Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Playground Photos

This week I received 40 submissions! Grab a cup of coffee (or juice) sit down and enjoy all the creative, innovative designs by kids just like you! Click on any image you want to see larger, some have so much detail, they beg for a closer look!

by Adrienne, age 13, SW Ontario, Canada.

"This playground has different parts, a merry-go-round, a seesaw, and a spinning ride. There are green areas for running, a black bench, and a snack stand for when you get thirsty or hungry. The snack stand owner keeps a small rooftop garden."

Unbelievable carnival! There is so much action and detail! The merry-go-round is awesome, I love the lights on the top and each spot for a rider is an animal! You have thought of everything for your space. Fun rides, action, green spaces, resting places and a refreshment stand. Loving the rooftop garden! Brilliant creation.

by Cody, age 8, San Diego, USA.

"This is a dog playground."

Brilliant idea to design a dog park! The little dogs you created out of LEGO bricks are very cool. I love the guy sitting in the back with the leash made out of a Bionicle piece. Smart thinking. Nice touch to have trees for the dogs to mark their territory. I see you were also thinking of the dog owners by installing benches for them to rest on. Great work.

by Justin, age 12, San Diego, USA.

"Simple playground with only the fun stuff a slide, swing and sand box."

Streamline, clean design. This recreation area looks nice and compact, perfect for those areas where there isn't a lot of green space. This could be installed in many urban areas, brightening up any city with the sound of kids playing.

by Josh, age 5, Minnesota, USA.

"If you push all of the buttons, the cannon fires."

Oh my! How fun. This reminds me of a spray park. I wonder what comes out of this cannon? Very complex piece of equipment. I think half the fun would be a group of kids trying to figure out how to make it fire. Nicely done!

by Tyler, age 7, Minnesota, USA.

"To go through the gate to the playground, you have to have a card. The middle of the playground is a skateboard park and you can do a lot of things there."

Oh how fun, a skateboard park! This park is so colorful and interesting I can see many people having hours of fun here. I am intrigued by this 'card' one needs in order to enter. A special park indeed. I think that's a great idea. An I.D. card maybe, to scan in upon entering. Makes sure people stay safe!

by Finn, age 6.5, and her Mom, Austin, Texas, USA.

"The boat really has water in it with a slide going into it. There is a table with a lot of Lego money on it. A Lego slide comes down out of the playhouse. Those stacked up Mega Blocks are climbing stations. The round yellow thing in the front is actually a trampoline with a tiny ladder going up it. My playground also has a full-sized space vehicle and a car for playing on. That green vehicle with big tires in the front is actually an ice cream truck. OH, and look at the dress up closet. There is even a little sign on it. "

Wow! This is a dream playground! So many amazing features, there would be something for everyone here. I love that you mixed LEGO, DUPLO and a doll house, they all work together so well. There is water to play in, slides, climbing areas, trampoline, actual working vehicles, a real playhouse, dress up station and ice cream! Awesome!

by Mark age 9 and James age 7, Campbell, California, USA.

"There is a LEGO guy hanging from the monkey bars, a bench for mom to sit on, a merry-go-round that actually spins, and the final touch that any boy can appreciate, a fishing pond!"

This is a very dynamic playground! So many wonderful features. Lots of different platforms to run and climb around on at various heights. Balance beams, monkey bars, even a fireman pole! The addition of the fishing pond puts this design over the top! Wonderful kinetic element with the merry-go-round, and I also noticed that you have a security guy walking around. Very cool!

by Annalies, age 6, London, Ontario, Canada.

"This is my playground. There is a swing, bushes and flowers. The girl has an ice cream cone. There is a dog with colourful legs. There is a cache (geocaching "treasure") hidden in the bushes at the front."

Great area you designed. I love that there is a swing for playing on, bushes and flowers for added beauty and to attract wildlife and an ice cream shop for those days you want a treat. Most impressive is the geocaching treasure! It is cleverly hidden, I wonder if others will see it?

by Firefly, age 3, Gloucester, Virginia, USA.

"She built a park with a horse in it because she likes our pony so much. We also have a rooster, hence the rooster on the roof. She said, 'Our backyard is like a park!'"

Your backyard sounds wonderful! This is the perfect park for those who love being around creatures! You've created low, medium and high places to climb to keep it exciting.

by Ladybug, age 6 and Cowboy age 5, Gloucester, Virginia, USA.

"They build a playground like the one they visited this summer at the Henry Doorly Zoo.
There was a wonderful playground out by the sea lions, rhinos, and elephants. There was an old tram that looked like a train nearby which they also loved climbing on. It is an awesome zoo."

