Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Olympic Event Photos

On Monday I asked you all to consider your favorite Olympic moment or event. You might want to sit down, not because there are 146 creations to see, but because some of them will blow your mind!

by Liam, age 6, Darwin, Australia. 

"I built Usain Bolt winning the 100m sprint."

by Clementine, age 6, Toronto, Canada.

"This shows a gymnastics event. The people hanging in the air are trampoliners. The others are doing pommel horse and balance beam. The Queen is watching from the Royal Box (the fenced off area in the stands) with her bodyguards. The medals are waiting to be presented, and the big trophy will go to the gold medal winner (even though it's silver)."

by Judah, age 11, Pennsylvania, USA.

"The reason I built this is because when I saw the Olympic Slalom Canoeing I was fascinated by it."

by Kabir, age 5, Tupelo, Mississippi, USA.

"I picked weight-lifting because it was the easiest."

by Sophie, age 8, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"Synchronized Swimming."

by Gabriel, age 10, Dallas, Texas, USA.

"This is a replica of the Olympic sport Diving."

by Joe, age 8, London, England.

'This person has already won five gold medals, let's see if she can win another..!"

by Luis, age 8, London, England.

 "London 2012 Olympics gymnastics - my favourite sport!"

by Russell, age 9, Mountain Rest, South Carolina, USA.

"This is a creation of archery. I had all the pieces I needed. I love archery and Legos. I am wondering if you could build a Lego creation too? I would love to see it. It doesn't matter if you are good or not. Everyone can make a Lego creation no matter how old or young. Everyone can make a difference if they try. You may not believe in yourself but everyone has a heart."

by Gabriel, age 8, New Jersey, USA.

"In the back is the balance beam. On the side is the discus thrower. And in front of the balance beam is the hurdler."

by Julian, age 9, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

"I didn't watch the Olympics, but I like archery so I made a model of it. I wanted to make an extra one, so I made the pole vault."

by Alli, age 7, Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

"I made the Olympic rings for the opening ceremonies. This is my second attempt. The first didn't work." 

by Jesse, age 8, and Porter, age 5, Kennewick, Washington,  USA.

"Soccer is our favorite sport to play."

by Harker, age 7, Kennewick, Washington, USA.

"I made a wrestling creation."

by Adriel, age 7 and Raphael, age 5, France.

"Springboard diving and award ceremony."

by Logan, age 6, Falkirk, Scotland.

"This is my model of the Olympic boxing. I loved the Olympics and made models of lots of the events, but this one is my favourite."

by Kevin, age 11, Midlothian, Virginia, USA.

"Olympic Dive Team."

by Emily, California, USA.

"I got the idea because i play tennis."

by Ryan, age 7, Connecticut, USA.

"My favorite Olympic event is canoeing!"

by Simon, age 9, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"Discus Throw."

by Brayden, age 10, Nampa, Idaho, USA.

"This shooting range has top security, full loaded guns, and a perfect targeting system."

by Jedd, age 7, South Australia.

"Target shooting."

by Damian, age 7, Alberta, Canada.  

"Diving was my favourite olympic sport. It took a long time to build, but it was fun!"

by Tyler, age 6, Tennessee, USA.

"This is my gymnastics people. One is getting ready for pommel horse and the other is on bars."

by Oliver, age 6, Ottawa, Illinois, USA.

"Swimming is my favorite sport."

by Isaac, age 11 and Connor, age 7, New Hampshire, USA.    

"My brother and I worked together to create an archery Lego guy. Connor worked on the top of the guy and the bow & arrow and I worked on his legs and helped finish the bow & arrow (so the guy could hold it)."

by Matthew, age 9, Rockford, Illinois, USA.

"Boxing ring."

by Katie, age 9, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

"I love gymnastics. Bar gymnastics is my favorite. I also like floor."

by Cooper, age 7, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

"Diving was my favorite event to watch at the summer Olympics, so it inspired me to make this Lego diver."

by Juliana, age 7.

"A soccer player and ball."

by Samantha, age 12, La Quinta, California, USA.   

“As you can see Michael Phelps is in the lead!”

by Shane, age 9,  La Quinta, California, USA.  

"Mens Cycling."

Olivia, age 11, La Quinta, California, USA.   

“US Women’s Gymnastics team going for the Gold!”

by Daniel, age 7, Texas, USA.

by Charlotte, age 8 and Harry, age 4, Reading, UK.  

