. It has two levers to steer."

by Xanti, age 11, California, USA.

"Here is my micro double-decker tank. It is two inches tall and the same width as a penny. Two inches is equal to four bricks, which is equal to one Lego guy (without a hat). My dog is small, but compared to the mini Lego tank , she is like a huge dragon. If Legos came alive, and mini figs were small enough to fit in the tank, they would surely attack my dog. But for the moment they are not... and my dog is safe."

by Paolo, aged 7, Sydney, Australia.

"I made a Rocket Spy. It can blast off from the bottom. If someone steals the harpoon blaster, it will shoot them."

by Julius, age 6, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

"This is Ryo Hazuki on his motorbike. The bike is pictured next to a 50 fils coin."

by Willem, age 6, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

"This is the fastest race car that I have built. The car is next to a 50 fils coin."

by Isaac, age 7, England, UK.

"These are models of The Unicorn and The Jolly Rodger Pirates, from TinTin and also The Black Pearl and The Flying Dutchman from Pirates of the Caribbean."

by Jonathan, age 8, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

"Picasso's Eiffel Tower."

by Nathan, age 11, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

"Sears Tower."

by Jason, age 9, Wilmington, North Carolina, USA.


by Jacob, age 10, Orlando, Florida, USA.

"This is 'Chicken-foot' attacking a city. Nothing is scarier that a godzilla size chicken."

by Elijah, age 8, Wisconsin

"A modern day metropolis complete with rush hour traffic, sky scrapers, airport and a bay with a sailboat."

by Joey, age 11, Ohio, USA.

"This is a satellite drone that would orbit the Earth."

by David, age 10, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"My creation is a traffic light. I made it from 1x1 and a few 1x2."

by Nicholas, age 12, Connecticut, USA.

"This is a mini-model of the venture explorer being hit by the maelstrom. I made this model to commemorate Lego Universe’s closure on January 30, 2012. I thought this fitting seeing as it is the first place players visit during the game."

by Xander, age 7, Oregon, USA.

"This is a pottery plate on a turn table. I made five micro-scale creations and I decided to send this one in."

by Venice, age 9, Oregon, USA.

"This is a bed, it's made out of five legos. Two studs, two flat pieces and one bumpy piece."

by Celine, age 8, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

"This is a micro scale spaceship."

by Caleb, age 6, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

"This is my microscale firetruck. Even though it is small it can still put out big fires."

by Tal, age 13, Los Angeles, USA.

"'The hill of life' it has 14 peaces 2 blue blocks 4 red blocks 1 red white and green studs and one grass each of this peaces represents one stage of life, birth, growth, life, death."

by Christopher, age 7, Texas, USA.

"To the left is a dinosaur museum and the right is a castle."

by Callum, age 12, Japan.

"My entry is my own version of an Egyptian temple built with gray stone."

by Nathan, age 5, New Zealand.

"My Creation is a Micro-Scale Flying Saucer. It's realy realy cool.(lego man is to show the scale)"

by Laurence, age 10, New Zealand.

"My Creation is a Micro-Scale Douglas DC3 (lego man is to show the scale) I saw one fly over our house, and I just had to build one out of Lego!!"

by Sam, age 8, New Zealand.

"My Creation is a Micro-Scale Supercharged V8 roller skate (lego man is to show the scale)
It can accelerate 0-60Mph in 4 seconds. The only problem with this design is you REALLY need to tigheten your shoe laces!"

by Fin, age 7, Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

"I built an airport. A penny is down by the windsock, so that you can tell how big the scale is. A person would be smaller than the light beside the windsock. The building beside the white airplane is the air terminal. There is a tunnel out to the airplane. And I made a long row of windows. The building beside that is the hanger and there is an airplane inside it and a service truck. Beside that is the air traffic control tower. Above the hanger is a helicopter. I wanted to put a tail on the helicopter but there wasn't enough room."

by Rainer, age 9, Pennsylvania, USA.

"This is microscale starwars base with a ship taking off."

by Tyler, age 8, Minnesota, USA.

"It's a micro Frank Lloyd Wright house."

by Josh, age 6, Minnesota, USA.

"This is a tent."

by Jeremiah, age 6, Wayne, New Jersey, USA.

"I made a tiny house."

by Gilon, age 11, Southern California, USA.


by James, age 7, Spring Hill, Kansas, USA.

"This is a podracer."

by Luke, age 6, Spring Hill, Kansas, USA.

"This is Anakin’s Podracer."

by Hux, age 8, Australia.

"I built a micro-scale lego town. It has houses, a park, 3 lamp-posts & 2 shops. There is a church in between the shops and a firehouse."

by Jamie, age 7, Ashburn, Virginia, USA.

"I built a mini-balloon, much smaller than a real balloon."

by Phoenix, age 10, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.

"This is a hospital with a helicopter and solar arrays on the roof. There is an ambulance and a mini RV on the one way road."

by Zachariah, age 7, Michigan, USA.

"He created a “mini” van."

by Alexandra, age 10, Michigan, USA.

"She created a 'mini' home scene. There is a house with a pool and the white lego is a person swimming in it. The two small black legos in the yard are two black dogs. There is a person sitting in a chair at the table in the yard."

by Wesley, age 7, The Bahamas.

"It's a cruiser and it carries 500 people! I took the picture with a Bahamian penny. It's a tad smaller than an American coin."

by Bryce, age 10, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA.

"My Lego Landscape."

by Juan, age 10, Pennsylvania, USA.

"This is a jail, a space shuttle, a person to see the scale, and the red dot is a micro person."

by Guin, age 7, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA.

"A computer. Someone has started to send an e-mail. For some reason, the letter T is not on the keyboard."

by Ari, age 11, USA.

"Lookout tower to search for animals."

by Lauren, age 5, USA.

"A baby bottle so babies can drink milk."

by Raymond, age 7, Florida, USA.

"He made a micro car at a microtraffic light. There are two green lights because one is an arrow for turning and the other is for going straight."

by Evie, age 3 1/2 Georgia, USA.

"It is an airplane."

by William, age 5 1/2, Georgia, USA.

"It is a robot dog that shoot bullets out of its eyes and can fly."

by Steven, age 6 1/2, Georgia, USA.

"It is an axe and can cut really tall trees and it's very sharp."

by Alli, age 7, Tennessee, USA.

"Microfigs are scared…they have heard that there will be an explosion. KABOOM! There it is. Now they run."

by Zephyr, age 9 Kansas, USA.

"This is an electric drill. I made it to look like my Dad's."

by Aaron, age 7, Tucson, Arizona, USA.


by, Jayson, age 12, Missouri, USA.

"Telephone booth."

by Jacob, age 6, Missouri, USA.

"An airplane."

by Joshua, age 9, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"Mini-Halloween train."

by Carson, age 10, Alabama, USA.

"An Egyptian temple."