Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Self Portrait Photos

Last week I asked you to create your self portrait out of LEGO, here is what you all came up with;

by July, age 6, Australia.

“Here is my self portrait! I started off making it flat with a big square head, but then I took bits away from the sides and made it 3D. I loved doing this challenge!"

by Harrison, age 6, Sydney, Australia.

by Minna, age 5, Kyoto, Japan.

"This is me, with red hair clips."

by Jakob, age 8, Brewster, New York, USA.

"This is me at the aquarium. Behind my self portrait is my fish. My fish's name is Rainbow. I named him that because When he is in the light he has a lot of different colors on him."

by William, age 6, New South Wales, Australia.

"This is a portrait of me running my goats over to their paddock after mum has milked them in the morning."

by Jonah, age 9, New South Wales, Australia.

"This is me as a lego robot."

by Joe, age 8, Newbury, England.

"Hello I'm back again! I'd like to tell you about my photo. 1. Blue ninja is building and playing lego, because that's what I love doing. 2. Black ninja is playing on computer games - I quite like that. 3. The White ninja is jumping on the trampoline just like I like doing. 4. Red ninja is reading in bed. Thank you for reading this.

by Levi, age 11, Far North Queensland, Australia.

"This is a model of me in Lego, as you can see I am rather larger than the other minifigs. I love to build Lego with the colour Red and Blue thats why he has got Red pants and a Blue T-shirt."

by Luke, age 6, Spring Hill, Kansas, USA.

by James, age 7, Spring Hill, Kansas, USA.

"I am wearing a brown sweater and blue jeans. I am chasing a mouse."

by Amethyst, age 9, New Mexico, USA.

"My Lego Self Portrait."

by Stassi, age 9, New South Wales, Australia.

"This is me and my siblings playing in the backyard. I love spending time with my brothers and sister outside and this is me on the swing. Elijah is pushing me. The building in the corner is a club house that we play in."

by Elijah, age 8, New South Wales, Australia.

"This is me walking down the steps from our new house. My sister is already awake playing on the swing. And then I just see my pet dog ‘Sizzle’. Sizzle needs fresh water every day and dog food too."

by Ethan, age 7, New South Wales, Australia.

"I did us living at our new house because I love it there. This is me holding the lead of the dog. I made it out of wool. In front of me there’s a bonfire and behind me there’s a fish pond and a dog kennel for the dog. Our dad is cooking a special lunch on the bbq. He’s cooking fish. The other photo is of what’s inside the house; Elijah, my brother, is on the computer typing out emails to his friends."

by Iris, age 8, Connecticut, USA.

"Self portrait of me opening my mouth very wide!!!"

by Ruben, age 11, Saskatchewan, Canada.

by Joey, age 11, Ohio, USA.

by Caison, age 4, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"This is him riding on his Quad, one of his favorite things to do."

by Jaci, age 5, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"This is Jaci riding her Scooter, which is one of her favorite things to do."

by Damian, age 6, Alberta, Canada.

"This is me sitting and I worked really hard making it."

by Chandler, age 7, USA.

"It is a battle. I'm the ninja captain. We got all the bad guys and claimed the fort. I fight for good and peace."

by Carter, age 5, USA.

"It is a ninja car. I'm in the back and I'm the captain. The car can roll over everything and so can I. I can face any challenge."

by Ashley, age 3, USA.

"It is a moving violation with lots of eyes and flowers. Ashley is always going and likes to be in everything and is a tomboy like her brothers but with flowers!"

by Lochlan, age 5, Canada.

" This is my lego creation. The two L's let you know that it is me."

by Micah, age 7, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

by Moriah, age 5, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

by Rainer, age 8, Pennsylvania, USA.

"That's me in the green shirt in the kitchen with my papa."

by Alden, age 5, Pennsylvania, USA.

"I took riding lessons this year. This is me riding my horse."

by Hunter, age 7, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA.

"These are a bunch of things that I'm interested in and about me. The orange thing in the back is a leukemia awareness ribbon. And there is Bart Simpson, Jack Sparrow, a dog, music, skateboarding, and other things that I like in the picture."

by Ronin, age 5, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA.

"This is a girl reading. I like to read."

by Boden, age 6, Connecticut, USA.

by Zach, age 9, Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

"Self portrait using 2x2 Lego blocks."

by Dominic, age 11, South Australia.

"Dominic is into archery so he made a target with a lego shooter."

by Lucas, age 10, South Australia.

"Lucas is into soccer so he made a soccer field with two teams."

by Gabriel, age 8, New Jersey, USA.

"This is me playing the drums."

by Rachel, age 11, North Carolina, USA.

by Ava, age 6, USA.

"I have a bunny named Cupcake. Sometimes her paw bleeds and we take care of her. I want to be a veterinarian when I grow up."

by Callum, age 12, Japan.

"This is a minifigure of myself. (My beanie is green not black though.)"

by Finnegan, age 8, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

by Keira, age 5, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

by Luke, age 11, Southern New Jersey Shore, USA.

"This odd creation shows two Bionicle Figures playing a game of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitsu. The one on the right lost the round and is really angry. This is actually a symbolic representation. First, I like Bionicles, as expressed in the two figures. The one on the left has ice powers that show I love the snow. The one on the right has shadow powers that show my nightophobia (fear of the dark). The custom Ninjago characters represent my passion for minifig building while the arena shows that I really like Ninjago Sets. The two Bionicle figures are sitting on Heroica Boxes because I am addicted to Heroica games. As a side note, the Bionicle on the right, called Teridax, has Chronic Loser Syndrome or CLS. Despite the fact that he played a usually crippling set of Ninjago Battle Cards, he lost. As if to add insult to injury, Teridax forgot about the card that could have completely prevented his loss because of how upset he was that he lost. The left Bionicle, Avkazot, isn't quite sure what to do because this is the first time he has ever seen Teridax throw a fit. I have been in situations somewhat similar to both Bionicles."

by Xanti, age 11, California, USA.

"This is me building one of my first personal creations, of course, the actual creation was bigger but..."

by Sophie, age 7, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"These are some of my favourite things. A big bowl of popcorn, a turtle, an inchworm, a flower and an ice cream cone."

by Simon, age 9, Saskatchewan, Canada.

by Raymond, age 7, USA.

"This is his face. The black is his hair, the whites are his eyes, the greys are his ears, the green is his nose. He is smiling a very big smile."

by Luke, age 8, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"A self portrait of Luke doing computer technology work."

by Will, age 5, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"A self portrait of Will riding a fast snow sled down a hill."

by Rory, age 8, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

"Rory likes to eat ice cream and fish with his dad."

by Penina, mom of Tal, who is age 12, Southern California.

"I had three ideas, and ended up combining two of them: A picture frame, and a combination of different minifigure heads to represent the many different sides of me (including Momo!). Tal took the photo."