Tuesday, October 11, 2011

2x2 Bricks Only - Photos

by Minna, age 5, Kyoto, Japan.

"This is Mt. Fuji. I took the picture myself."

by Ayush, age 5, Bangalore, India.

"This is a tiger and he is walking through the grass to the water."

by Abigail, age 7, Canadian living in Botswana, Africa.

by Jacob, age 9, Canadian living in Botswana, Africa.

by Moriah, age 5, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"It's a tree wand that can make castles and balls."

by Micah, age 7, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"It's a parrot that repeats everything you say."

by Jay, age 10, Brighton, Michigan, USA.

"This is an Egyptian pyramid temple with a zombie mummy pharoah inside. It's being guarded by two skeleton warriors and the Grim Reaper. To the side is another zombie mummy eating the brains of a guy because the Egyptians so cruelly removed the brains of mummies through their nose."

by James, age 10, Maryland, USA.

"Small airplane."

by Jaiden age 8, Poca, West Virginia, USA.

"The Walls of Jericho."

by Trevor age 5, Poca, West Virginia, USA.


by Ben, age 6, Plainfield, Illinois, USA.

"This is a model of DNA."

by Micah, age 5, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.


by Liz, age 8, Newport beach, California, USA.

"I was going to build a gecko, but it wound up looking like a dog so I gave it longer ears and it's a dog."

by Gabriel, age 6, London, Ontario, Canada.

"This is my Jack-a-ra-saurus. They are not real - just in fairy tales. They live on Jupiter. When they are born they are 6 feet tall and their tail is 1 inch long. Their eggs are 8 feet tall and 2 feet wide. They have no eyes. They have a steady tail for balancing. Can you see the mouth?"

by Lucy, age 6, Stone Mountain, Georgia, USA.

"Lucy's Rainbow- a girl who understands the importance of coffee!"

by Evan, Georgia, USA.

"Evan lives on 30 acres with 2 brothers, his mom and dad, 2 cats, 4 dogs, 2 hermit crabs, and lots of chickens. He calls his creation 'fried egg. '"

by Jason, age 8, Wilmington, North Carolina, USA.

by Lochlan, age 5, I live on a farm in Canada.

"My creation is flying in space and it is a spaceship. The white piece is the window and the red part is the rest."

by Logan, age 7, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

"This is a flame sword, the green part is a fuel tank to keep the flame burning."

by Jai, age 10, British Columbia, Canada.

"Hockey Stick."

by Evelyn, age 7, Guelph, Ontario, Canada.


by Malcolm, age 9, Guelph, Ontario, Canada.


by Remington, age 10, Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA.

"A boy with a flatbill cap."

by Joey, age 11, Northern Ohio, USA.

"It's the remains of a Castle. The front is the watchtower section for the guards.

by Simon, age 9, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"Brick-a-lator a new type of LEGO set that is only 2x2 bricks. This is a table and chairs."

by Isaac, age 12, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"It's supposed to be the Tale of Three Brothers from the Tales of Beedle the Bard."

by Ronan, age 10, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"It is a boulder chasing three people."

by Zoe, age 13, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"It's a U.F.O. from Venus- there are more U.F.O. sightings when Venus is closer to Earth."

by Maximillan, age 12, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"This is King Arthur pulling the sword out of the stone."

by Julius, age 6, Cyprus.

"A bridge."

by Willem, age 6, Cyprus.

"A flame."

by Louis, age 8, Scotland, UK.

"A Flower with an Earthworm."

by Grace, age 6, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"It's a snake. A Rainbow Snake"

by Ben, age 6, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"An aircraft that floats on air and water and space. It has lots of secret entrance points so that if there's any leaks the secret entrances are so that people can breathe"

by Callum, age 12, Japan.

"This is my creation, I made it really fast and so it's sort of random. But it looks cool."

by Ethan, age 9, Newcastle, Australia.

by Noah, age 9, Florida.

"I bulit a helicopter."

by Zak, age 7, Ohio, USA.

"A mountain."

by Zak, age 7 on behalf of Nate, 3 months old. Ohio, USA.

