Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Final Challenge Photos

This was LEGO Quest's Final challenge. Thank you for playing along these past 3 years, your creations have been inspiring and at times mind blowing!

Please remember, there are 51 challenges in the archives. That gives you one challenge a week and will last you a full year! Take each challenge, create your design, then have a look at what other kids from around the world created for the same challenge. There are over 800 kids in over 20 countries that have played along on these quests.

Last week I asked you to choose your favourite challenge out of the previous 51 quests. Here is what you came up with.

by Luke, age 11, Southern New Jersey, USA.

Quest # 44 - Surrealism. "Making this surrealist Digital Designer model was both an inventive and somber experience. Creating this bizarre scene was fun, but I couldn't help feeling sad that this would be my last Lego Quest project. At least I had one last bit of excitement as I made trees with faces on them and, stranger still, half-buried coffin/sink combinations. So long Lego Quest, and thanks for all the fun."

by Luke, age 6, Abaco, Bahamas.

Quest # 16 - Bird House. "Bird house in a tree!"

by Nicholas, age 13, USA.

Quest # 42 - Aircraft. "HAV-23F VALKERIE II VTOL GUNSHIP Built as an “on the cheap” gunship derivative of the civilian Sikorsky S-102, this Vertical Takeoff and/or Landing gunship boasts upgraded engines, FLIR, a midflight refueling probe, IR heat supressors, and two 23-mm rotary cannon in a swiveling turret beneath the nose. It has 6 pylons on the wings and fuselage, each rated for 700 pounds. Typical armament (shown here) includes 2 48 rocket 2.75 inch rocket pods, two 30mm cannon pods, and two ASRAAM short range air-to air missiles for self defense. Top speed is 376 mph, fully loaded."

by Miles, age 11, Huntington Beach, California, USA.

 Quest # 1 - Create a Car. "This is Ken Block's Rally Car."

by Ethan, age 7, Glasgow, Scotland.

Quest # 35 - Maze or Labyrinth. "This is my lego maze, it has 24 lego men on it. I chose to make a maze because I like mazes."

by Zoe, age 14, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Quest # 8 - Your Favourite Book. "This is the scene from Divergent where Tris is about to jump off the building into a hole that she can't see, a test to prove she's brave enough to join Dauntless."

by Isaac, 12, Saskatchewan, Canada. 

Quest # 8 - Your Favourite Book. "The Battle of Minas Tirith from LOTR. That's Faramir on the top not Boromir. Denethor is about to jump."

by Ronan, age 11, Saskatchewan, Canada. 

by Maximillian, age 12, Saskatchewan, Canada. 

Quest # 8 - Your Favourite Book. "Septimus Heap, wizard tower inside & out. Includes Spitfyre the dragon, Septimus, Beatle, Maricia, Marin & Catchpull. It has an upstairs library, third floor bedroom & a spiral staircase."

by Shane, age 9,  La Quinta, California, USA. 

Quest # 43 -  2x2 Bricks Only.  "Rainbow spiral staircase."

by Olivia, age 11, La Quinta, California, USA. 

Quest # 35 - Maze or Labyrinth.  "Can you figure out how to get out?"

by Ranen, age 8, Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada. 

Quest # 1 - Create a Car. "Car with movable headlights and tail lights, opening doors and undercarriage parts."

by Kabir, age 6, Tupelo, Mississippi, USA.

Quest # 35 - Maze or Labyrinth.  "At first, when I created the maze it was too easy but eventually I made it more complicated. I enjoy making stuff like this with lego and I am sad that this is the final challenge because it was just my second time."

by Reed, age 4, Missouri, USA.

 Quest # 1 - Create a Car. "The Harvester."

by Aiden, age 6, Missouri, USA.

Quest # 1 - Create a Car. "The Big Missile."

by Nathan, age 12, Susannah, age 12 and Jonathan, age 8, Cincinnati Ohio, USA.

by Diana, age 9, Woodland, California, USA. 

