Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Quest #9 - Maximum Height

This weeks challenge is called maximum height.

What I am looking for is a vertical structure, that is standing alone, without anything supporting it.

Once you are happy with the height of your creation, please measure it and let me know how high it is.

Sometimes structures built for height need to be wider than just one lego brick. You might think about how easily it would fall over if it was really thin, and how stable it is when you use a wider base.

If there is more than one LEGO Quest Kid in your home, you might want to all pool the bricks and work together, or you may want to build alone, your choice.

Good luck, be patient and try again, (if you want). There is no winner here for maximum height, everyone has a different amount of LEGO bricks available to them. The idea is to have fun, this is not a contest, just build as high as you can, with the bricks that you have.

Here are some very tall creations that kids from around the world made in response to this challenge.