"A bridge with a boat."

by Erin, age 5, Ohio, USA.

"A boat."

by Harrison, age 6, USA.

"It is a tire shop display for lego vehicles."

by Gavin, age 6, Utah, USA.

"I made a pyramid. I used all the colors because I like all the colors."

by Merritt, age 5, USA.

"The two to the right are her sheep and the two to the left are her cattle dogs."

by Wyatt, age 3, USA.

"He built a car."

by Nick, age 7, USA.

"This is Marmaduke at the Pyramids of Time."

by Frazer, age 11, Richmond, Virginia, USA.

"A pyramid in honor of Rick Riordian's The Red Pyramid, even though the bricks are not all red."

by Austin, age 6, Ohio, USA.

"It is a boat that transforms into a robot."

by Porter, age 6, Richmond, Virginia, USA.

"Letter H."

by Christopher, age 6, Texas, USA.


by Ryan, age 6, SW Missouri, USA.

"My creation is an ice cream cone. The 'stairs' are really a cherry on top."

by Logan, age 11, Georgia, USA.

" My creation is called Yoshi."

by Logan, age 6, Seattle, Washington, USA.

"This is the opening doorway to a castle."

by Isaac, age 10, Wollongong, Australia.


by Luke, age 10, Southern New Jersey, USA.

"My solution takes the form of some statues of BIONICLE Characters made of 2x2 bricks. Here is my list of characters:
Back Row (back part of staggered row, left to right): Toa Ignika (2008 based, has a 2x2 w/ technic pole), Toa Orde (MOC based), some toa of plantlife (MOC based, has round 2x2s)
Middle Row (front part of staggered row, left to right): Tahu Stars (2010 based, has round 2x2s, yellow can be swapped out to make 2001 Tahu, which isn't shown here), Toa Zaria (MOC based, has some round 2x2s, some grooved 2x2s w/ technic axle holes, and some special parts that are kind of like three 2x2s stuck together), Kopaka Nuva (2002 based, has some round 2x2s)
Front Row (those little guys in front of the middle row, for windows, press/hold ctrl and scroll the mouse wheel up to magnify, left to right): Kohlii Hewkii (2003 based, has some 2x2s w/ technic beams), Kongu Super Spy (2001/ joke based, has a 2x2 w/ a clip), Running Pohatu (2001 based, has a round 2x2), Teeny Tiny Takanuva (2003 based, has some round 2x2s), Tohunga Jala (2001 based), Mini Hahli (2007 based), Kohlii Jaller (2003 based)
I'm a big BIONICLE fan and they were fun to build! Yes, I know that that was very long and convoluted."

by Faith, age 6, Wollongong Australia.


by Rachel, age 7, New Zealand.

"My tower's name is The Tower of England, and I really, really like having the result of my hard work. The little holes were for archers to shoot arrows, and were lookout points for soldiers to see approaching armies."

by Grace, age 4, New Zealand.

"I'll call my one The Tower of New Zealand. And my one isn't Daddy's work because it isn't shaped like his work. And I love it so much."

by Audrey, age 8 and Xanthe age 5, Tasmania, Australia.

"This is our garden of 2x2 blocks. There are flowers, bees, a snail, a caterpillar, a dragonfly and worms."

by Nathan, age 9 and Spencer, age 7, Arizona, USA.

'The Pyramid in the Desert'. This pyramid is a thousand years old. There is a dust storm behind the pyramid, but it's hard to see because we colored it yellow. The cacti behind it are really pointy. The pyramid is hollow. We are brothers and built it together."

by Alexandra, age 9, Michigan, USA.

"A rider using steps to climb on to her horse."

by Zachary age 7, Michigan, USA,


by Nicolás, age 4, México.

"It is a volcano, and I don't like volcanoes, I just love lava but I do not love volcanoes. And the yellow thing is a car that was driving around the place, and have to pass near the volcano because there was no other way."

by Rory, age 8, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

"'Ducks in a Pond'. Two ducks swimming a in small pond surrounded by sand."

by Paulina, age 5, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

"Ducks in a Forest."

by Leah, age 3, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

"'The Golden Tree' made with 2x2 duplo for smaller hands."

by William, age 7 and Samuel, age 5, Whitby, Ontario, Canada.

