Monday, March 1, 2010

Creature Photos

by Hetty, age 9, West Midlands, England
"This is a Loch Ness Monster with its trainer. The reason no one has ever found it is that it comes out of the water on wheels so does not leave animal tracks."
What a great creature! It really does look like Nessie with it's long neck and tail and back hump. How very interesting that it has a trainer, perhaps to help keep it hidden? Wonderful idea to use wheels to help fool the humans. They will never find it with these great tricks! Awesome creature, Hetty!

by Ben, age 7, West Midlands, England
"This is Willow, a 4-legged creature from Mars that paddles about in shallow water eating water weed. She sucks air through her ears and flies to other planets. She lays beige eggs with turquoise spots and lives in a large family group.
This little creature is so cute. I love the long black tail and perky ears! I think it is very interesting that she breaths with her ears. It sounds like her eggs would be very beautiful to see in person. Nice to know this creature enjoys living in large family groups! Great creature, Ben!

by Zachary, age 12, Colorado, USA
"My creature is a spider. My spider is a wolf spider. It eats bugs and other spiders. It has 8 legs and a furry body. My spider likes the heat not the cold. Spiders are shy."
This is a great wolf spider construction. I love the long legs, it looks like it would scurry about at alarming speed. Nice use of flat, large pieces making this very low profile and easier to get into those tight places to hide (since it's shy). Fantastic creation, Zachary!

by Cameron, age 9, Colorado, USA
"My creature is a duck. It lives by rivers and fields. I can tell my duck is 4 years old by the curls on the hind end. It eats grain. It is a drake mallard duck. The drake is a male."
I knew this was a duck, by it's wonderful yellow bill. How fantastic that you made the outspread wings just like the real Mallard with its beautiful white and blue wing feathers and little orange/red feet poking out from behind. What a fabulous creation, Cameron!

"Super Penguin" by Angus, age 6, Saskatchewan, Canada
I would use the word super as well, with legs like this! How wonderfully long they are. I wonder if it gives this particular Penguin some sort of advantage, since most have very stubby legs. I like how you used different solid colours for the different body areas. This is an interesting creature Angus, way to go!

"Elephantasauras" by Lyn, age 8, Saskatchewan, Canada
This looks so much like Apatosaurus, except for the elephant head. I wonder if it evolved into this to hold a larger, smarter brain, since the Apatosaurus brain was so small? I love how the tail all the way to the head is like a staircase. Very nice balance you have created. The head must be slightly heavy, therefore needing and extra long tail so it doesn't tip over. This is really great, Lyn!

"Sea Guardian & Climb Attacker (the sidekick)" by Justan, age 6, Illinois, USA
"Sea Guardian has 3 arms and his sidekick is an underwater climber. They live everywhere, but they like to spend time in the ocean with their friends for 2 hours. Sea Guardian pretty much sleeps in space a lot. His powers are sting, machine gun, and punch. Sometimes he has to go around the world fighting, that's why he can't spend so much time in the ocean. He doesn't eat. He gets his energy by going into the sea and sucking the water through the hole in his chest."
This is a great warrior. I bet his third arm really helps him in battle. I love the see-through blade, it looks like it would spin. Very interesting that this creature does not eat, but is sustained through water alone. The sidekicks arm looks mighty powerful. Fantastic creatures, Justan!

"Yellow & Red Poisonous Mushroom" by Michaela, age 11, Saskatchewan, Canada
"This mushroom fungus lives in a mushroom forest with lots of trees, strange plants and green glowing moonlight. This mushroom also glows in the dark under the glowing green moonlight."
This creation instantly reminds me of the Amanita poisonous mushroom. I love your bold colours and the slight lean of the stem. Glow in the dark fungi actually exist, and illuminate forests across the globe to lure nocturnal animals to it. This is a super cool creation, Michaela!

"Vacuum Alien" by Noah, age 10, Saskatchewan, Canada
"It lives in a garden, and as you can see, it is sitting amidst lots of plants. It eats insects by vacuuming them up through his black vacuum mouth, which it eats and smells with."
The black vacuum mouth is great! I can just picture it sucking up all those pesky insects in my garden. I love all the plants and flowers you've created for your creatures garden. This is so cool, Noah!

"Slingerer" by Nico, age 8, Saskatchewan, Canada
"It is a cave amphibian who lurks in caves and can glide on short distances."
Love the claws, they look like they could crush things. The spike coming out of his mouth looks very dangerous! I'm noticing all the flat feet which would make it glide with ease. What a formidable creature, Nico!

"Spider" by Isaac, age 5, Saskatchewan, Canada
"A person (with a hat) drives it inside. It is found on Planet Cuba and it has 8 legs (like all good spiders should), but it has a very unique diet, it eats monsters, refrigerators, cucumbers, pineapples, mountains, trees, ham and humans (but not the driver, just the passengers, and don't worry, they don't get chewed, because Spider doesn't have any teeth). The wheels are there for protection: when other creatures want to eat Spider, the wheels push all their teeth out and then where their teeth where, they bleed for 9 billion years. I bet you're wondering about Planet Cuba. This is a really weird planet: the persons have square feet, square legs, square belly, square hands, square fingers and square ears, and square hair. It's really, really, really hot there - Planet Cuba is in the very middle of the sun (the corners are actually burnt right off). One more thing: that we used flat big pieces to make kind of a roof, which helps to protect Spider from the sun's heat. And that's it."
Wow Isaac, this looks like it would have taken you ages to create. Your story about this creature is wonderful. This is perhaps the most unique diet I have ever heard of. This looks almost like a car, inside a house, on crawling legs. Just amazing, Isaac!

