Monday, May 10, 2010

Kinetic Photos

by Finn, age 12, Galloway, Scotland UK

"I made a hand powered 'windmill'. When you turn the crank on the back, the gears inside turn the 'sails'."

Wonderful Windmill. I wish I could have shown the other photo you sent in with the roof removed showing all the inner gears that the hand crank moves. Smart kinetic design!

by Phelan, age 8, Galloway, Scotland UK.

"I made a two wheel car. When one wheel is turned, the rubber band turns the other wheel."

Great symmetrical composition. Very cool that the motion of one object makes the other move as well!

by Matthew, age 12, Lincoln Park, Michigan, USA.

"My creation is a well guarded treasure safe with nothing in it right now. It has Spider-man in guard right now and he has already caught a criminal trying to steal treasure though there's none in there right now. The criminal is caught in a lava rock trap with his sniper."

Nice elaborate scene you've created here with a lot of great looking weapons!

by Jeff (aka: Fox), age 10, Wyoming, USA.

Great, strong composition! This looks like it would have smooth, steady movement. The 4 blades make it look like a traditional Dutch design.

by Lee, age 13, Wyoming, USA.

Very nice 3 bladed wind turbine! This looks like it would work well in high winds.

by Luke, age 6, Woodridge, Illinois, USA.

"You can see the windmill. It spins and creates energy. The windmill provides energy for the city."

Fantastic Lego city you have here! The wind turbine towers over the sprawling city and really looks like it would generate a lot of energy with it's movement.

by Reece, age 8, Nova Scotia, Canada.

"He created this on his own and it really moves!" says his mom.

"This is a rover that move backwards or forwards depending upon which way you move the switch".

wonderful creation! I love all the exposed axels and gears. Great use of a battery powered engine to create actual motion.

by Casey, age 8, Selah, Washington, USA.

"My brother is kinetic! I always have to chase him."

(Casey over heard our family doctor describing Will as the most "kinetic" child he has ever seen.)

This is so great. I love the story and you brought it to life here with Lego. I really do see a lot of motion.

by Ethan, age 8, Saskatchewan, Canada.

“The moveable parts include the satellite, which can rotate; the nose of the ship, the small wings near the middle, and the tail fin, which can tilt up and down; and a small blue gun which moves from side to side.”

Lots of wonderful moving parts on this model. It has a very balanced design with many interesting features.

Bridger, age 7, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.

"This is a pair of spinning wheels powered by a six-battery engine. It uses gears to mesh the spinner's axle with the wheels' axle. The black thing that looks like a ribbon is the wire that gets the power from the motor to the spinning axle."

Great incorporation of the battery engine with the wheels. Nice use of gears, this is a fantastic kinetic design.

by Tal, age 11, Southern California, USA

"It's a dark and windy night in the desert. There's just been a power outage, but for Mr. Chase (seen in picture) it's All Good -- because he has an electricity generating windmill (seen on top of house)! This gives him enough power to turn on the lights (seen in house). Oh, and just so you know: The windmill is actually generating electricity."
(I used a Green Science Windmill Generator Kit in combination with Legos)

Wicked creation! I cannot believe you've created windmill power and generated electricity to power a light! I see the windmill blades spinning so fast they look like a blur in the photo. Super kinetic!

by Ben, age 7, West Midlands, England.

"This is my moveable house. It has 13 moving parts, including 4 wheels to roll along, a drill on the front to tunnel through mountains, a hinged roof and quite a few propellers to move it along and steer it. It has a total of 13 moving parts and a yellow escape capsule on the roof with its own propeller."

This reminds me so much of Howl's Moving Castle. So many interesting bits of moving parts on a large moving house! Awesome.

by Hetty, age 9, West Midlands, England.

"This is my windmill. It has got 4 sails which turn in the wind. I put a door at the bottom for the miller to get in and created a pretty striped pattern."

What a lovely windmill. The door is a great addition, showing that people are involved with this structure.

by Lennon, age 10, Ontario, Canada.

"The Bionicle Gali with move-able arms and head and fast running legs, as shown."

The photo has really complimented this creation! I see so much amazing, fast movement.

by Faenin, age 5, Ontario, Canada.

"Harvee-Har a flying-type Pokemon. With move-able wings and head."

A flying creature is a wonderful kinetic creation. I love his name very much.

by Islove, age 3, Ontario, Canada.

"Superamatic is a colour-type Pokemon with flying wings who can move."

Wings are super kinetic in that they produce lift, or flight into the air. Nice creation!

by Isaac, age 5, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"Isaac designed many things for the kinetic challenge. The large wheeled thing is a rolling house, then there are many miscellaneous vehicles and spaceships. I kept telling him that he needed to make a lego of himself because he is the most kinetic thing i know."

Great collection of animated objects! The large moving house is fascinating. I think you're dad is right, a little Lego you would have been super cool!

Thanks to my friend Tim, I will leave you with this 3 minute video of 1500 hours of moving Lego bricks!