Monday, June 21, 2010

Repair or Replace Photos

by Finn, age 6, Austin, Texas, USA.

"For Father's Day I built my dad another arm so he can read the paper, drink coffee, and eat a bagel all at the same time. My dad is great and I love him very much. We tied the new arm to him with a bandana. I don't know if you can see it, but there is also a booster rocket on there in case he needs it."

This is a brilliant creation! I think if asked, most everyone would want another arm. Nice sleek design and use of masculine colors, (perfect for father's day). I love the wider 'palm' area for a holding platform. This construction is reminiscent of the window scrapers we use here for our cold Canadian winters.

by Nathan, age 9, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

"A branch knocked off some of our fence so I decided to replace it with LEGO."

Amazing! What a great idea to fix your fence. I love how you copied the original fence design. The angled edges at the top and the width and height are perfectly executed. The all white bricks are subtle and encourage a closer inspection by the viewer!

by Lyn, age 8, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"Piano Modification. Each pair of Lego keys is two octaves apart. Lyn says she just wanted them evenly spaced apart but for no particular reason."

This is very clever! Does making this modification count as piano practice? I love how you used bold primary colors instead of the local white of the piano keys. I'd love to see all of the keys covered in LEGO. You'd have a color coded piano!

by Angus, age 6, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"Woodstove modification."

Fantastic addition to your wood stove! The color and design repetition on the lip of the stove adds a whimsical feel to an otherwise ordinary household object. Wonderful how you curved the edges to create a soft, flowing feel.

by Simon age 7 and Sophie age 5, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"We decided to replace our couch leg. We want to keep it there always now!"

I'd like to keep it there too! I think it creates a mischievous, comical element in a house mostly decorated for the grown ups. What you can't see in this photo is a tiny cupboard LEGO piece that Sophie added. It has a little door on it and can hold her tiny treasures. This makes me want to replace more ordinary things with LEGO and see if anyone notices.

by Lucy, age 4, Wisconsin, USA.

"This quest came for us at the perfect time! We just started our bathroom remodel so there is plenty to fix around here! When I asked Lucy she decided that fixing one of the walls was a good idea so that's what she did. We are also hosting "Flat Anthony" right now from a flat homeschooler project we are doing so he helped too!"

Wonderful to have the bathroom renovation to work from. Those open walls are just asking for a LEGO filler. This is perfect! I am delighted that the creation filled the wall space edge to edge perfectly. I especially love the LEGO worker men and the one pink LEGO brick.

by Spencer, age 6, Arizona, USA.

"A new door for this toy schoolbus!"

Perfect! I love how you've managed to fill in the whole door space, right up to the tricky, curved top. I'm so glad you were able to fix this school bus, it will be much safer now!

by Aaron, age 5, Tucson, Arizona, USA.

"My ambulance lights were broken. I fixed them by using clear little legos. Can you see the red and blue dots? They match the things the lights went on. You can see the lights flash through the clear pieces."

Very smart of you to make your repair with translucent LEGO pieces so the lights can shine through. Fixing a broken toy, which will no doubt be played with more now. The additions seem so natural to this design, seamless in their inclusion.