Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Storage System

What kind of storage system do you have for your LEGO?

Is it organized by color in separate compartments?

Is it organized by type of piece?

Is it in a huge pile all over the floor, so there is nowhere to walk without damaging your feet?

What works for you and your building style?

I have been interested in seeing photos of how other kids keep all their LEGO and recently got an email asking if I wouldn't mind posting this question so her and her kids could get ideas.

I would love to see all the different styles of storage and I'm sure everybody else would like to see too, (even if it is strewn from wall to wall all over the floor).

Send photo submission, with name, age and location of child to lego.quest.kids@gmail.com and be sure to tell me why your type of LEGO storage system works for you!

Submissions due Monday, July 12th, no later than 6pm PST.