Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Photos

by Caleb, age 11, Kincardine, Ontario, Canada.

"Like the snake ?!?!?!"

Love the snake! This creation is not only super creepy, but also very sophisticated in construction! The fact that the jaw is hinged open with a snake slithering out one eye socket is just too cool. Love the pieces you used for teeth. Perfectly designed skull with the all white bricks. The contrast of the brightly colored snake takes it over the top! Brilliant.

by Kaleb, age 10, Canada.

"Skeletons at Night!"

This has got to be one of the most frightening displays I have ever seen! The skeleton hanging over the tree branch, all the skulls on the ground, the two skeletons attacking the guy on the ground. Yikes! The evil looking jack-o-lanterns on top of the bushes is a great touch. This is just so scary!

by Noah, age 11, New Jersey, USA.

"There is a line to get inside the haunted house. The the first kid is opening the door cautiously to see what is inside. One of the kids got sick of waiting in the long line. So he got out of line and got greeted by a ghost."

Great haunted house you designed. Using grey and black bricks make it look extra spooky. The open door leading to the dark unknown is very chilling. I like how once you are in the line up, you have to stay there otherwise you will come face to face with that big ghost! Great scene.

by Caleb, age 8, New Jersey, USA

"This Halloween night two brothers dressed up like rockmonsters. At this house no one is home so they attached a basket to the house with some candy in it for the kids to have.
In the tree is some Lego spiders."

I love your tree construction. The spiders are a great touch and the pieces you used to make them are very clever. The rock monster costumes are the perfect touch for Halloween. Great addition in this scene to have no one home but a bowl of candy out anyway!

by Samuel, age 5 and Sawyer, age 3, North Carolina, USA.

"An old church with scary hands reaching out from the window and bloody door, combined with dead people walking around the graveyard has frightened poor Mavis the cat into hiding on the roof. A lovely pumpkin patch resides peacefully behind the terrifying scene."

Oh my! I'm shaking in my boots. This is a bloodcurdling display you've put together. The old abandoned church and the walking dead are right out of a horror movie! I can't get over how young you both are and how scary this scene is! Your tombstone designs are terrific and the pumpkin patch is the perfect juxtaposition to the otherwise horrific exhibit.

by Ella, age 8, Lexington, Virginia, USA.

"Harry Potter's Halloween. Harry Potter and Valdemorte are fighting at the ruins of a castle."

Nice action packed scene filled with Harry Potter characters. It looks as if Harry Potter just took a blow from Voldemort. Are those his glasses on the ground, no doubt he lost them in the battle. I'm enjoying this photo with the sharp focus on the fight scene and the creator blurred in the background.

by Joshua, age 6, Lexington, Virginia, USA.

"The Black City."

This has some very interesting architectural elements. The arch design is used more than once, creating repetition. The dynamic poses of the LEGO people make this scene feel energetic and alive. I looks as though they are in mid battle each with an interesting weapon.

by Gabriel, age 4, Lexington, Virginia, USA.

"A Haunted House."

There are so many dark, creepy, shadowed corners and spaces in this haunted house. I especially like the arched windows and how black the inside of the house is. I really like the bricks you used, with the dragon design on it.

by Emma, age 7, Texas, USA.

"In my picture you can see the dinosaur coming to get the guys. There's a guy chained down and getting run over by a man driving a jeep. Beside the house, there is a guy in a coffin. In the corner downstairs, there is someone chopping off a guys head. And, someone is mixing a potion upstairs."

Whoa, there are so many grizzly little scenes in this big design. Every corner is full of tragedy. Your house construction is great. I love the stairs to the second floor. The man chained down on the ground is so terrible and you picked the right expression on his face!

by Isaac, age 12, Texas, USA.

"I like to create letters and words with my Legos. BOO!"

I love that you made each letter differently. The "b" made from regular bricks, the first "o" very creatively made from tiny translucent pieces that seem to be on a flaming platform! And the last "o" ingeniously made out of a clear circular part. Great overall effect.

by Lyn, age 8 and Angus, age 6, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"This is the haunted castle of the great Pumpkin Queen."

I love the overall orange glow of this photo. It is very cool that the castle is illuminated from within! The door window mimics the pumpkin's eyes, nose and mouth with the light streaming out of them. Your castle construction is wonderful. The multicolored bricks give it an ancient stone feel. Great collaboration!

by Cameron, age 12, Calvin, age 10 and Ruben, age 8, Southwestern Ontario, Canada.

"A Spooky Neighbourhood on Oct 31.
On the night of Oct 31, there were sightings of a huge monster causing chaos in the 'hood'."

There are so many great mini scenes in this large set. I love the custom Bionicle you built. He makes the perfect 'monster'. Your city neighbourhood scene is wonderful, so many houses giving away treats to dressed up people. I am particularly fond of the top right scene with all the skulls on the lawn and the green traffic sign above the car. Awesome collaboration!

by Calvin, age 9, California, USA.

