Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Your Favorite Book Photos

"Gah!" by Lorelai, 20 months old, Arizona, USA.
"Lorelai's favorite book is I'm Made of Mamas Milk, by Mary Olsen."
Lorelai, your titles always make me giggle. I am so happy to have you playing along with us, it's really nice to have the perspective of someone your age :) Wonderful creation, did you know you made some beautiful patterning with alternating colours. Way to go Lorelai!

"A Terrible Meat-Eating Dinosaur with Razor-Sharp Claws" by Spencer, age 5, Arizona, USA.
"From the book I Love You Stinky Face by Lisa McCourt."
What a fantastic looking Dinosaur! I love how it's legs, arms, tail and head are all red making it look like it's wearing a yellow and green striped suit. Great holes on the head for eyes. I especially like the tail. I love how this story shows a mothers unconditional love for her child. Awesome Spencer!

"McQueen" by Gavin, age 3, Arizona, USA.
"From Driving Buddies by Apple Jordan"
This is so cool, I love how this creation looks like a super fast car racing down the highway, just like the book cover. The white flat lego piece underneath looks like the white lines painted on the road. Great antenna! It sure looks like Lightening McQueen to me, nice work Gavin!

"Mr. Krabs & the Giant Crown" by Nathan, age 7, Arizona USA.
"This is from any SpongeBob SquarePants book - he doesn't wear a crown in any book, I just got creative."
We are big fans of SpongeBob SquarePants in this house! I really like how you built Mr. Krabs with a crown, I'm sure that's how he sees himself. The little round pieces you've used for eyes and claws are really cool. Great interpretation of Mr. Krabs into Lego Nathan!

by Lyn, age 8, Saskatchewan, Canada.
"This is Sir Ector's castle from The Sword in the Stone by T.H.White. It is where Merlyn tutored Kay and his foster-brother Wart. It was Wart who pulled the sword out of the anvil on the stone and became King Arthur, the King of England."
What an awesome castle! I love how you alternated blue and red, what a nice effect it has. Fantastic bridge with double arches spanning what looks like a rapid river. The two girls on top keeping guard with swords look very cool. What a great creation Lyn!

by Angus, age 6, Saskatchewan, Canada.
"This is the Forest Sauvage from The Sword in the Stone by T.H White. It is where Robin Hood lived. Robin Hood and Little John are up in the watch tower, and Marian is standing on the ground."
I love this little scene! All the flowers, dotted green foliage, table and chairs. That looks like a river running along side them. Most impressive watch tower, secretly hidden behind that tall tree and shrubs. Great that Robin Hood and Little John are both looking in different directions, very smart. This is cool Angus!

"The Morbuzak" by Nico, age 8, Saskatchewan, Canada.
"The Morbuzak, from the book Trial by Fire, by Greg Farshtey. This serpent-like creature lives in the furnaces of Ta-Metru. The Morbuzak, 11ft long, is here wrapped around my little brother Liam (almost 3 years old)."
Wow, 11 feet long! This is impressive! I would not want to be Liam right now! I hope he got out okay. Even with it at half length it's scary! Very interesting creature and a nice interpretation from the book! Superb Nico!

"Hot Dog" by Simon, age 7, Saskatchewan, Canada.
"This is the hot dog from the book Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog, by Mo Willems. The book is about a pigeon who finds a hot dog and doesn't want to share it with duckling."
The simplicity of this design is smart and funny. Just like Mo Willems books. Hilarious doodles with a sarcastic edge. No wonder you laugh so hard at them. I tried to make a hot dog, and let's just say, it did not turn out like this one. I particularly like the rounded ends of the hot dog, very realistic. Awesome Simon!

by Sophie, age 5, Saskatchewan, Canada.
"This scene is inspired by Priscilla and the Pink Planet by Nathaniel Hobbie. It's about a girl who lives on a pink planet and is sick of the colour pink, and wants to find the other colours. Turns out The Queen of Pink hid all colours except pink!"
Wonderful little place you built here, all in pink. Great to see the light and dark shades, just like in the book. I love this story too, it's Dr. Suessian rhyming is a fun read. Great idea and beautiful scene Sophie, kinda reminds me of your room!

"Uno's Forest of Adventure", by Isaac, age 5, Saskatchewan, Canada.
"Inspired by Uno's Garden, by Graeme Base. This scene is called "Uno's Forest of Adventure." You can see Uno sitting by the door of his little house in the forest, the lake/river on the left where Uno can swim, mushrooms and colourful trees all around, and of course, a completely ordinary Snortlepig always just out of view in the forest. There is a tree in the foreground (the all-red one) that is Uno's clubhouse for kids only, and he has a lovely forest property. I hope you love my picture of Uno's property in the rainforest."
What a great scene with so many little places I'd like to take a closer look at. The Snortlepig is super cute, and I love the little mushrooms popping up here and there. His house is really cool and I love all the wonderful trees. This book has a great message, I can't wait to read it, thanks for the introduction Isaac!

"The Machine of Death" by Tal, age 11, Southern California, USA.
"This creation was inspired by the Machine from The Princess Bride by William Goldman. This is called The Machine of Death. This machine is a great security system for the house and home. It's meant to brutally DESTROY trespassers."
Tal, this is one of my all time favorite movies, I bet it is an even better book! What a truly terrifying looking device. Brutal indeed. What is happening to his head!? By the look on his face, I don't want to know. Brilliant!

by Finnegan, age 6, Saskatchewan, Canada.
"These are characters from Mouse Guard by David Petersen . The group in the front left are Kenzie, Lieam, and Saxon. The group on the front right include one of the crabs that attacked Callogero (the big one), Conrad (with only one foot) and Sadie. The group in the back include one of the mice from "The Axe", The Grain Merchant/Traitor, "the Mouse in the Shadows", and the snake that ate the grain merchant..."
Wonderfully detailed group of characters you have here Finnegan. You've made me want to read this comic book! So much imagination has gone into creating this, very cool Finnegan!

by Keira, age 3, Saskatchewan, Canada.
"These are characters from Cinderella. From left to right we have: The Step Mother, two Step Sisters, Cinderella, and her Fairy Godmother."
These are wonderful Keira! I really like how the Step Mother and the Step Sisters have the same purple top and Cinderella has a different colour, showing that she doesn't quite fit in with them. What a cute little stout Fairy Godmother. A true classic, nice creations Keira!