Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Vessel Photos

Another great week here at LEGO Quest! We received 16 unique, inspired creations. As you know, the challenge was to design a vessel. The word vessel inspired different ideas from different people. Let's have a look:

Vessel, by Elijah, age 6, Alberta, Canada
This could be for the water or the sky, but only the creator knows for sure. The shape is dynamic and there are so many interesting different pieces of Lego used. I love the propeller (which leads me to believe it's more for the water). Awesome invention, Elijah!

"Vase" by Nathan, age 7, Arizona, USA
Wonderful shallow vessel. This reminds me of the Japanese Ikebana vase. Nicely executed, unique creation, Nathan!

"Just a Glass Cup" by Spencer, age 5, Arizona, USA
I love the retro 1970's colour scheme. I will guess this vessel is half full. Classic interpretation of the word vessel. Nice building, Spencer!

"Sailing vessel" by Rachel, age 12, Pennsylvania, USA
Great water craft creation. I really enjoy the little doorway and window. The bottom of the sailing vessel looks as though it would be underwater from the black deck down, almost ice berg style. Fascinating design, Rachel!

"Airplane" by Esther, age 10, Pennsylvania, USA
This airship reminds me a little of a helicopter with its wingspan on top of the plane. Nice, compact, unique construction. Wonderful interpretation of the word vessel, Esther!

"Hot tub plane" by Sophie age 5. Saskatchewan, Canada
Sophie tells me it's an "airplane with a hot tub on it. The Magma Monster on the front shouts 'All Aboard!'" What a great idea, why couldn't we fly through the air while relaxing in a hot tub? This looks like the perfect flying spa for those worn out Rock Monsters. Very creative, Sophie!

"Crystal Collector" by Simon, age 7, Saskatchewan, Canada
Simon tells me there is "a driver and two people who collect crystals. The crystals are put into the vessel for safe keeping." I spot the little gold vessel bowl holding the crystals. I really like the different heights this machine has and the cool front blasting gizmo. Very nice invention!

by Isaac, age 5, Saskatchewan, Canada.
This is such an amazing fruit bowl! The size is spectacular and seems perfectly fitting for bananas. I love the wide, then narrow construction and the bright, multicoloured design. I definitely want this on my table! So cool, Isaac!

"Hydro Vessels" by G, age 5, Wisconsin, USA
G says "these vessels skim over and into water. The pilot of the left vessel doesn't know that he has a visitor yet - a large Shark is just about ready to pounce. The ship on the right is trying to remove a aqua rock monster that came from an underwater cave - but the Aqua Officer is hanging on for dear life!" What fabulous water vessels these are! I think the action packed story you are telling us about the people and creatures are what make these so extra fun to look at. So imaginative, G!

"Aircraft Vessels" by A, age 6, Wisconsin, USA
A says "these are transport ships to take equipment and people to other planets. One of the ships has been boarded by a Super Battle Droid, but lucky for them, a Clone Trooper is on his way to rescue the gentle passenger. The droids are heading to a droid conference to plan their moves - both in battle and on the dance floor." These look like very complex designs, with lots of little spaces for your creatures. Your story telling is wonderfully rich, and playful and has drawn me into your scene. So creative, A!

"Hydronica" by Ethan, age 8, Saskachewan, Canada
Ethan says “it’s a garbage collecting vessel that collects garbage in the oceans and seas. The scooper can move up and down.” Wow, this is exactly the kind of machine that needs inventing in the real world, since there is so much garbage in our oceans. I really like the scooper and it's arm. It looks like it would glide on the water's surface effortlessly. Great ingenuity, Ethan!

"Vase", by Angus, age 6, Saskatchewan, Canada.
The patterning on the base of this vase is wonderful. I love how the white gives a sense of calm before the pattern is repeated at the top. What fabulous flowers, the colour repetition between the flowers and the lego bricks is terrific! So cool, Angus!

"Wineglass" by Lyn, age 8, Saskatchewan, Canada.
Not only is this a great piece of functional artwork, but it also makes me want to pour my fermented grape juice into it. I wonder if it would leak? Have you tried pouring water into it? A monochromatic vessel. So awesome, Lyn!

"Plutonian hovercraft" by Nico, age 8, Saskatchewan, Canada
Nico say it has a "pop out lid, and is driven by 3 Plutonian alien pilots." This very interesting design looks large and sleek. I love the tank-like construction with hidden alien pilots deep inside. It looks as if it would be an almost silent craft. Perfectly original, Nico!

"Cargo Vessel" by Tal, age 11, Southern California, USA
Tal's Cargo Vessel was created in the LEGO Digital Designer. Tal says this is "a vehicle that travels long distances through space to transport cargo." What a great design. It looks as though it could handle large amounts of cargo and possibly even serve as a landing pad? Fantastic use of interactive media. Thank you, Tal, for introducing me to this wonderful program!

"Vessel of Destruction" by Justan, age 6, Illinois, USA
Justan says "the cannon is used to destroy evil boats. The machine gun under the cannon is half machine gun and half tow rope, used to pull boats closer. The black ninja uses the sled to rescue people on snowy mountains (the boat drops him off next to the mountain). The black ninja used to be the enemy, but he helped one of the crew. They made a deal that he will be good." What a rich story plot. So much is happening on this vessel. I love the rescue sled and all the good that this creation and it's people are doing. Big imagination, Justan!

Thank you LEGO Quest Kids, for your great, inventive, creative submissions!