Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Growing Photos

Last week I challenged you to create something that looked as if it were growing. Here are all your cool designs!

by Ethan, age 8, California, USA.

"A super duper cool apple (This is a 3-D apple!)"

by Oliver, age 6, Ottawa, Illinois, USA.

"A huge strawberry."

by Ben, age 11, New York, USA.

"It’s a mushroom!"

by Venice, age 9, Oregon, USA.

"I really like books. There are never enough. This is why I made one to hang on a tree. The book title says "Oh No". I have attached special LEGO pieces to make it easy to hang."

by Will age 14, Simon age 9 and Sophie age 7, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"A row of carrots."

by Karsten, age 8, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

"Spring Sprout."

by Riley, age 7, Tasmania, Australia.

"This flower is a type of daisy and it grows in hard soil."

by Jeremy, age 7, East Coast of USA.

"This is my lego carrot growing in my garden."

by Elizabeth, age 7, California, USA.

"It's my pretty little rose with a bee."

by Lucas, age 10, South Australia.

"I made a banana."

by Dominic, age 12, South Australia.

"I made an apple."

by Julian, age 8, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

"A dandelion gone to seed."

by Russell, age 8, Mountain Rest, South Carolina, USA.

"I used what I could and I got what I wanted. It is a real Trillium flower. The stalk is Legos."

by Isaac, age 12, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"Minecraft guys don't grow on trees, they sprout up from the ground!"

by Joshua, age 6, British Columbia, Canada.

"It’s a pear!"

by Papaya, age 7, Hampshire, UK.

"I hope you like it. I think it's beautiful!"

by Povey, age 6, Hampshire, UK.

"I made a tiny little plant."

Kayla, age 10, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

"This is my money duck growing on the tree."

by Shiloh, age 4, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"A strawberry patch. We tried growing them last year, but they died."

by Moriah, age 6, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"A raspberry bush. We tried growing them last year, but they died."

by Micah, age 8, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"A blueberry bush. We tried growing them last year, but they died."

by Silas, age 4, British Columbia, Canada.

"It’s a ship growing out of a plant."

by Nathan, age 8, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

"This is an alien coming out of his layer."

by Gabriel, age 6, London, Ontario, Canada.

"This is a piece of art. This is a Lego man and his tree. He grew it and now the tree is growing grass and now the grass is growing the Lego man. It's autumn and now an acorn and a leaf fell on his head but you can believe that it's hurtful to get an acorn on your head and a leaf is good for protection but the leaf is on top of the acorn. So that's my story. Bye!"

by Jennaya, age 5, London, Ontario, Canada.

"I love it and so you know there are peaches on this tree. The Lego man painted the grass red - as you can see. And I really love this tree. And my Mom helped me build it and I made most of it. Could you try to make it someday? Would you, could you? Bye!"

by Zoe, age 13, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"It's a weapons tree just sprouting up from the ground. It has spinning weapons that actually spin."

by Ronan, age 12, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"It's a wheel tree. It has 13 wheels."

by Maximillian, age 12, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"It's a lego guy tree sprouting out of the ground in a forest."

by Gabriel, age 8, in New Jersey, USA.

"Pear on tree."

by Avery, age 5, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

"A Garden. She's holding a hose."

by Derrick, age 9, Melbourne, Florida, USA.

"A weird branch that grows money."

by Gracie, age 7, Melbourne, Florida, USA.

"My Garden: The rat guards, the owl watches, and the woman is harvesting. The barrel is for catching rain for the garden."

by Kaitie, age 7, Melbourne, Florida, USA.

"This is a radish."

by Kira, age 3, Arizona, USA.

"I wish trees had flowers of all different colors."

by David, age 7, West Michigan, USA.

"Zeus Plant. This plant looks like it is holding up two lightning bolts. It was first discovered in 'The Temple of Zeus.'"

by Bennett, age 7, Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

"This is a four wheeler driving up a tree after it shot it's ropes out."

by Lochlan, age 6, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"The blue animal with the white wings is a dragon and the one with blue wings is a unicorn. You can tell that the two green dots is the horn."

by Jamie, age 8, Virginia, USA.

"This is a Wii LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Case and I wish Wii Lego games grew on trees!"

by Sam, age 11, Florida, USA.

"The Greenest Ship Around."

by Luke, age 11, Jersey Shore, USA.

