Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Flags Photos

by Morgan, age 9, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"He says he chose to do this one because he wanted to do something with
his first initial for his own lego flag. There is a large M (for
Morgan) in blue and red around the outside, and two small blue M's
inside the large M (Master Morgan) and of course the word Lego

This is a most impressive flag! I love the repetition of the letter M. It has Medieval design elements and the colour choices highlight the overall motif. Nice addition of the word Lego!

by Isaac, age 5, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"So can you see the big hole in the front? That is where the person sits in the Isaac Land flag. The tall white thing is a solar panel to power the capital city. Can you see the wheels? They are wind generators, did you know that wind generators make energy. In Isaac Land everything is made out of lego including houses, floors, swimming pools, etc."

Very interesting flag design! So many intricate features and I love the green power it uses. I think everyone should have a personal flag!

by Matthew, age 12, Lincoln Park, Michigan, USA

"My creation is an American flag. I wanted a challenge so I chose the American flag."

Beautiful stars and stripes! Great design proportions and I especially like the pieces you used for the stars!

by Logan, age 7, Nova Scotia, Canada.

"He chose to build this because his favorite flag is the Canadian flag. He wanted to give the maple leaf some color."

Fantastic artistic liberties you've taken here. I love the maple leaf, with all the colour variations. Reminds me of autumn in Canada. Wonderful addition of the paper cut-out background.

by Lyn, age 8, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"This is the flag of Finland which was one of my favorite flags from the winter Olympics this year."

Very nice, sleek design, perfect proportions. Great that you designed a flag that you remembered from the Olympics.

by Angus, age 6, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"This is the Super Flag of Super country, which is my own country that I invented."

I would love to visit the country of Super one day! Did you know pink is an extremely rare colour to find on a flag. Nice to see you use it here. Lovely patterning, as always.

by Cole, age 4, Nova Scotia, Canada.

"This is a pirate flag sculpture. It has lots of pieces on it to hold it up. A pirate would put this flag sculpture on his fort."

What a great sculpture holding the Jolly Roger flag. Instantly recognizable as something you want to stay away from!

by Reece, age 8, Nova Scotia, Canada.

"This is a Lego monument in Canada. It is under construction right now, but it is mostly done. You can see some pieces that are going to be put into position, but there a few gaps still. The man in the red hat is putting a block in place, the man in the bulldozer is bringing more blocks, and the man in the red cap is the news man who is taking pictures for the news."

Very nice monument inspired by the colours of the Canadian flag. You've created a great scene here full of action. I love the barricades to keep out the crowds.

by Milo, age 3, Ontario, Canada.

"It's not a flag for a place. It's just how I put the colours together to look nice."

This is lovely and should be a flag! The alternating red and yellow stripes are reminiscent of the flag of Northumbria which used to be a medieval kingdom in what is now north east England. I like that you even added a bit of a pole!

by Aidan, age 7.5, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

"The top flag is for the country of Thorniea. Below it is Love Town's Flag, called the Love Wins Flag. The heart stands for love. Love Town is the country of Thorniea. The Cub Scouts (which I am one) are saluting the flag."

I love the heart flag of Love Town! I would definitely want to visit that place. I bet everyone is very happy there. It's great that you made town and country flags that belong together. Nice addition of the Cub Scout!

by Addison, age 4.5, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

"I found these poles and decided to put these flags into the poles."

This is a great little flag holder you've made. It reminds me of racing flags. The green flag is used at the beginning of the race, and the yellow flag means there is a hazard on the race track.

by Nathan, age 9, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

"The flag of Korea. Nathan joined our family through adoption from South Korea."

Marvelous that you've created the flag of your birth country. Fantastic representation of the ying yang symbol. You've managed to create the illusion of soft, rounded edges using geometric shapes. I am baffled at how you've designed the four black trigrams. Very sophisticated!

by Ella, age 8, Lexington, Virginia, USA.

"I made the New Mexico flag because I like the way it looks."

This is an excellent reproduction! I love the red sun on the yellow background. Great detail by having each center sun beam the longest, just like the real flag.

by Joshua, age 6, Lexington, Virginia, USA

"I wanted to make the American flag because we live in America."

How patriotic to create the flag of your country! This is a very detailed design, meticulously put together. The large size makes it iconographic!

by Faenin, age 5, Ontario, Canada.

"This is a flag of Chicago."

Wonderful flag creation! I love the subtle green tones and the long, strong flag pole.

by Austyn, age 6, Ontario, Canada.

"This flag is for the country called 'Buy Land' in Lego World. There is a statue of the President (President Ching) standing in front and behind the flag pole."

A flag and a statue all in one! Nice vertical and horizontal stripes on the flag, a common element in so many designs.

by Celeste, age 6, South Western Ontario, Canada.

"Celeste made the France flag because that is where her mommy was born and grew up."

Wonderful creation! I especially like the 4 little blue tabs you added for grip, or are they a structural support? Nicely balanced three sections!

by Adrienne, age 12, South Western Ontario, Canada.

"Adrienne choose to make the Canadian flag..since we live in Canada."

I am really digging the negative space around the maple leaf and how it is open all the way through. Great thinking by connecting the maple leaf with the outer flag design in such a sleek way, it seems to almost float!

by Buddy, age 5, and Sweetie, age 7, Oregon, USA

Austria by Buddy.
Sweden by Sweetie.
Honduras (combined effort)

Perfectly executed Austria flag! Great choice of bricks you used. This created equal sections of the flag.

Flawlessly made flag of Sweden! You even have the blue sections perfectly measured. I'm always reminded of Ikea when I see this flag.

I love that you guys collaborated on the Hondura flag. Wonderful choice of Lego pieces to make the blue stars in the center.

by Eric, age 7, Oakland Florida, USA.

"We are proud to be a multicultural family with my husband being French and myself being half Japanese. So Eric decided to combine the two countries' flags into one."

Very creative Eric! I love how you integrated design elements from both flags to create a new flag. The flag of your family! Brilliant.

by Jackson, age 7, Georgia, USA.

"Norwegian Flag. He chose the Norwegian flag because his uncle is from Norway."

Wonderful execution. This is a difficult flag to create with the white bordering the blue all the way around on both sides! I love how you built vertically to create your final 2-dimensional design. A nice touch to make a flag of a country that you have family living in.

Our Roxaboxen Adventure has posted Alex's flag creations.

Alex, age 6, Richmond, Virginia, USA.

"These two flags are Madagascar & Mali. They are countries in Africa. I did these two first because they were easy."