The Henry Doorly Zoo sounds amazing! I love the combination of exotic animals, play structures, green space and Tram. So many things to do in one place. The slide, the dinosaur sculpture to climb on and the big play system look like so much fun!

by Tex, age 12, Gloucester, Virginia, USA.

"This is a tribute to International Talk-Like-a-Pirate Day. The kids had fun fashioning a playground with a pirate ship as it's centerpiece. There is a fort, so the pirates can battle the land guys, (sometimes Jedi and sometimes Kinights of the Realm). The cannons shoot soft balls and the rocket is just one of those stomp-on-the-pump-and-it-flies-high-up-in-the-air types of rocket. He added a water feature, a teeter totter, a merry-go-round, and seating for the adults who want to watch. If you look closely at the monkey bars, you will see someone monkeying around."

Ayyyy Matey! Wonderful, timely construction you made. This looks like an amazing theme park. I love that there is working cannons and rockets, that actually shoot things! You've got all the architectural elements of a classic park, with so many added exciting features.

by Logan, age 7 and Connor, age 5, Nova Scotia, Canada.

"They created a typical park playground with a swing, slide and monkey bars. They attached a race track because that would be their dream playground!"

How cool to have a standard playground AND a race track area all in one! I just love the crowds of LEGO people you have lining the track, cheering on the drivers. It looks like the last vehicle is crashing! You've used really unique LEGO pieces in your monkey bars and swing design. Very clever!

by Joelle, age 3, Tucson, Arizona, USA.

"This is a playground for the animals. It's a jungle gym and they climb all over it."

Fantastic that you are thinking of something fun for the animals! This is wonderfully bright and has so many interesting places for the animals to climb and hide. You've got some very unique architectural elements here. Nice work!

by Jonathan, age 6, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

"My park has a lot of trees and is in the shape of a mini figure's head. I learned digital designer to make it."

Isn't Digital Designer a great tool! I love that your ariel view of the park is the shape of a LEGO figures head! I agree with you, lots of trees really do make for a fun place to be. I see swings, sandbox, slide, seesaw, and a climbing structure. Chairs for the grown ups and lots of green space. Perfect!

by Aaron, age 5, Tucson, Arizona, USA.

"This is a sandbox you'd find at my playground. It has a digger with dirt in it."

Brilliant! Digging in the sand would be so much fun with this machine. I love that the bucket of the digger is full of little LEGO pieces. Nicely fenced off area to keep the sand all in one place. Smart design!

by Gavin, age 8, New Jersey, USA.

Nice combination of trees, green space, resting areas and play areas. You've got something for everybody here. The grown ups can relax under a tree or at the shaded table area. The smaller kids can slide or go on the quad seesaw and older kids can either play some basketball, or go on the skate park ramp! I love the handles on the teeter totter, the bike rack and the garbage can!

by Eli, age 5, Greenville, South Carolina, USA.

"My playground has a rock wall and the guy is climbing. He's wearing a helmet so he doesn't hit his head on the rocks. The toothpicks and the string are the fence around the playground, and the rocks are just invisible so bad guys can't see him, and if they try to get in the playground, they trip on the rocks and hit their chin on the toothpicks. The tall stick is a light post; the guy needs a light so he can play at night."

Ouch! This is quite the booby trap you've set up for the bad guys. I love that you constructed this scene outside with so many other materials. Rocks, string, toothpicks, twigs and dirt make this design very sophisticated!

by Fin, age 5, Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

"This park is called 'Winnie the Pooh Park' because the story is that once Winnie the Pooh lived in the forest back behind it. He used the tower in the park. The kids and people who built the playground believe that Winnie the Pooh might still be back there."

This would be a very exciting park to play in. Always wondering if you were going to spot Winnie the Pooh himself! I love that you created this recreation area outdoors. The fresh air and sunlight make this an even nicer place to be. You have so many interesting details and super fun places to play!

by Samuel, age 7, California, USA.

"This is my first time submitting a creation and I am very excited to join the others!
This is my playground. The things you saw in the air are swings and they actually do spin around. The thing going diagonal is actually a slide and there is actually a guy sliding in it. The rock monster is the one who controls the machine."

Wow, this is like some crazy scary ride at the fair grounds. I love that a Rock Monster is operating the machine, that make it extra spooky. Great kinetic design, having pieces that actually move make this a dynamic creation. The overall concept looks like it might fall over at any minute, adding to the fear factor!

by Lyn, age 8 and Angus, age 6, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Lovely creation, brimming with animals of all kinds. This would be an animal lovers dream come true. Beautifully designed, you've got a separate space for each different kind of animal, keeping them safe from each other. I love that the hippos have lots of water to play in and the giraffes have a nice tall tree for munching on! Nice to see all the people out and about, enjoying the creatures.

by Lily, age 5, Raymond, Ohio, USA.