"'The (mini)Fig Harvest'. This Lego Model I made shows a Farmer Bionicle (Takanuva from 2003) harvesting his crop of Minifigs."

by Luke, age 8, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"Luke’s ice cream cone growing out of the ground. Tasty! Luckily, Luke has a big appetite!"

by Will, age 5, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"This is nice green grass growing, because obviously, the real grass is very brown."

by Luke, age 6, Spring Hill, Kansas, USA.

by James, age 8, Spring Hill, Kansas, USA.

"It’s the legendary golden plant of strength."

by Xander, age 7, Oregon, USA.

"This is a house that I made for small stuffed animals."

by Rory, age 8, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

"'Pancake bush'. The one on the top has whipping cream and maple syrup. The four on the side have red frosting. Grows in grassy, jungle environment."

by July, age 6, New South Wales, Australia.

“This is a chocolate egg fruit tree - ready for Easter.”

by November, age 8, New South Wales, Australia.

“This is my door tree - a gateway to another dimension."

by Gavin, age 7 3/4, Dallas, Texas, USA.

"This is called a Minifigure Growing Plant. They start out as a seed; then grow into a seedling; then a sapling; then adult plants which grow minifigures! The minifigures walk down the steps and ladders and walk around. The End."

by Aidan, age 5, Illinois, USA.

"I'm growing a Lego guy so everyday I can pick a new one out of the ground."

by James, age 9, Illinois, USA.

"I grew a secret agent out of the ground to give me cool gadgets and stuff."

by Alex, age 7, Illinois, USA.

"I grew Lego guys out of a tree so I can pick them every day and have a whole bunch of mini figures."

by Harry, age 6, Rhode Island, USA.

"Grass and moss with flowers."

by Andrew, age 4, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

“Dandelion - and there is a part that isn’t lego. It was Dad’s grabbers for picking up Lego pieces.”

by Katherine, age 2, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

“This is a dune buggy. It grows on a dune buggy tree.”

by Zephyr, age 9, Kansas, USA.

"This is my Locust Hover Craft. It grows from the Monzossuo Tree in my back yard. Mind you, it is not a real tree. This tree grows the Locust Hovercraft for protection from Zosoos, which are flying insects which suck out the life of trees."

by Tom, age 9, Kansas, USA.

"My monster is not a sea monster but a sand monster. He is swimming."

by Matthew, age 8, Western New York, USA.

"This is my GARDEN. Do Not Feed the Bears!"

by Alexis, age 6, Western New York, USA.

"This is my 'PET GARDEN' - As you can see, I have many pets ready to be picked."

by Sal, age 7, Michigan, USA.

"My creation is a treehouse. A little boy with a hot cocoa mug."

by Simon, age 6, Maine, USA.

"This is a money plant. I would like to grow those!"

by Lainey, age 9, Maine, USA.

"This is a sunflower."

by Brenna, age 11, Katy, Texas, USA.

"I really wish fire flowers could grow in gardens, that way we could use it for protection. And it's a Super Mario Bros thing! YAAAAY!"

by Autumn, age 10, Katy, Texas, USA.

"I made a fruit that I made up called a Sparkle Berry.What is so unique about this berry is that it can taste like anything. For example: If you think about a chicken and then take a bite out of a Sparkle Berry, it will taste like a chicken."

by Keegan, age 6, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

"Mush-oven (Oven growing out of the ground like a mushroom)."

by Hunter, age 9, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

"Money Seedlings."

by Bella, age 6, Tasmania, Australia.

"'The Four Year Red Rose', it only comes out once every four years. I hope you enjoy looking at it."

by Steven, age 7, Georgia, USA.

"It's a mint plant. You can put it in your tea and you can also eat it."

by Evie, age 4, Georgia, USA.

"It's a plant inside of a garden."

by William, age 5, Georgia, USA.

"It's a yellow flower just like this one in our garden."

by Aaron, age 7, Arizona, USA.

"I wish jets grew on trees!"

by Evan, age 6, California, USA.

"A cool apple tree."

by Miriam, age 5, USA.

"Summer Tree. It's a cherry tree."

by Isaac, age 7, USA.

"Weird Peachy. This fruit tastes like a very sweet banana, except more chocolate. It grows on a dogwood tree."

by Jakob, age 8, New York, USA.

"This is a hundred dollar bill growing on an azalea bush. I wish money grew on trees. Lol."

by Daniel, age 9, British Columbia, Canada.

"He decided to design a Venus Fly Trap!"

by Alex, age 7, Missouri, USA.

"This is corn growing out of the garden we just planted."

by Braden, age 8, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"This is Braden's sunflower growing in the flower bed."