Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ancient Monument Photos

by Matthew, age 12, Lincoln Park, Michigan, USA.

"My creation is from Rome. It's a fountain that may seem very simple to build but it's not when you only have a few of some of the pieces."

This ancient fountain structure does make me think of Rome. I love the pieces you chose to use. This is very simple yet elegant in its design. A perfect replica! Awesome Ancient Monument Matthew!

by Sophie age 5, and Simon age 7, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"This is Stonehenge inside of Stonehenge. They built the larger one out of bricks after reading about it and thought that putting the smaller Lego one inside would be funny."

I love this Stonehenge piece. The bricks give it a nice scale comparison. I think what I like the most are the shadows. Even the tiny Lego Stonehenge casts a small shadow. This is a very straightforward design, with no interlocking pieces. Very cool Ancient Monument Simon and Sophie!

by Isaac, age 5, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"This is Isaac's ancient pyramid, with lots of ancient stuff inside. On your left, there is an ancient tower that was built 100 years ago. In front there's a horse-drawn carriage. On the roof of the pyramid is a rolling person.
Can you see the #8-brick piece that has four holes beside the horse (hint: it's part of the pyramid)?"

Wonderful Ancient Pyramid Isaac! Great that you made three different objects here to create one scene. I am very curious what's inside the Pyramid! The horse-drawn carriage is a nice addition making this little scene really come to life! I can spot the Lego brick with four holes in it. I wonder if it's a peep hole or ventilation holes? Nice Ancient Monument Isaac!

by Ben age 7 and Hetty age 9, West Midlands, England.

"These are the pyramids at Giza. They were built by the Pharaohs to be used as tombs. The dead Pharaoh was mummified and then entombed with everything he would need in the afterlife, including bees and a hive in one pyramid!"

Wonderful Pyramids of Giza! These Egyptian structures took 20 years to build and were made up of 2.3 million limestones. Your copies are nicely constructed. I am so intrigued by your description that they used to have bees and hives in the pyramids. How very interesting. Wonderful model of an Ancient Monument you've created Ben and Hetty!

by Reece, age 8, Nova Scotia, Canada.

"This scene depicts the Egyptian Sphinx. The tourists are flocking to see the ancient structure, and the Police and Security Guard are there to provide protection."

Great interpretation of an Egyptian Sphinx! I love this little scene. All the security, fences and walkie-talkies. This is very serious business guarding these Ancient Monuments. In fact, it's not far from the real thing. They really do protect these ancient treasures. I love the guy behind the fence looking through binoculars! Very nicely constructed Reece!

by Lyn, age 8, Saskachewan, Canada.

"This is my Egyptian pyramid garden. I got the idea from pictures dad showed us of the pyramids in Egypt and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon."

Awesome Lyn! I love the Hanging Gardens of Babylon! You've made some beautiful flowers and plants growing off of all the different levels. This is a wonderful space. I like the mash-up of the Pyramids of Giza and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. These inspirations have created a lovely Ancient Monument scene.

by Angus, age 6, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"I call this the ancient pyramid mountains."

I love all the different kinds of Pyramids you have here. There is some very interesting platforms with wonderful, symmetrical designs between all the structures. They are almost flag-like in their colour patterns. Makes me think that each Pyramid is found on a different location in the world. The curious window pieces seems almost like viewing areas? Nice Ancient Monument design Angus!

by Patrick, age 13, Lockport, Illinois, USA.

"The Great Pyramid."

Patrick and his siblings Brendon and Ryan (see below) goggled 'Ancient Monuments' to get an idea of what to build.

Wonderful creation of The Great Pyramid. I love that you were able to decorate your pyramid with pieces embellished with Egyptian symbols and pictures. Very nice doorway leading to the entrance of the pyramid. This is very grand in design. Way to go Patrick!

Brendon. age 9, Lockport, Illinois, USA

"The Great Wall of China."

Brendan said this is a small wall because he had run out of time to build it. I think your Great Wall of China is fantastic. Imagine how much Lego you would need to create a long section of it! I like that you used mostly greys to make it look more like the rock and earth that was really used. Nice interpretation of your inspiration!

by Ryan, age 11, Lockport, Illinois, USA

"A Latin American Inca Statue."

Great Inca Statue. I love all the details using snakes and bats and foliage. Very interesting, symmetrical, interpretive design. Wonderful Ancient Monument Ryan!

by Keira, age 3, Saskatchewan Canada.

"This is the gate from the great wall around the city of Uruk built by Gilgamesh; a king of ancient Mesopotamia."

What a fantastic gate! I feel like I could walk right through it. Thank you for introducing me to Gilgamesh the King sounds like a very interesting tale. Wonderful Ancient Monument Keira!

by Bridger, age 7, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.

"This is my version of Fort Snelling in St. Paul. I used effects to make the photo black-and-white to make it look older.

Fort Snelling was a military fort built where the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers come together. It was built between 1820 and 1824. You can still visit it today.

In my version, the small black plate in the center is a sundial, which is actually there at the real fort. There are two towers, one small one and one tall one. The tall one has a flag on top. There are buildings scattered throughout the fort."

I love how you manipulated the photo, it really does look older! This is a great introduction to Fort snelling for me and I'm sure others too. I like that you have details like the sundial that are actually at the real fort. Have you been there and did you make a lot of this from memory, or from pictures? The tall tower is great and all the scattered building though out make this look so much like a real fort.
Fantastic Ancient Monument Bridger!