Monday, June 7, 2010

Wrapped Object Photos

by Aidan, age 7.5, Cincinnati, Ohio, Canada.

"I made frog spawn. There are tadpoles inside. The tadpoles are made out of small black legos wrapped in foil and held together by string which represents spaghetti like stuff. I got this idea from seeing our tadpoles."

This is so great! I love that you used small black Lego bricks to represent the tadpoles! Knowing they are inside those tin foil balls is so interesting. Wonderful contrast of textures the yarn gives.

by Bear, age 7, Utica, New York, USA.

"It's a castle wrapped in books about medieval times."

Brilliant! I love how the objects compliment each other. The books have also made their own fortress around the castle, for extra security.

by Austyn, age 6.5, Ontario, Canada.

"Mini Mummy."

Nicely built Sarcophagus. The band aids look like the perfect medium for wrapping up a mummy. Makes me curious to see underneath.

by Esther, age 10, Pennsylvania, USA.

"This is a man with a cord wrapped around his waste and attached to the boat so he doesn't lose his boat while swimming."

Smart design! It would be very scary to have your boat drift away while you were swimming in the middle of the ocean. Great interpretation of the 'wrapped' challenge.

by Rachel age 12 and Issac age 8, Pennsylvania, USA.

"They worked together to create the camping scene, complete with tissue wrapped tent and working campfire (the one man is cutting down the pine tree while the other stands fishing.) It was important to them that it be taken in the dark so you could see the campfire."

"As a side note and a warning: prior to this project Rachel attempted a lantern with a top and a working candle. The top of the lantern was about 3 inches from the top of the flame. The Legos immediately began to smell and the plastic warped. So lesson learned-- don't get Legos near the top of a flame they WILL melt."

Marvelous scene you've both created! I love the camp fire so much, it illuminates the whole area so well. The tissue paper covering the tent reminds me of a rain fly on real tents. It has 'wrapped' the Lego underneath perfectly. That was a good experiment you happened on with fire getting too close to the Lego bricks, I'm so glad you shared the story with us! I just wish I could see the melted Lego!

by Lucy, age 4, Wisconsin, USA.

"Whats inside. A carrot, tomato, broccoli, cauliflower, radish, blueberries 2 bananas, and a pineapple. She chose to make a lunch 'Because I like to pretend and it looked yummy!' "

This is the yummiest looking lunch I have ever seen! The other great photo you sent in showed all the Lego food inside the bag with the bag closed. Totally hidden, I would have never guessed what was inside. I especially love how you made the carrot, tapered at the end.

by Milo, age 3, Ontario, Canada.

"He used plastic wrap, then yellow tissue paper underneath (not pictured) with green tissue paper over the top, black pipe cleaners, and finally various sizes of band aids.
When asked what his favourite wrapping medium was, he said, "everything." But the tissue paper and band aids were easiest to use, he reported."

Wow, I wish I could have shown everybody all the photos you sent in of the entire wrapping process! I love the complex approach, like a fine painting with many layers. This would be a very exciting package to open.

by Brendon, age 9, Lockport, Illinois, USA.

"Brendon covered his Lego elephant with a rubber glove. He has no idea why!"

This looks like a new creature slithering across the table. I never would have thought to use a rubber glove as a covering. You've created something strangely wonderful here.

by Ryan, age 11, Lockport, Illinois, USA

"Ryan covered his Grim Reaper going to a dinner party with a napkin (because he's going to a dinner party)."

How perfect and funny to cover him with a napkin! After all he will be needing it, I can't imagine Mr. Reaper being a very neat eater. I never would have guessed what was underneath that napkin!

by Hunter, age 6, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA.

"This is a float from a parade. He covered it in plastic wrap and you can see the Lego creation very clearly through the wrap. He chose plastic wrap because he thought it would be a little bit cool."

This is more than a 'little bit cool', its a lot cool! Great float, I can just see it driving down the street in a long parade. I love that you used plastic wrap, it looks like it is in a bubble.

by Isaac, age 5, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"Its wrapped in plastic wrap, it is a statue of me. The name of the statue is Isaac. Can you see the green finger, he cut off the whole nail when he was using a jigsaw. he has trouble using that finger."

Ouch! Do I need to have a look at your real finger next time I see you!? The plastic wrap makes it seem like he's a very allergic statue that needs to be in his own bubble, especially walking through that itchy, scratchy grass.

by Bryce, age 6, California, USA.

This is such a mystery. The tin foil does a great job of completely wrapping the object you designed. It could be a landed UFO, or leftovers, nobody will know.

by Joey age 8, Nate age 6 and Eli age 4, Redmond, Oregon, USA

"Tin Foil and a little T.P. to complete our lego designs."

I love this photo! You've morphed 6 different photos into one, perfect for showing the before and after in each creation. To get a better look, click on this photo to enlarge it.

Joey your NASA Space Shuttle is perfectly hidden in tin foil. Nate, your large creation is wonderfully wrapped in the ever versatile toilet paper! Eli, it looks like you used a combination of tin foil and masking tape for a compact, interesting sculpture!

by Tal, age 11, Southern California, USA.

"Dragon Heart. A rare specimen, only found in world #6."

I am loving the bright jewel colours of the red and purple against the green foliage. I feel so curious about what's inside the red tissue paper. Is it a bunch of random Lego bricks, or is it a heart shaped design? What happens once you are in possession of this Dragon Heart?

by Reece, age 8, Nova Scotia, Canada.

"This is a lego space ship. It has a nice shiny coating to help it to get to the planet Jupiter."

Awesome UFO! It has such an unusual shape and the tin foil creates great texture. The dark background makes me feel like it is zooming through space.

by Wesley, age 6, Greenville, South Carolina, USA.

"It's a mystery what's wrapped up in there. I call it Scorpion on a Stand. I wrapped it in paper and it's all sealed up with duct tape. I thought of paper because it's very good to wrap stuff up in and the duct tape of course is what makes it all stick together."

This has great sculptural elements to it. The form is very intersting, the textures and colours of the paper and duck tape compliment each other.

by Joelle, age 3, Tucson, Arizona, USA.

"This is a gate. I didn't want people to see it so I put it in wrapping paper."

I would never have been able to figure out what was inside the wrapping paper, it is mysteriously hidden in a beautiful, brightly coloured wall of flowers.

by Aaron, age 5, Tucson, Arizona, USA.

"This is an airship. It has 2 guys on it. I wrapped it in plastic wrap so it could be easily seen."

Great choice of material used since you wanted everyone to be able to see the creation inside. I love how the plastic wrap makes it look as if the airship has flown through some strange substance and is now engulfed by it.

by Jonathan, age 6, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

"I wrapped duplos in Aluminum foil. I thought it looked better with the scene."

This is a wonderful scene you've created. I love the cut out paper field with stream running through it. The little apple tree is a great addition and the foil wrapped Duplos made a fantastic bridge!

by Nathan, age 9, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

"UFO. Nathan wanted to shine a UV light on it. I think it looks great. The UFO is wrapped in aluminum foil."

Wonderful shape made from Lego! I love that you photographed it on a outer space blanket for greater effect. It looks as if it's shooting through the solar system. Aluminum foil was the perfect choice for this object!