"Botanist" by Tal, age 11, California, USA
"This is the location of the rare, many-colored flower (Manycoloriphisis), which can be seen in the center of this photograph, with the scientist leaning over it. If you look carefully, you can also see a coyote, some bamboo, a spider, and the ruins of an old chimney."
You have created such a beautiful imaginary place. I love looking around at this scene. The tree foliage is so cool. I think having the scientist in this scene is wonderful. Did he by any chance breed this Manycoloriphisis from all the other, single colored flowers around the area. This is awesome, Tal!
Lego Digital Designer was used to create this.

"The Fuelna" by Simon, age 7, Saskatchewan, Canada
"It flies in outer space and lives on planet Zorg9-13. It eats bits of stars."
What an interesting creature this is. Just floating around in space, gobbling up chunks of stars that are cluttering up the solar system. Zorg9-13 sounds like a planet Spaceman Spiff would have landed on.
The body looks almost like a meteorite with all the lumps on it. Awesome creation, Simon!

"Buster Bob Squirrel" by Faenin, age 5, Ontario, Canada
"Bob lives in the rain forests of South America in a house burrow. It usually eats Brazil nuts but also mangoes, papayas, apricots, plums, peaches, and nectarines. Bob spends his time foraging for food and burying nuts to plant more trees. He also loves to swim and try and fly."
What a great little squirrel this is! I love his big white teeth and super fluffy, multi-coloured tail. What a wonderful diet this guy has, and he helps out the forest so much, by planting more trees. This is a really well designed creature, Faenin!

"No Guy" by Islove, age 3, Ontaria, Canada
"This creature lives in the Pacific Ocean near Vancouver, and eats purple seaweed. He has an extra pair of feet and likes to wear a hat. No Guy spends his time playing with his other Giant friends."
This creature reminds me of duck with his cute little body, long neck and outstretched wings. He looks wonderfully pigeon-toed and I can almost see him waddling down by the water. I think the hat is a fabulous addition. Such a great creature creation, Islove!

by Ethan, age 8, Saskatchewan, Canada
"It's an alien in trees." I love the three blue eyes and the yellow teeth. This alien has an impressive arm-span and the four legs look quite fast. The construction of the trees are very cool. I'm intrigued by the holes in the trees. Woodpeckers perhaps? Super cool creature, Ethan!

"Cutie" by Chad, age 8, Ontario, Canada
"This is a prehistoric fawn (baby deer) who escaped from Jurassic Park. Sometimes he goes off into the wild by himself and sometimes he visits with his human friend. Cutie LOVES to run and his friend tries to ride him but always falls off because there isn't much grip." Chad chose to create a deer because it is one of his favorite animals. Cutie is a perfect name for this fawn! I love how tiny he is, making him the perfect size to hide, since he is an escapee. What wonderful effects you've added to your photograph. It makes it look like a poster. Very cool, Chad!

"Three-Armed Belly Troll" by Keira, age 3, Saskatchewan, Canada.
"It lives in outer space." I did not know we had trolls in outer space! But now I do, thanks to you, and three armed ones at that. I love how there is an eye, just above the green foot, great for seeing things down low. This is a wonderful creature, Keira!

"Sea Creatures" by Finnegan, age 6, Saskatchewan, Canada.
Clockwise from the top, we have "a Common Dolphin, a Sperm Whale, a Swordfish, a Yellow-Finned Tuna, a Sharp Tailed Fish, a Sting Ray, six Rainbow Eels, a Blue Shark, a Tiger Shark, and a Thresher Shark. The single blocks in the middle are Red Plankton."
What an absolutely amazing collection of sea creatures! Each one has traits very similar to the real thing. I love the sword on the Swordfish, the wideness of the Sting Ray, the wonderful colours of the Rainbow Eels and the fantastic Red Plankton! Great idea to set them up on blue cloth to make it look like they are in the sea. I also love how all the creatures are swarming around the plankton for their daily meals. So, super fantastic, Finnegan!

"Compoundy" by Sophie, age 5, Saskatchewan, Canada
"It's a newly discovered creature that lives at the bottom of the swamp. It eats plankton. It's a giant eye, but it's compound!"
What an interesting creature! I love that it looks like one big giant compound eye! Great use of all those tiny circle pieces. I can imagine it slowly floating, slightly spinning at the bottom of the swamp. Awesome discovered creature, Sophie!

"Giraffe Carrier" by Elsa, age 5, Saskatchewan, Canada
"It carries people, it lives in the forest and eats flowers, it helps people get leaves."
What you cannot see in this picture is its magnificent height. The long, long neck extends down to the ground. What a wonderful creature, one designed as human helper. Great job, Elsa!

"B-89-B" by Hannah, age 11, Saskatchewan, Canada
"This is a spider with all bones, it lives on a planet called X-RAY 36707 and every thing there is in x-ray. It eats soft rocks and lives in it's invisible shell."
An x-ray planet, how cool is that! I love that the picture seems to be in x-ray vision. What an interesting creature, and even more interesting are these soft rocks that it eats. What a great creation, Hannah!

by Elijah, age 6, Alberta, Canada
"It's a squid which lives in the deepest sea."
Great use of all those slotted green pieces on the top, they look like gills. I love all the attention you put towards details. This is a very balanced, well designed creature. So awesome, Elijah!