Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bird House Photos

by Angus, age 6, Saskatchewan, Canada.

This is a true Angus design, complete with your lovely patterning of colours. How fantastic that you installed the house in an actual tree! I see the large platform made it stable on the branches and can also double as a nice landing area for the birds. Brilliant that you used a bird on the perch of the house, it looks so real!

by Lyn, age 8, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Fantastic two story bird house with two entrance ways and perches. This architecture is beautifully designed with lovely embellishments like the flag and all the flowers. Perfectly photographed on a large tree with the forest in the background.

by Faenin, age 5, Ontario, Canada.

"Zeminita zop is a small bird lives in Australia makes a huh-huh-huh noise.When it goes in it takes it’s feathers off. Lots of other creatures store food in this house so that’s good for the bird – lots of fruit. It’s on top of a willow tree in a grasslands habitat. When you push the yellow button and it turns into a very small house. If you push the red button it goes super big and a lot of birds and fruit can fit in. The house can fly – so it can visit lots of other lands and to lay eggs on cactuses, the bird house has eyes so it can see where it’s going.

What an amazing morphing and moving bird house. It even looks like a bird with outstretched wings. Very symmetrical with a nice little alcove for a bird and all that food! I love that it was photographed outside where the birds can use it! Your story about this creation makes it so interesting!

by Isaac, age 5, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"There is little tweety bird (in birdhouse), and big tweety bird (out front of birdhouse). the birdhouse is named 'tweety tweety home'. where the tweeties live is in the middle of the ocean on an island named 'tornado', so they need to be careful of the tornadoes. they also have to be careful of the sharks that live around the island, so when they go water skiing they have to be careful of the sharks. as you can see we took the picture on the grassy island. they also have to be careful of the local octopuses."

Great home for the tweety tweety birds! I love how big the house is sitting on top of the skinny stem that holds it up. Wonderful that you show a bird in the house and one outside as well. I especially like that you photographed it outside, in it's natural habitat. Great story about your design!

by Brendon, age 9, Lockport, Illinios, USA

"Birdhouse. It has a compartment for the parent birds and the baby birds."

Great two room birdhouse! Very clean, straightforward design. I like the use of all the neutral tones in your building. Perfect for camouflage in rocky areas.

by Reece, age 8, Nova Scotia, Canada.

"Here is my bird house. It is open on the front to receive sun. The mama bird is away right now, but she has a few eggs in the nest! There is a light above the bird house so that she will have light when she returns."

This design reminds me so much of a tree house. I love the ladder, flags and light! You've created a very nice cosy nesting place. Perfect that you've thought about the open concept, so your birds will have the suns warmth. Wonderful addition of the tree branches with leaves.

by Luke, age 6, Woodridge Illinois, USA

"This is a movable birdhouse. See the stuff on the platform. It is food for the birds. See on top of the tree, there is a bird there."

Why not a moveable birdhouse! Great idea. Complete with a tree for landing and security. A platform full of food, I'm sure this birdhouse/feeder is always occupied.

by Matthew, age 12, Lincoln Park, Michigan, USA.

"My creation is a Killdeer nest with four eggs in it and I built a Killdeer about to land."

What a fantastic nesting ground you've created! Your Killdeer is so great! I love that you used Bionicle pieces for wings! His beak is made with the perfect little Lego piece and the way you created the legs makes it looks as if it is landing. Lovely bits of foliage here and there!

by Adrienne, age 12, South Western Ontario, Canada

"Any bird that fits could go in it. She added a white hook on the top (might be hard to see in the photo), a black chimney, a little porch with a railing."

This is a beautiful, classic bird house design. I love that you added elements that are non functional, like the chimney and railing. I think it adds a lot to the overall composition. I bet if you hung it, a bird would move in.

by Casey, age 8, Selah, Washington, USA

"Bird house; Bird Habitat. Lovely little bird house along with flowers, bird bath, and lunch (small stack of pink Lego's is a worm)."

Great little bird house complete with tiny stairs for easy access. I love the tall flowers and pink worm. This looks like it would make some bird very happy.

by Milo, age 3, Ontario, Canada.

"Milo's Birdhouse on Wheels. Here are some of the things Milo wanted to highlight:
1. It has two doors. The red one is for entering and the blue one is for exiting.
2. It has a separate refrigerator car to keep the birds' seeds cold and fresh. (You'll note the refrigerator car is a refrigerator on a platform.)
3. It has fences to keep the birds safe and chairs to sit on.
4. It has a suitcase so the birds can travel.
5. It has a pair of binoculars so the birds can watch other birds."

Wonderfully detailed bird house! I love all the little additions, especially the suitcase for traveling and the binoculars to watch other birds. Way to go Milo!