Quest # 28 - Halloween Scene. "This is my LEGO Place of Terror. The black figures are dementors, and the figure in the red shirt is a vampire. The vampire, dementors, and big troll are looking inside the spiderweb cage. A scared person is backing away from a werewolf, but unluckily for him he is coming closer to a skeleton. Above it all a jack-o'-lantern, rotting head, and bat watch the scene."

by Caleb, age 10, Texas, USA.

 Quest # 42 - Aircraft. "This is a highly advanced aircraft/spaceship."

by Benjamin, age 3, Texas, USA. 

by Abigail, age 6, Texas, USA. 

Quest # 51 - Olympic Event. "Swimming. The guy with the angry face is mad because he is losing."

by Joel, age 9, Texas, USA. 

Quest # 1 - Create a Car. "The Ultimate Battle Car!"

by Grace, age 7, Texas, USA. 

Quest # 42 - Aircraft. "Aircraft with invisible wings."

by Aki, age 5, California, USA.

by Ken, age 8, California, USA.

Quest # 23 - Cityscape. "Lego Land."

by Nox, age 7, Ontario, Canada.

Quest # 35 - Maze or Labyrinth. "In the upper left corner there is a man stuck in the water with just his head above water. Near the start of the labyrinth (bottom right corner) the vampire is leaping out of its coffin to attack a guy that's disturbing it. Also in that section, there is a guy running away from a tiny monster holding a torch that is trying to chase him away. Near the torture room (upper left corner), an ice devil is trying to eat a person, but another person stopped it by poking it in the eye with a spear. Near the middle there is a guy that got hit by a skull flail trap. He didn't see it coming, so it got tangled around his shovel. In the lower right corner, a guy got hit by a blade when he was trying to touch the second artifact (oh, and I forgot to tell you, you've got to touch all the artifacts (the golden things) to get out of the labyrinth). At the start, a guy holding a weird gun is trying to figure out where to go. And the guy at the end has a viper in front of him, and he's sitting down because he's so surprised that he walked through the wall when he put the magic key in the lock. A guy near the end had found his own little key and had unlocked a trap. The wall came out, and a beam of fire came at him. He jumped out of the way, but got caught by the crushing walls (also near the end)."

by Marley, age 9, New Brunswick, Canada.

Quest # 47 - Micro-Scale.  "This is a micro-scale city."

by Tansy, age 7, New Brunswick, Canada.

Quest # 28 - Halloween. "Zombie Attack. I hope I don't meet these guys trick-or-treating this year!"

by Ethan, age 9, Columbus, Ohio, USA.

Quest # 48 -  Functional. "Wood chopper and spinner thingamajig. This thing can chop wood and spin around and even do both at the same time. Plus, it can hold all your Lego mini figures. Triple function!"

by Ethan, age 9,  in Florida, USA. 

Quest #28 - Halloween. "This is a witch head."

by Callum, age 13, Japan.

Quest # 35 - Maze or Labyrinth. "Here is my labyrinth."

by Hunter, age 8 and Drayken, age 3, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA.

Quest # 25 - Bridge.  "I chose to do the bridge challenge. On top, the little Lego dude was saying hi. There was a boat down below that was sailing across the sea. It was in the Pacific ocean."

by Caleb, age 7, London, Ontario, Canada. 

Quest # 32 - Coral Reef. "This is a diver diving and he's looking for undiscovered things."

by Joshua, age 10, London, Ontario, Canada.

Quest # 51 - Olympic Event. "This is Lego City Arena and they are playing Field Hockey and the crowd is cheering because the home team just scored a goal!"

by Aiden, age 9, Murrieta, California, USA.

Quest # 35 - Maze or Labyrinth.  "I created a Lego Maze."

by Gavin, age 7, Murrieta, California, USA. 

