Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Country Photos

Here are all the cool designs submitted for challenge # 40 - your favourite country.

by Miles, age 6, Olympia, Washington, USA.

This is a spaceneedle and I wish I can go in it. It is a famous USA landmark.

by Addison, age 10, Kansas, USA.

My creation is pizza. I would love to go to Italy so I made pizza since pizza came from Italy.

by Ethan, age 8, South Australia, Australia.

Ayers Rock, Australia.

by Julius, age 7, Newton, Massachusetts, USA.

This is a farm in England. There is a cottage and a black and white cow. The cow has a little shelter. There are woods next to the cottage. Sometimes the cow goes out into the woods and eats the grass and leaves.

by Jason, age 8, Wilmington, North Carolina, USA.

Here is an Eiffel Tower.

by Louis, age 8, Scottish Borders, UK.

The picture is a pyramid full of treasures and represents Egypt one of my favourite countries, which I would love to visit.

by Sarah, age 6, North Carolina, USA.

This is the flag of the United States.

by Luke, age 9, North Carolina, USA.

This represents New York City in the USA. There is the Empire State Building, museums, and the yellow round LEGO is the football stadium for the NY Giants.

by Rachel, age 10, North Carolina, USA.

This is a waterfall on the left side and there is a visitors center in the upper right hand corner. It reminds her of the national parks in the USA.

by Alex, age 5, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Pennsylvania is very special. And Pennsylvania is lots of fun. Pennsylvania is part of United States. That's what USA means: United States of America.

by Nathan, age 10, Cincinati, Ohio, USA.

I created a topographic map of where I was born (marked with the red circle), South Korea.
On the right Is a simplified version of the flag and a bowl of bulgogi, my favorite Korean food.

by Kelsey, age 9, Mirboo North, Australia.

The Australian Aboriginal flag.

by Darcy, age 7, Mirboo North, Australia.

The mummy is going into the pyramid and the tomb robbers are going to steal his gold.

by Megan, age 9, Alabama, USA.

When I think of Canada, I think of lots of snow.

by Chase, age 7 1/2, Alabama, USA.

Pyramids and snakes remind me of Egypt.

by Lucas, age 9, South Australia.

My design is a snow fight and a boy sledding down the hill in New Zealand.

by Dominic, age 11, South Australia.

My design is a kiwi from New Zealand.

by Nicholas, age 12, Connecticut, USA.

This is an World War II Allied air field being bombed by a German Hienkel 111 bomber that is trailing smoke(largest, background left) and its fighter escort, a BF-109E. (on fire, foreground right) they are being attacked by a Lockheed P-38 Lightning, (background, right) a North American P-51D Mustang,(foreground, far right) and a Republic P-47 Thunderbolt.( foreground, center.) there also is an armored car on the ground near the hangar and anti-aircraft guns are scattered at random. This is a mini-scale model.

by Eli age 9, Oklahoma, USA.

This is a taco to represent Mexico. It has ground beef, tomatoes, and lettuce on it.

by Jaden, age 11, Washington State, USA.

This was a very tragic event in America. Terrorists took control of a plane and crashed it into the Twin Towers in New York. Thousands of people were killed. We will continue to pray for the families and for our country.

by Emma, age 12, Massachusetts, USA.

I made the Eiffel Tower because I love France.

by Zac, age, 10, Massachusetts, USA.

I made the Nile River and a pyramid because I love Egypt.

by Gabriel, age 7, New Jersey, USA.

My country is the USA. This is the Revolutionary War. On the top are the Americans. On the bottom are the English. The red and orange barrier in the bottom right corner is on fire. The guy in front of it is dead. The guy with the Indiana Jones hat is a cannon man.

by Victor, age 6, Cambridge, Canada.

My favourite country is Canada. We went to see the mountains on our vacation. This is my mountain and my Lego guy is climbing it. There is snow on the top of it.

by Carolyn, age 7, Cambridge, Canada.

My favourite place is Disney World and it is in the United States. This is the United States flag.

by Ryan, age 5, Missouri, USA.

A guy killed a dear with his gun, and he was camping in the USA.

Michael, age 8, Pasco, Washington, USA.

Here are some people building a restaurant in Mexico. It is a taco restaurant.