Monday, February 1, 2010

Monochromatic Photos

Wow, first off, I want to say, I am overwhelmed with the interest in LEGO Quest and delighted that you all are joining in the fun. As you know, LEGO Quest Challenge #2 was to create anything your heart desired in a monochromatic theme. Here they are, 24 entries in total, doubled from last week.

"Red Airplane" ~Spencer, age 5. Arizona, USA
This airplane looks very fast with it's small wings and large flat front. Very imaginative, Spencer!

"The Airplane Jet" ~Nathan, age 7, Arizona, USA
Great use of all the thin, flat long pieces. Makes this Jet seem very aerodynamic. Wonderful invention, Nathan!

Essie, age 10 "alien space ship" Pennsylvania, USA
Essie says there is "an alien inside." This is Essie's first time creating with lego. Wow, what an entrance into Lego you've made. This is a very cool, complex space ship!

Issac, age 8, Pennsylvania, USA
This is a straightforward, smart design. Sleek and uncomplicated, much like some of the best selling cars on the road! Superb composition, Issac!

Rachel, age 12, "cyclops robot" Pennsylvania, USA
This is an extraordinary invention that I wish I could see from all angles. The one window 'eye' is fascinating and draws you into this cool design. Very clever, Rachel!

"Assorted Monochomatic Creations" by Keira, age 3 , Saskatchewan, Canada
Beautiful work, Keira! These look like a combination of interesting creatures and trees. Just wonderful!

"Saltosaurus" by Finnegan, age 6, Saskatchewan, Canada
This is very dinosaur-ish indeed. Great long neck and sturdy, big body. This is one fine Dinosaur Finnegan, way to go!

"a gunner" by Islove, age 3. Ontario, Canada
This interesting, very long design reminds me of a canon. I love the wide, horizontal line this creates. Too cool, Islove!

"Giant" by Faenin, age 4. Ontario, Canada
This creature really does look like a giant. I love that it has eyes on it's legs and two outstretched arms. What a fabulous creation, Faenin!

Lennon, age 9. Ontario, Canada
This interesting shape reminds me of so many things. It's quite sculptural in its form, and has a nice balance to it. This brings to mind a candlestick for that long dark walk down the dungeon halls. Very interesting structure, Lennon!

India, age 4 "Purple Blue-ers", Alberta, Canada
I think I love the title of this creation the most! Nice equal-sided structure with a hint of upward movement. Lovely colour choice, India!

Elijah, age 6, Alberta, Canada
I love how you used all the angle pieces, mostly at the top. It looks like it could be the airplane tower for the interesting craft in the background? Super design, Elijah!

"The Pink Dragon" by Sophie, age 5, Saskatchewan, Canada
This looks like a castle fit for a princess. Perhaps it's a dragon incognito waiting for the princess? Lovely monochromatic theme with the different tones of the same colour. Beautiful sculpture, Sophie!

"White Speed Plane" by Simon, age 7, Saskatchewan, Canada
With the sloping front, this plane does look like it's built for speed. I can see that there are perfect hand grips underneath for flying around the house too. Delightful design, Simon!

"Mars Rocket Ship" by Isaac, age 5, Saskatchewan, Canada
Isaac says, "it travels all around the galaxy and there are red people inside that you can't see." This ship reminds me of The Great Glass Elevator. What a dynamic structure, Isaac. I love knowing there are little red people inside that I can't see.

"Blue Submarine" by G, age 5, Wisconsin, USA
G says, "this submarine goes under water and is driven by a blue manta warrior." I love how this creation looks as if it would slice through the water, with impressive speeds. The Manta Warrior is also smartly camouflaged. Fantastic, G!

by Lyn, age 8, Saskatchewan, Canada
The vertical size alone is amazing! But I mostly love how it reminds me of a Totem pole and being photographed outside really makes it connected to nature. Just wonderful, Lyn!

by Angus, age 6, Saskatchewan, Canada
The structure has impressive height and a neat variety of look through spaces, that seem situated for your eyes. Great architectural approach, Angus!

"Spider Slinger" by Nico, age 8. Saskatchewan, Canada
He says it's "a hydroplane with fold-able side wings." I love that the wings can fold down, to get into those tiny places. This looks like a sturdy, compact design. Very impressive, Nico!

Tal, age 11. "Brick Wall" California, USA
The engineering of this structure is very impressive! The composition is beautifully balanced, with repetition. Outstanding, Tal!

"Snow Hover Craft" by A, age 6, Wisconsin, USA
A says it "holds a snowtrooper commander, and is camouflaged in the snow". I would love to see this guy in the snow! Actually, I wouldn't be able to see him, amazing camouflage. Love the use of the arches, brings in interesting architectural elements. Excellent invention, A!

"Sled Video 60" by Justan, age 6. Illinois, USA
He tells me that it "flies and has skis for the snow or water. The video camera is for recording weird things happening." What a great multi-task vehicle this is! Snow and water AND the ability to film while it's moving. Reminds me of the Google Maps cars they have roaming about. Terrific invention, Justan!

"black super hero boat" Noah, age 9, Saskatchewan, Canada
Noah says it has a "wheel propeller, and not seen in the picture are a little black super hero with black hair (sitting inside) and a camera designed underneath the boat for underwater pictures." What a complex construction this is. I love all the hidden details. Great imagination, Noah!

"Home in Red" Michaela, age 11, Saskatchewan, Canada
Michaela says the "interior has a bed, a table with bread pieces on it and a hat rack, complete with hanging hat." What a marvelous 3 dimensional space you created here! Makes me want to jump inside. Love the coat rack with hat!

What a bunch of creative, imaginative, innovative people you are! Stay tuned for LEGO Quest #3.