"This is a Lego Army. In front are the King and Queen."

by Jacqueline, age 6, Florida, USA.

"I made a horse and his rider with my 2x2 blocks."

by Daniel, age 11 and Jake, age 9, Columbus, Ohio, USA.

"Mario & Luigi out of 2x2 Legos. They used one lego for each pixel to make them."

by Nathan, age 11, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

"I made a LEGO chess set on Digital Designer with all the pieces (pawn, rook, knight, bishop, queen and king). My brother and I played a game of chess on this board (it was a long game, every move took half a minute)."

by Molly, age 9, California, USA.

“Pyramid with a hat so when it rains, it won’t get destroyed.”

by Joshua, age 10, Oregon, USA.

"Rainbow Pyramid."

by Ari, age 10, Hermitage, Tennessee, USA.

“Dancing Man.”

by Tom, age 8, Kansas, USA.

"You may notice that the front of the head is only connected to the back by the horns."

by Brenna, age 10, Katy, Texas, USA.

"It's a ride that spins, if it had a stud on the bottom, it could actually spin so i'll try that the next time!"

by Autumn, age 9, Katy, Texas, USA.

"It's a 3d diamond."

by Michael, age 6, California, USA.

"It's a Transformer. It's a part of the good guy team."

by Zephyr, age 8, Kansas, USA.

"This is my Submarine built out of 2x2 bricks including special round cylinder 2x2 bricks. The arms on the back aren't actually 2x2 piece bricks but they are connected to some.
This submarine is built to go under water and explore for creatures at the bottom of the sea. This is an unmanned submarine because it goes so deep. If anyone was on it they would burst because of too much pressure."

by Steven, age 6, Marietta, Georgia, USA.

"Lego Robot."

by William, age 5, Marietta, Georgia, USA.

"lego bat."

by Gabriel, age 7, New Jersey, USA.

"This is my pyramid. At the bottom, is the entrance to the tomb. The eye, at the top, is so that the Egyptian gods can see whoever enters the tomb. And the eye at the top spins, so the gods can see all around."

by Ashley, age 8, Florida, USA.

"Cherokee Ruins, a favorite spot of tourists, is something you 'stumble upon without knowing'. Even so, many Lego people love to see it in person, on TV, or in any way they can. At Halloween time, it is covered with spooky decorations, making it even more fun to go see!"

by Sean, age 9, Texas, USA.

"Lion roaring on a rock."

by Joshua, age 9, London, Ontario, Canada.

"This tower is called, Supreme Headquarters. I like it because it is interesting and has a good base structure."

by Caleb, age 6, London, Ontario, Canada.

"This is a Bed Backed Bus. A guy goes in the back and the pilot goes in the front."

by Alex, age 6, Trenton, Missouri, USA.

"I worked hard making this flag. I got the idea from my little brother."

by Charlie, age 8, Canada.

"It is a jet that flies
In the skies
Over Canada."

by Natalie, age 12, Florida, USA.

"Cargo plane"

by Harrison, age 12, Florida, USA.


by Valerie, age 4, Florida, USA.


by Genevieve, age 2, Florida, USA.


by IronHide, age 8.5, Washington DC Metro Area, USA.

"Jay Ninja using his orange lighten power to blast down a wall with flames."

by Ben, age 8, Akron, Ohio, USA.

"'The Turning Tower.' Stare at the tower long enough and it will look like it is turning."

by Caroline, age 6, New York, USA.

"Horse and Rider."

by Aaron, age 7, Arizona, USA.

"This is the manger where Jesus was born. The yellow star is above, with 2 white angels. The orange is the light of Jesus shining out. The three wise men are yellow, and there's also a blue pond in front."

by Elliot, age 6, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"Tye is Grandparent's pet dog."

by Joshua, age 8, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.


by Hoster, age 7, Tennessee, USA.

"Brick Pyramid, guarded by the evil Pharaoh."