Monday, March 8, 2010

Collaboration Photos

by Rachel age 12, and her Mom and Dad, Pennsylvania, USA.

"Wireless computer, keyboard, mouse and monitor."

I am baffled at the awesomeness of this creation! Look at the flat screen monitor, complete with words! You approached the computer screen the same way you did your two-dimensional submission, by stacking the bricks on top of each other to show the edge of the design, brilliant. I love the mouse, it even has a right and left click! The computer has a cool little red light to show that it's on. The low profile keyboard is so cool, complete with backspace arrow. Is the button on the lowest left to gauge how fast you're typing? ;) Really so incredibly neat!

"The Painting" by Tal age 11 and his friend Austen. Southern California, USA.

"Me and my friend Austen worked together to build this in Lego Digital Designer. It's an abstract."

Wonderful piece of abstract artwork! The form is reminiscent of a kite, and that fact is reiterated by the blue sky-like surroundings. The colours are bold yet simple. My eye is drawn straight into the center of this work. I feel like I am looking through the telescopic sight device on a rifle. Simple, smart, spacious feel. Great collaboration Tal and Austen!

"Strong Dragon and Tow" by Finnegan age 6 and Keira age 3, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"It is a robotic dragon and it is towing something with a chain..."

What a complex creation, I love the shape of the dragon. Low and stalky with wings, such a strong looking creature. I don't know what it is the dragon is towing either, but it looks very heavy and awkward, which makes the dragon look like it is straining with pulling. Nice job working together Finnegan and Keira!

"Supertown" by Angus age 6, Lyn age 8 and their mom and dad, Sandi and Bob, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"A family collaboration".

All I know, is that I want to go there. What a super fun looking place. Look at the giant elephant, the teeter-totter on a wheel and the amazing wall of windows! There is so much wonderful patterning happening with alternating colours and solid bands, I can only think Angus, this was your fantastic input. And Lyn, I have a feeling that the animals and people additions were yours, especially the elephant? I wish that I could see this creation from all different angles to fully appreciate all that is going on. What a great family collaboration!

"Monster Airplane" by Nathan age 7 and Spencer age 5, Arizona, USA.

The upper part of the airplane reminds me of a castle! This is a giant airplane with an impressive wingspan. This aircraft looks incredibly agile and fast. Nice simple streamline design, with some very interesting details. Great collaboration Nathan and Spencer!

"Clone Wars Ship That Flies" by Spencer age 5 and his friend Zeb. Arizona, USA.

The two propellers are very cool, and no doubt make this airship extra speedy. I especially like how you guys used so many flat pieces layered on top of each other to create an entire vehicle. This really does look like a Clone Wars Ship! Way to go Spencer and Zeb!

by Bryce, age 6 and his father. California, USA.

"A castle and functioning drawbridge".

What a cool creation. I love that the drawbridge actually works! I am guessing the green lever is pushed down to lift the bridge. Great that you separated the two green bases to create a moat around the castle for added protection. I also spy a cannon pointed at the enemy and a little peep hole in the castle wall to see intruders coming. Lots of deadly weapons in use here too. This looks like a very well guarded castle, there must be someone important inside! Super cool collaboration Bryce!

"Star Wars Megabase" by Ethan age 8 and Nico age 8, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"This Star Wars megabase is equipped with gunner and laser protection system."

What a wonderfully elaborate structure. I love the large satellite dish on the top, to receive communications. Is that a large laser on the right hand side? This is very detailed and I cannot help but notice the person with a steering wheel valve for a head! I wonder what he does? It looks as though there are a lot of people/creatures protecting this megabase. What a fantastic collaboration Ethan and Nico!

by Isaac, age 5 and his friend Jonathan, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"It's a two-story house (note the stairs up to the upper loft)."

One of the first things I noticed was the interesting blocks of solid colours. I love how the white seems to be overlapping the yellow, what a wonderful effect this has. Is that a little vent on the outside red wall? Fantastic staircase going to the second floor creating a lovely little space. It looks like a lot of bricks were used to create this great, solid house. Very nice collaboration Isaac!