"Clippity clop, clippity clop, clippity clop. The spector known around all campfires as the Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow!"

Yikes! This ghostly apparition is ghastly! What an awesome scene you've designed. I love that he is holding his head, just like in the story the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. The tree with the creepy branches and hanging skulls puts this frightening design over the top! Love the black backdrop you used, it helps this display look extra dark and scary.

by Sam, age 7, California, USA.

"If you're wondering what's going on, the headless firefighter on the pole has captured the man you see stuck in the spider webs and there is a giant spider coming after him. The jaw bone leaning against the rock is actually a real jaw bone. I thought it would make it a little spookier. That is also why I added the skulls and the two swords...if you can see them."

This is SO scary! The guy stuck in the spider web makes my hair stand on end! I love that you used cotton balls to make these awesome webs all over your design. I like how stretched out you made them. Is that a real bone I spy in your scene!? The headless fireman puts this creepy construction over the top!

by Reece, age 8, Nova Scotia, Canada.

"A worker was working on a building when all of a sudden these skeletons appeared from no where! The police are trying to catch them. There are two spray bottles hidden in the scene. See if you can find them. They are both red!"

I love your skeleton designs! Very clever use of bricks. It looks to me like these giant, terrifying skeletons are trapped by all the barricades and police officers. I cannot find the hidden red spray bottles, can anyone else?

by Cole, age 4.5, Nova Scotia, Canada.

"These are ghosts in a graveyard. They scared the graveyard workers away and built a big fort with lots of scary grabbers!"

Brilliant of you to turn the LEGO people faces backwards to get this blank, super creepy effect of the zombie face! All the grabbing contraptions on the fort is extra eerie. I would not want to come close to them or their fort!

by Nathan, age 10 and Jonathan, age 7, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

"We made a farm with a pumpkin patch, peas, carrots, and cabbage. Their prize pumpkin is in the first patch, and the mother made pumpkin pie."

Gorgeous gardens! I love all the neat rows of vegetables. I especially like how you used brown bricks to show where all the dirt is. Lovely green paths for walking around the large pumpkin patch. Clever to use large areas for the crawling, sprawling pumpkins to grow! The brick house is beautifully built and the pumpkin pie is a very nice touch! Wonderful collaboration!

by Cody, age 7, London, Ontario, Canada.

"This is a picture of trick or treaters dressed in different costumes, and their parents (also dressed in costumes) making their way down the street. A child dressed as a snow trooper is trick or treating at the door of the house."

Awesome. I love the crowds of trick or treaters in very cool costumes. It reminds me of when I was little and it felt like the whole city was out on the streets gathering candy! It's neat that everyone is going in the same direction. I really like the roof of your house, the street lamp and especially the design of the trees!

by Hunter age 6, and Ronin age 4, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA.

"It was hard to photograph ALL of the scene that we created. Spongebob and Patrick have decorated their home for Halloween. They are handing out gold chocolate coins, red licorice (dynamite), and bubble gum. They have a lot of trick or treaters lined up outside the house. Each trick or treater is holding a bag for his or her treat (we have a TON of Polly Pocket purses). This scene was a lot of fun to create."

Wow, Spongebob's house is decorated perfectly for Halloween! I love the giant skull over the door and the two ghosts! The line up of trick or treaters is huge and all their costumes are awesome! I wonder what kind of treat Spongebob gives away, it seems like everyone wants to visit his house. I think it is so brilliant that you used Polly Pocket purses for everyone's goodie bags. Very clever, action packed scene. Wonderful collaboration!

by James, age 7, California, USA.

"This is my haunted house. I decided to use cotton balls for the cobwebs because I couldn't make those out of Legos. I put a glowing brick on it from our Lego Dragon Kit to make it look like fire. My favorite thing is how it glows in the door. The Wizard is from the Dragon Knight Kit if you want to get him."

I love that you used cotton balls for making your creepy cobwebs! Using other materials with your LEGO design turn your creation into a mixed media design! The glowing brick in the archway makes this creation extra awesome. I love the caldron filled with crystals! All of the little creatures here and there make this scene very cool.

by Jacob, age 8, Bedford Heights, Ohio, USA.

"In this great masterpiece, there are 2 skeleton zombies, 4 spiders, 1 bullet ant, and a giant leech. You might not see it, but there is a Big Foot behind the skeleton zombies. There is also a tombstone that says RIP, which means "Rest in Peace". Now they are resting in pieces...get it?"

This is a great masterpiece! I love your tombstone and the fact that you wrote RIP on it! All the spiders everywhere and the zombies make this a very creepy place. Your larger than life bullet ant scares me out of my skin! Smart ant design, you've managed to create an almost life like resemblance out of LEGO. Way to go!

by Avery, age 8, and his sisters, Bloomington, Indiana, USA.

"This creation reminds them of their favorite thing about halloween...candy!"

Excellent. The great candy holiday! Very nicely built name out of LEGO bricks. It looks sort of like a giant chocolate bar itself. You managed to design each letter the same size and created perfect spacing. Great collaboration!

by Austyn, age 7, and Zoe, age 4.5, Ontario, Canada.