Quest # 35 - Maze or Labyrinth. "Gavin created a lego maze."

by Aaron, age 7, Arizona, USA.

Quest # 35 - Maze or Labyrinth. "Find your way through the maze!"

by Brenna, age 11 and Autumn, age 10, Katy Texas, USA.

Quest # 44 - Surrealism.  "Me and Autumn decided to do the surrealism challenge, we did a stop motion video on Autumn's 3DS. We worked hard but it was fun! We will miss you, bye!"

by Emily, age 10, Bradenton, Florida, USA.

Quest # 21 - Buoyancy. "This is a mix of things. It's between a plane, a boat, and a car. I think this would go under the Buoyancy challenge (at least that's what I got my inspiration from). I used a computer program to paste two pictures together. The top picture is of the boat-plane half, and the bottom picture is of the car wheels."

by Moriah, age 6, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Quest # 16 -  Bird House. "The bird house is like birdie binoculars. The bird house is for the Blue Jay who used to live in our yard."

by Micah, age 8, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. 

Quest #38 -  Wearable LEGO.  "I made a watch because I thought it would be cool."

Monday, October 1, 2012

Final Challenge - Quest # 52

For the final challenge I will ask you all to browse the previous 51 quests, pick your favourite and complete it. All 51 challenges are below. Click on any one to take you to the quest.

Quest # 1 - Create a Car

Quest # 2 - Monochromatic

Quest # 3 - Vessel

Quest # 4 - Two Dimensional 

Quest # 5 - Tool

Quest # 6 - Creature

Quest # 7 - Collaboration

Quest # 8 - Your Favourite Book

Quest # 9 - Maximum Height 

Quest # 10 - Spring 

Quest # 11 - Shadow

Quest # 12 - Mixed Media

Quest # 13 - Earth Day

Quest # 14 - Ancient Monument

Quest # 15 - Kinetic 

Quest # 16 - Bird House 

Quest # 17 - Metamorphosis

Quest # 18 - Flags 

Quest # 19 - Wrapped Object

Quest # 20 - Repair or Replace 

Quest # 21 - Buoyancy 

Quest # 22 - Display Your Art

Quest # 23 - Cityscape

Quest # 24 - Illumination 

Quest # 25 - Bridge 

Quest # 26 - Playground

Quest # 27 - Archeology 

Quest # 28 - Halloween 

Quest # 29 - Two Cups of Random Bricks

Quest # 30 - Map

Quest # 31 - Holiday Scene

Quest # 32 - Coral Reef

Quest # 33 - Favourite Song 

Quest # 34 - 30 Pieces 

Quest # 35 - Maze or Labyrinth 

Quest # 36 - Food 

Quest # 37 - Natural Disasters 

Quest # 38 - Wearable LEGO 

Quest # 39 - Occupation 

Quest # 40 - Country 

Quest # 41 - Garden 

Quest # 42 - Aircraft 

Quest # 43 - 2x2 Bricks Only 

Quest # 44 -Surrealism

Quest # 45 - Self Portrait 

Quest # 46 - Modern Marvels of Engineering 

Quest # 47 - Micro-Scale

Quest # 48 - Functional 

Quest # 49 - Growing 

Quest # 50 - Macro Scale 

Quest # 51 - Olympic Event 

LEGO Quest can live on! Take each challenge, create a design, then have a look at what other kids from all over the world created to the same challenge! Post your creation photos on your own blog to share with your friends and family!

Please remember, there are 51 challenges in the archives. That gives you one challenge a week and will last you a full year!

Start a LEGO Quest group and get kids together for monthly challenges. Feel free to use these quests! Have all the kids make their designs, then as a group see all the amazing solutions other kids from around the world made here at LEGO Quest.

*if you are using any of these challenges, be sure to properly credit LEGO Quest by linking to this blog.*

** some interesting LEGO Quest stats - There was more than 40,000 unique individuals visiting LEGO Quest this past year from over 142 countries around the world!**