Monday, May 24, 2010

Metamorphosis Photos

by Tal, age 11, Southern California, USA

"The first form of the creature is a lizard-like creature that eats just about anything, from leaves to bugs. And a later version of the creature (after metamorphosis) moves very slowly across the ground, and eats flies. It lives in everyday gardens, but for some reason, NO ONE HAS EVER SEEN IT… until now."

This is an amazing piece of multimedia art! Beautifully filmed, with captivating music. The creatures themselves are unique and mesmerizing! I love how limbs just sort of fall off the horizontal creature and disappear into the sand, only to emerge as something completely altered and vertical! This video shows a remarkable effort Tal!

by Ethan, age 8, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"3-part metamorphosis, it turns from a small fish with mandibles in the first figure, to a crab-like creature in the second figure, and finally to a sea monster with fully developed and grown mandibles.”

I love how all three creature have some of the same elements consistent in their design. Great that you used the same colour and the same eyes. This made it very easy to pick out what was altered in each stage. Great to see the creature get more complex in each phase. Wonderful representation of metamorphosis!

by Austyn, age 6, Ontario, Canada.

"From left to right, an egg, a caterpillar, a pupae in a cocoon, a moth".

Metamorphosis shown at it's finest. I love all the interesting pieces you used to create each unique stage. Very clear and lifelike! I especially like the pieces you used to create the moths wings!

by Keira, age 3, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"Werezebra is a human that turns into a zebra."

I wonder if this happens at the stroke of midnight, on the full moon? I couldn't imagine breaking out in...stripes! Very nice, subtle elements of the zebra apparent in this design with the use of the black and white bricks.

by Finnegan, age 6, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"Wererobot-Dragon in it's two forms. When it is happy it's a dragon. When it is angry it turns into a wheeled robot!"

What an amazing ability to shape shift depending upon mood. I think I might have that same ability?
Metamorphosis in a non-linear fashion, but back and forth. Very interesting creation!

by Ryan, age 11, Lockport, Illinois, USA.

"Evolution of an alien."

I love the strange creature at the beginning, I image it just sort of blobbing around, possibly underwater? The last design is a perfect walking upright specimen. You did a wonderful job of mixing form one and form three to create the middle, second form. Perfect, linear design changes.

by Brendon, age 9, Lockport, Illinois, USA.

"Evolution of man."

So funny! In the beginning, we were mice, then we became the mighty apes, finally, evolving into none other than...yellow man! Wonderful interpretation of Metamorphosis!

by Phoenix, age 8, Coastal North Carolina, USA.

"The vehicle: It is a 4 wheel rover that can become a 6 wheel rover for especially rough terrain. The third pair of wheels pivot downward till they are on the ground."

Brilliant idea! I wish I could have shown the other photos you sent in that described visually how the wheels pivot up and down to change the 'wheel drive' of this cool creation. Nice use of axels and gears as wheels! Perfect change of form.

by Milo, age 3, Ontario, Canada.

Milo wanted to take his original bird house on wheels (from last weeks challenge) and change it into: Airplane/Boat/Car for Birds "It has an olden days roof."

This is wonderful! I love the transformation this took from last weeks bird house to this 3 in 1 vehicle made especially for birds. Nice subtle changes creating a totally new design.