Austyn says, "For Halloween I have been thinking of dressing up as an alien from outer space. So, my Lego Quest creations this week were on the theme of aliens from outer space. I made a bunch of scary looking aliens and space crafts. They are having a space war. The large one that I am holding is sideways because that is how it flies in space and the person is laying down inside it because it flies so fast. My space ship is called The Bat and it's the black one on the bottom right of the picture."

Zoe says, "I made an alien bomb to add to Austyn's picture. It's the square thing in the middle with a tiny yellow alien on it. The alien is making the bomb."

Great creations! Designing all these alien space crafts is the perfect way to get in the mood of dressing up as a creature from outer space for Halloween. I especially love the extra long, thin craft with the propellor on the back and the black arc shaped ship! Zoe, the bomb is a nice addition to this army of vehicles! Great to see this collaborative effort between siblings!

by Fin, age 5, Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

"The night time photo is a haunted house. It has 2 monsters inside but I guess you won't be able to see them in this photo. You'll probabally think the spider webs in the window are spooky. I've also got 2 mice outside. The little close up photo is of a little spider web machine. The black piece sticking out is where the spider webs come out. There are glass pieces underneath because this truck may have to drive through the whole city so the guy inside sleeps down there inbetween sending spider webs out on houses."

I love the atmosphere you created in this scene with your dramatic lighting effects. Yes, I do find the spider webbed window very creepy! How brilliant of you to design a web making machine! Everyone wants webs this time of year, what an entrepreneurial creation!

by Roel, age 5, Toronto, Canada.

"The pumpkin is lit up with a light from the cargo train set."

I love the glowing pumpkin! The Ghost and pumpkin are very smart designs. The pieces you chose to use are clever. I especially like the bat hanging upside down and the witch holding the broom.

by Cody, age 8, San Diego, California, USA.

"Here is the pumpkin monster."

A pumpkin with arms and legs!? It is a monster. Nice orange Halloween colors you used. I like the eye holes that you left open. I would not want to meet this guy in the dark! Nice work.

by Justin, age 12, San Diego, California, USA.

"This grave robber bit off more than he could chew."

Fantastic graveyard scene! I love the tombstone design! There is something about that ominous owl lurking on the headstone that makes this extra creepy. The grave robber seems to be in mid combat with the skeleton zombie, I don't think he has a chance. Very chilling design!

by Ethan, age 9, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"This is about kids trick or treating. The double lego pieces in their hands are trick or treating bags. The person inside the house is giving out candy."

Awesome Halloween night scene. I love all the people out trick or treating dressed up in their costumes. The house is great, nicely decorated for this ghoulish night with the tombstone and skeletons. Nice touch having the door open and the homeowner handing out treats.

by A, age 5 and G, age 4, Indiana, USA.

"Lego Man (dressed as a ghost in a sheet/kleenex) is going to his friend's house for Trick or Treating. We can tell it is fall because the trees are not green and there is a pumpkin in the crate."

This is so fabulous! I absolutely love the ghost costume you made for your LEGO person! The bright yellow and orange of your tree really does make this scene look like fall. The pumpkin in the crate is a perfect touch! Nice collaboration.

by Bowie, age 6, Austin, Texas, USA.

"I put all the people running away from a zombie. Even the policeman is scared. I used moss to make the scene more graveyard-like. I put moss in front of the zombie so that it looks like he's rising up out of the ground. The brown thing is a tombstone."

Great scene! I really get a terrifying vibe from all the action. I love the addition of real moss to your creation. It adds a whole new element of interest and works perfectly around your zombie!

by Tyler, age 10, South Carolina, USA.

"I made Night of the Living Dead."

This is such a creepy scene. All those skeletons and zombies holding weapons of every kind is chilling! I love the tombstones you designed on the back edge. This display also looks a bit like a bunch of dressed up people out trick-or-treating.

by Megan, age 6, South Carolina, USA.

"When I think of Halloween I think of Candy and watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory so I made an everlasting gobstopper and a Wonka Bar."

Awesome! The Everlasting Gobstopper is perfectly designed with all the bright varied colors, just like when it's eaten each layer unveils a new color. Nice Wonka Bar construction, the classic red wrapping and rectangular shape are perfect!

by Caedmon, age 5, Indian Land, South Carolina, USA.


These are very interesting creations. I like the streamline design and the variety of heights. Great that all the eyes are different on each creature. I love the red and black striped robot!

Here are some great Halloween LEGO sculptures for you to make thanks to Bona Fide Mama who also had this to say;

"We wanted to thank all of the Lego Quest participants who sent notes, cards, and gifts after Hunter's diagnosis. We still have a long way to go... Hunter will have a bone marrow transplant in a about a month and his sister Ronin is going to be his donor. Thanks for the support!"

Happy Halloween, I hope you all have a creepy, candy filled night!