"Skeleton Base" by Lennon age 10, and Faenin age 5, Ontario, Canada.

Created in Lego Digital Designer. Is the skeleton being held captive and guarded? Or are they archeologists, in a dessert dig, discovering ancient bones. All the scattered pieces make this scene feel like things are being uncovered. Great collaboration Lennon and Faenin!

"The Pool and Diving Board" by Sophie age 5, and Simon age 7, Saskatchewan, Canada.

This reminds me of the diving towers during the summer Olympics. So high and solid. Yet here, the scene seems to be a cross between the Olympics and the circus! Look at how little and shallow the pool is! Yikes. I wonder why they need hart hats up there? Probably because it's so dangerous. And who is that guy working on the back end of the board? The more I look at this, the more it seems like some crazy circus act waiting to happen. I love the simplicity of this design, and how well you worked together to create it. Wonderful collaboration Simon and Sophie!

"Our House" by Kate, age 3 and her mom Paige. Saskatchewan, Canada.

"I/we tried to play catch up with the quest and include all/most of the challenges:
#1 car - we tried to re-create our van
#2 monochromatic garage door
#3 vessel...well, I forgot about this one, does the van count?
#4 2-D, yep it is, right?
#5 tool - the lego man is scott moving stuff with his tool, not original so I am stretching this one! :)
#6 creature - again a stretch but Kate and I in the windows, we are acting like creatures (me with wine and Kate is holding an ice cream cone)
#7 - collaboration - the new house!"

Wow, amazing that you pulled together all the past quests in one creation! It does look like your house too. I love the design of the house and garage together, the lovely lights hanging on each side of the garage. You two looking out the window at daddy working is so cute. This is so great, way to go Kate and Paige!

by Ben age 7, Hetty age 9 and their Mum Lyn. West Midlands, England.

"This is our chicken farm/zoo. It has two chicken coops at the back and a barn on the right. In the left hand field is a pyramid of chickens with a black cockerel on the top. The cat is friendly and chases any rats away from the chicks. The green trunk in the right hand field is a very, very, very tall tree. The blue plate at the front left is a pond. The giraffe's name is Professor McGonagal who is friends with Ellie the Elephant and Whitespot the whale! The sweetcorn by the pond is the chickens' favourite food. The blue flower in the left hand field is a chicken roundabout. The chicken with the silly red nose (a sticker) peeping out from behind the really tall tree is the leader. Her name is Beaky."

This is an amazing scene! So incredibly detailed, and the story about all the little components makes it so enticing to take a closer look. A pyramid of chickens is so funny, especially with the cockerel on top! The tree really is so tall, you can't even see the top of it. There is so much going on here I wish I could visit it in real life! Great creation guys!

"Lego Garden" by Elijah age 6, Ali age 4 and Mackenzie age 7, Alberta, Canada.

This looks like a wonderful oasis in the dessert with at all the green growth sprouting up around the little figure. Or is it an orchard that grows Lego bricks. Wouldn't that be cool! Great collaboration guys!

"Chain Reaction Machine" by India age 4 and Mackenzie age 7, Alberta, Canada.

This reminds me of the game Mouse Trap! You can follow all the elements in this design to see what happens, which makes this so interesting. Great brain storming, way to go!

"Color Sorter" by Aidan age 7 and his dad, Wisconsin, USA.

"This is a LEGO Mindstorms color sorter. Aidan did the build by himself, using online plans. From there, he worked with his dad to program the item. He did most of the work, his dad helped with the tweaks and testing! This color sorter has a color scanner in the top tray. A ball shakes down into the 'funnel' area, is scanned, and the robot reads the color - it then spins the lower tray, and releases the colored ball into the correct color tray. This is all automatic - once balls are into top tray and the program is run, it sorts all the balls until there are no more in the top tray!"

This is amazing! What an incredibly complex design. I can't imagine the thinking and precision that went into building this automatic robot that actually works! I love the bright colour of the balls offset against the greys, blacks and whites. I wish I could see this in action! Maybe you could share a little movie of it with us? Totally cool Aidan!