Monday, March 22, 2010

Maximum Height Photos

96 inches by Isaac, age 5, Mom and Dad, Saskatchewan, Canada.
"The Molly Tower. It's 244 cm (8 feet tall). Do you see the Snortlepig from last week? NOTE: this was a saturday-morning collaborative effort of the whole family, Isaac, Mom, Dad & Molly the dog (although Molly didn't help build it, she does help provide scale in the photo)."

Unreal height! What a fun family project. Very smart design to have this strong, wide base that slowly get thinner and thinner as you get higher. Are those tiny little single bricks at the top! How did this not fall over?! I love that Snortlepig is back. Just amazing height!

85.75 inches by Ben age 7 & Hetty age 9, West Midlands, England.
"This duplo tower is 218 cm tall and has a dog on the top. It almost touched the ceiling! BTW the pictures in the background are Liverpool Landmarks!"

What an impressive height! Great idea to construct it with such a stable, wide base and slowly become thiner as you get higher. So close to the ceiling, how on earth did you reach that high? I love that there is a dog on the top. I think it's very interesting that this construction and the one above by Isaac and his family are so similar (even with the addition of an animal on top!). Them in Canada, and you, in England. This is so cool Ben and Hetty!

55.5 inches by Simon age 7 & Sophie age 5, Saskatchewan, Canada.
" This is called the Tower of Power". It took 2 days to build and fell over once. We decided to build it in colour sections to see how much of each colour we had. It is a hollow square shape and very, very sturdy. We could have gone much taller but ran out of Lego. There is a roof and a chimney on top."

I love that this was done in colour segments. Kinda interesting to see how much of each lego you have. this is so reminiscent of a tall, strange house. The roof and chimney are a great addition. Good idea to make it hollow, so your lego bricks could go further. Way to go Simon and Sophie!

42 inches. "The Skyscraper" by Nathan, age 7, Arizona, USA.

Wow, what a great height you got to Nathan! I cannot really tell, but I'm thinking it was made with single duplo bricks stacked on top of each other? Quite risky, did it fall over? Did you build it on the table, or move it there after? What a great Skyscraper!

37.75 inches by Bridger, age 7, Minnesota, USA.
"This building is being guarded by a rock monster who was captured and now is the guardian of the building. The human on top of the trophy is the guardian of the rock monster in case it goes crazy. There's a shark on it, too."

This really reminds me of the movie King Kong where the giant gorilla monster is scaling the Empire State Building. Great creation with lots of interesting creatures on it. Smart use of the green platform piece to give it stability. This is awesome Bridger!

26.25 inches. "The View Tower" by Tal, age 11, Southern California.
"Go here if you want to see a great view!"

What an elaborate design. Almost rocket-like at the base and very treehouse-like at the top. I love the middle red portion of the construction with all the look-through spaces. Brilliant to create jut-out areas to hold the people and the antenna on the top is perfect for absorbing lightning strikes! Such a sophisticated design Tal!

21.25 inches by Finnegan, age 6, Saskatchewan, Canada.
"Finnegan chose to make the worlds tallest monsters... scaled down so they could fit in his room. From left to right we have: A Giant Dog, The Loch Ness Monster, A Bridge Dragon, The Tower of Orthanc (shown for scale), The world's largest Common House Monster, (they normally live in closets but this one ate too many toys and grew bigger than his house and so now he carries it around on his back), A Mountain Monster (often mistaken for an actual mountain by unwary mountaineers - until it's too late...), and a Giant (carrying two trees). The scaled down mountain monster was actually about 54 cm, so I am guessing they are about 1:1200 scale...?"

What a cool motley crew! I just love the Common House Monster and the reason he carries his house on his back. I would definitely be fooled by the incognito Mountain Monster! You always have such interesting creatures, these are so great Finnegan!

11 inches. "Maximum Sphinx" by Spencer, age 5, Arizona, USA.

This is fantastic Spencer. It really does look like a side view of a Sphinx! Great name too, nice tie-in to the theme of the challenge. Smart use of a wide base for stability. Super cool Spencer!

17.5 inches, by Keira, age 3, Saskatchewan, Canada.
"This is a really tall Princess named Princess Tally."

Keira I love your creations. Princess Tally is very tall and beautiful. I enjoy seeing your sense of style in each of your designs. Way to go Keira!

by Michael, age 5, Saskatchewan, Canada.
"This giant catapult throws boulders to maximum heights like over houses and castles; but if the castle is really tall, it would just smash it. The computers locate what it's going to hit, and the torch on the side makes light when it's in dark caves. At the back are chains, used for climbing up onto the catapult."

Wow, it is just this kind of machine that all the other creations this week would fear! I would love to see all of them side by side while this giant catapult hurled boulders at them, just to see which one would be the last standing. Nice theme tie in with your description Michael!

by Ethan, age 8, Saskatchewan, Canada.
"The Tower of Death protects the treasure found inside the box at the top. There are traps, guards and dynamite which can blow up the ladder."

This is one scary looking tower. Traps, guards and dynamite, yikes, what must be inside that box!? Is that a guy scaling the tower trying to get the box? This is like an action adventure movie scene. What a great and deadly design Ethan!

by India age 4 and her mom Anno.
"We forgot to measure it before we took it down."

I would have loved to know how tall this masterpiece was. It looks like it towers over the room. I especially like how each colour section incrementally gets smaller. What a great little platform on the pink sections and I love the lookout holes in the blue section. Interesting how this creation is separated into colour blocks like Simon and Sophies. Fabulous design India!

I'd like to leave you with the World's Largest Lego Tower. The current record is held in Toronto, Canada, at a whopping 29.3 meters (96.12 feet), and made of 465,000 bricks.