"I had fun making my own play set, and i really like the swing".

Smart swing design! I think the pieces you chose are perfect. You've got lots of different platforms to climb on and a very cool slide with lots of space around your structure for running around. Great job!

by Noah, age 11, New Jersey, USA.

"My favorite part about my playground is the swing set. I tried to make it the most realistic looking by adding Lego chain."

I love how you made this playground outside in the dirt! This adds extra dimension to the overall design. Having LEGO figures actually using your recreation area makes for a action packed scene. You're swing is great! The chain makes it very cool. Climbing wall, balance beam, seesaw, bushes, sand pit, so many awesome things to do.

by Cole, age 4, Nova Scotia, Canada.

"This is printer. You climb up the steps and pull the lever. The printer goes back and forth and then around and around and around. (I think he got the idea that the printer was a ride after watching this video."

What a cool idea! It's a climbing structure and a ride all in one. I love your monotone color scheme, it makes the design look interesting. Nice interactive feature you added by having a lever you have to pull in order to start the action.

by Reece, age 8, Nova Scotia, Canada.

"This is a playground that is made out of all kinds of recycled materials. There is a go kart, a round about, a jungle gym, a trampoline and a climbing bridge. There is a shady umbrella for people to rest and have a picnic. The building in the middle is a climbing house that is solar powered. The go karts and other rides are Lego powered! It is hard to see, but there is a climbing bridge in the back of the picture and I placed tires around it in case anyone falls off."

Brilliant Ecodesign! I love that it is made out of recycled materials. We have parks in our city that are made from recycled milk jugs! There are so many choices of things to do at your park. The design of your structure is very interesting, lots of cool spaces to explore. Smart idea to use tires to cushion the falls. Very neat that you have a traffic light in front of the go kart.

by Caedmon, age 5, Indian Land, South Carolina, USA.

"It has holes to climb inside. It's tall so people can jump off. It has no walls so people can jump off. It has balance beams."

This interesting configuration of bricks has made a unique climbing structure. Great spaces to go through, climb up, balance on and jump off. Very open ended design for hours of fun!

by Laurence, age 8, South Australia.

Trees, bushes, shrubs, lots of open space for running make this a spacious enjoyable space. Nice use of classic playground equipment like the slide and seesaw. Great to see a resting place like the bench under the big tree. I also noticed you have someone keeping the park clean with her broom!

by Charlie-Rose, age 9, South Australia.

"My playground has lots of trees and rocks because people in my lego town like to climb. I used blutack to stick my seesaw onto the base so it doesn't roll away."

I love all the trees and rocks. Sometimes the most natural objects make the best play spaces. The slide, seesaw and swing keep many kids coming back for more. Are those grown ups enjoying a class of wine in the middle of the day at the park! Clever of you to figure out a way to keep your seesaw from rolling away.

by Nathan, age 10, Cincinnati, Ohio USA.

"I made a playground on Lego Digital Designer. I had enough pieces that way. My playground includes a maze, a tree fort, a picnic area, a merry go round, a see saw, and sandbox. I also put in lots of trees. I made it a place I would want to play."

I think it was ingenious of you to use LEGO Digital Designer in order to expand your piece supply. This is such an amazing outdoor recreation area. There are places to hide, to play, to relax, to take in nature. I would definitely want to spend time here! I love the maze and all the flowers you planted to make it beautiful. The trees have made this space extra wonderful and fun!

by Jacob, age 8 and Emma, age 7, Bedford Heights, Ohio, USA.

"This playground has Harry Potter on the monkey bars, a slide, a rock wall, Indiana Jones and a few more guys on the benches, a bird in a birdbath, a place for motorcycles to be parked, and a merry-go-round. Indiana Jones has a gun in his hand. Don't forget that there is a little froggy on the balance beam."

Harry Potter and Indiana Jones! This sure is the park to go to if you want to bump into the stars. But I want to know why Indiana Jones has a gun in his hand! Love your slide, rock climbing wall and monkey bars. The bird and the frog show that this space you've created is enjoyed by people and critters!

by Tal, age 11, Southern California, USA.

"It's a sunny day at Hollywood Sports Paintball Park™. It's the White Helmet Team vs. the Black Helmet Team. Jim runs for cover! His magazine is out of paintballs! Blake fires his paintball gun at Joe. Joe raises his hands, realizing he's about to get hit! But just as Blake shoots at Joe, Anthony fires at Blake. Linda runs up, having just heard the shots. Tim shoots through a hole in the wall. All of this begs the question: 'Who will win -- White Team? or Black Team!?!'"

