Monday, May 30, 2011

Garden Photos

Here are all your cool designs showing many different types of gardens!

I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every individual creator, designer, architect. You are so innovative and creative, you have at times blown my mind!

LEGO Quest has had the pleasure of inspiring over 400 kids in over 10 countries, all designing together! I will take a leave now, as our warm weather is calling me outside to play with my kids. See you in September!

by Carter, age 11, Milford, Michigan, USA.

by Jaiden, age 9, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Rooftop garden.

by Tom, age 8, Haysville, Kansas, USA.

The hedge guardian {he is the one with 2 heads with white eyes} will
push you out if you do something bad. the flesh eating plant {top
right} will eat you if you do something really supa bad. the greenery
guardian {top left} will sometimes fly around the Garden. the pouncer
(he is the all green being, even his eyes) loves to pounce on things.
He also has a ball of yarn.

by Luke, age 9, North Carolina, USA.

This is a garden with a building, 2 bird feeders on the far left, a cactus sitting on a blue brick, a flower pot beside the cactus, and a security camera on top of the building to look out for invaders because there is hidden gold in the garden building. There is also a white sprinkler that is watering the garden right now.

by Sarah, age 6, North Carolina, USA.

This is a lady’s garden with a white arched entrance. To the right of the entrance is a water bottle holder. In the garden there are flowers and rainbow bricks around it. The lady is walking on a black brick sidewalk and she has a pocketbook in her hand.

by Rachel, age 11, North Carolina, USA.

This is a garden with an arched entrance and a green gate around the entrance. There is a red path that divides the garden into 3 sections. The far left section has swamp plants, the right section has bushes and flowers and the other section has just flowers on the ground.

By Elijah, age 9, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

A flower garden.

by Jason, age 8, Wilmington, North Carolina, USA.

This garden has wheat on one side, lettuce on the other. There is a scarecrow and also a farmer. And it has a sprinkler system.

by Kate, age 6, Wilmington, North Carolina, USA.

A garden with two flowers and an oak tree.

by Nyah, age 8, Utah, USA.

This is the garden in The Secret Garden.

by Austin, age 9, Utah, USA.

It's a garden in a park.

by Lucas, age 9, South Australia.

My garden is a spooky garden.

by Dominic, age 11, South Australia.

My garden is a rich garden, it has a vault.

by Ashley, age 8, Florida, USA.

This is my Lego garden. Some people have weed and feed, plants they're watering, and plants that are supposed to be huge but pea-sized. Sorry Ms. Holly, but you have a dead flower!

by Sasha, age 6, Arkansas, USA.

Ice Garden.

by Malia, age 9 (almost 10), Arkansas, USA.

Community Garden.

by Eliana, age 8, Arkansas, USA.

Fire Garden.

by Micah, age 9 & 1/2, Dutton, Michigan, USA.

This is my farm. The garden has snowpeas and tomatoes growing in it. On the road there is a cherry-picker with a worker fixing the power lines and behind it there is another work truck.

by Jeremiah, age 6, Dutton, Michigan, USA.

In my garden, there are tulips growing on the outside and vegetables growing in the middle row.

by Elise, age 8, Dutton, Michigan, USA.

This is a colorful garden I made.

by Eli, age 6, Los Angeles, California, USA.

This my garden. It is a rooftop garden on the top of a red barn. The farm flooded so the farmers planted on the roof. The helicopter is making sure nobody needs to be rescued.

by Joshua, age 9, London, Ontario, Canada.

Botanical Garden.

by Marley, age 8, New Brunswick, Canada.

Garden with gnome.

Nathan, age 10 and Jonathan, age 7. Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

We made a scene of three gardens. A farm, a raised bed, and a window box. We also built a barn with a rooster on a weathervane and horses underneath. The farmer is pulling a prize-winning carrot from the field, which contains tomatoes, zucchini, and carrots.

by Cassie, age 9, Kennewick, Washington, USA.

I just wanted to make a simple garden with a fountain with a pretty girl sitting on a bench eating an apple. The fountain looks like the one that is at my grandma's house, so that's why I made it.