Awesome! What a fabulous action packed story to go along with your cool creation. I love that you used LEGO Digital Designer (which you introduced us to way back in the beginning of LEGO Quest). Hollywood Sports Paintball Park looks like an amazing place! Your design is great, with many walls to hide behind. Placing LEGO people in your creation brings so much movement to your scene. Nice clean composition with the use of only yellow on the green ground.

by Charlie, age 10 and Julia, age 9, New Jersey, USA.

"This is done by a brother and sister. They decided to go with a modern looking playground because that's what today's playgrounds look like."

Wonderful! the tube slide is such a clever idea. I love that you used a material other than LEGO in this construction that makes the overall design very dynamic. Your monkey bar design is very cool. I really like the the pieces you used to make the bars! Is that real sand in your sand box!? Super neat if it is. I also see lots of green space for frolicking on. Brilliant construction!

by Benjamin, age 11, Long Island, New York, USA.

"This is my playground. It has monkey bars and a fort, and there is a bench and a trash can. It also has a bouncy car for little kids."

Great use of the ladder pieces from Power Miners for your monkey bars! Smart thinking. I love the bouncy car for little kids. All little kids love cars, and this added playground feature makes the park fun for all ages from little to big. Great design with the added park bench and trash can, keeping parents happy and the park clean!

by Ethan, age 9, Oregon, USA.

"I had fun building this! My favorite part of this playground is the kids construction area, because I like to build small cool stuff too! This would be a fun playground to play on in real life."

This is such a cool playground! I absolutely love the kids construction area on the black, round platform. All those interesting random pieces there for kids to create with (it's like LEGO Quest inside of LEGO Quest) brilliant! I also think the suspension bridge is awesome. Is that a Power Miners piece you used? The platforms, the tunnel, the swings and the picnic table in the centre. Very sophisticated design!

by Isaac, age 6, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"This is my playground/fair. One person slammed their head when they were getting into the 'Spinning Wheel of Fun' (windmill ride on the right). Mr. Orangepants is riding his skateboard down the slide (that red truck is the ambulance waiting for Mr. Orangepants at the bottom)! The red rectangle in the front left corner is actually a merry-go-round! And do you see the black plank behind Mr. Orangepants? That's a diving board to go down into the water that you see under the stairs (there's a red boat floating in the water, too). The black fallen-over ride next to the 'Spinning Wheel of Fun' is supposed to be another spinning ride, but it needs to be repaired first."

This is one extreme recreation area! Scary high slides, knee trembling diving boards, broken rides and rescue workers! Wherever there is an ambulance, you just know it's an intense playground. I love the angle of slide that the skateboarder is going down. Not for the faint of heart-especially knowing the ambulance is waiting for *you* at the bottom! This is a detail rich jungle gym for the brave.

by Nathan, age 7, Redmond, Oregon, USA.

This is an awesome climbing park! I love the rock climbing wall, you made it look like a giant rock by using grey bricks. The little seesaw and the giant slide are great additions. The platform at the top left looks like some sort of chair that swings? Lots of high, dangerous places for the daredevils to explore!

by Bryce, age 6, California.

"This is a playground with sandbox, slide, monkey bars, climbers and balancing platforms."

Spectacular structure! I especially love that you are showing it being used by lots of kids. The action created in this scene with the guy sliding down the slide and playing in the sandbox and balancing in the top platform make this a very dynamic representation of a playground.

by Grace, age 11, Georgia, USA.

"Grace built this traditional playground with monkey bars, picnic table, slide, merry go round, and seesaw. The merry go round twirls and the seesaw moves up and down."

This is a great classic playground. So many kinetic elements! Things that twirl, things that go up and down, things that slide you and things to climb. I see you've also made a lovely picnic table complete with umbrella for the parents to relax in the shade, or perhaps for everyone to grab a lunch or snack. Great space!

by Keira, age 4, Saskatchewan, Canada.

The line of objects in the background are signs saying what is and what is not allowed in the park!? (Apparently Keira likes a highly regulated play environment) Then there's some slides and teeter-totters, cake and drinks..."

Fabulous playground! A great variety of objects to play on make this a very exciting place to be. Cake and drinks! What a park. It would feel like going to a party every time. I really like the assortment of signs, they are each unique and interesting.

by Finnegan, age 6, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"Finnegan designed a 'Slide Park"

Awesome! There are never enough slides at the park. Your design lets many kids have fun on slides at the same time. I like that there are different sizes of climbing structures and slides to accommodate a nice range of ages.

by Cooper, age 9, Dayton Minnesota, USA.

"This is a waterfall park. My mom would like to go visit it."

What a lovely, peaceful hangout you have created. The trees, the bench and the waterfall make this a serene gathering place that I'm sure many people would use. This park is perfect for the busy person that wants to get away to a little sanctuary and relax.

Thank you for all your submissions!

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