"The Olympians swimming being watched by a gold medalist."

by Sebastian, age 8, Guelph, Ontario, Canada. 

" I made Star Wars guys playing soccer. The bad guys are on one team - The Empire. The Jedi are on the other team - The Republic. I picked soccer because it's my favourite sport."

by Mary, age 10, USA. 

"Table Tennis!"

by Jackson, age 8. 


by Lucy, age 7, Stone Mountain, Georgia, USA. 

"Equestrian event with jumps. Notice the horse in the midst of a castle jump and the lady riding through the finish gate."

by Lucy, age 7 and Kimba, age 41, Stone Mountain, Georgia, USA. 

"So fascinated by synchronized swimming they just had to make a design that celebrated it."

by William, age 8, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

"I liked watching sand volleyball with my family."

by Tate, age 6, Canada. 

"Showcasing the Olympic sport of swimming!"

by Zac, age 11, Massachusetts, USA.  

"This is a picture of archery. There is an arrow that got an eagle's eye and Robin Hood is about to do a 'Robin Hoo' (split the arrow in the apple)."

by Owen, age 6, Minnesota, USA. 

"These are the swimmers from the olympics."

by Freya, age 4, Minnesota, USA.

"This is rhythmic gymnastics."

by Emily, age 5, Saskatchewan, Canada. 

"A game of soccer in the Olympics with nets and a ball."

by Zoe, age 14, Saskatchewan, Canada. 


by Maximillian, age 12, Saskatchewan, Canada. 

"Decathlon, with a score keeper in the corner, watched by a crowd in the back."

by Isaac, age 12, Saskatchewan, Canada. 

"Lord of the Rings & Hunger Games Lego guys face off in some of my favorite Olympic sports."

by Ronan, age 11, Saskatchewan, Canada. 

"This is the Vault."

by Alex, age 7, Illinois, USA.

"These are three different Olympic events. The one on the left is shooting at a target. The one in the middle is gymnastics. The one on the right is swimming."

by James, age 10, Illinois, USA.

"I chose gymnastics that includes the bars, the rings, the hobble horse, and floor exercises."

by Aidan, age 5, Illinois, USA.  

"My lego guy is in the shooting competition."

by Truman, Jinhae, South Korea.

"I really like watching discus. (how do they throw that!?) I don't have any lego city minifigures so i used my lego space figures for the scene."

by Daniel, age 7, Alexandria, Virginia, USA.


by Jens, age 11, Tallinn, Estonia.   

"Here is picture of Men's greco-roman wrestling final: Heiki Nabi from Estonia (Blue) vs Mijain Lopez Nunez from Cuba (Red). Estonian got a silver medal and it was the best medal our country got from these Olympics."

by Eli, age 11, Old Hickory, Tennessee, USA.  

"This is a scene showing the running part of the Olympics. The man with the blue streaks behind him is obviously a superhero. The runner that fell on his face tripped on a rock. And the man in last place, might pass the guy that fell on his face."

by Sam, age 9. Old Hickory, Tennessee, USA. 

"As you can see, there's Robin Hood and Archer Dude. You can see that Archer Dude is amazed that Robin Hood is competing in the Olympics. So Archer Dude is not really looking where he has to shoot. Robin Hood knows exactly where he has to shoot."

by Connor, age 10.


by Bethany, age 8.

"Horse Jumping."

by Soren, age 8, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

"Fencing, and a lunge for the point."

by Micah, age 8, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

"Synchronized diving: they dive and turn at the same time. One diver is ready and the other is still climbing the stairs."

 by Elijah, age 9, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

"Swimming and Michael Phelps is in the lead."

by Isaac, age 10, Ohio, USA. 

"Although I enjoyed every single event, I think my favorite event was swimming and watching close races between Lochte and Phelps, and just watching Olympics period!"

by Roo, age 11, UK.

"We really enjoyed the weightlifting, we were all pretty gobsmacked! Here you can see a competitor, and a judge at his desk with lots of panels/screens etc."

by Becca, age 13, Missouri, USA. 

"The hardest part to make was the swimming lanes."

by Gracie, age 7, Missouri, USA. 

"The second guy is anxious to win!"

by Dominic, age 7, Southern California, USA. 

"Sailboat from the Olympics."

by Sarah, age 5, Virginia, USA. 

"This is a gymnast beginning her routine on the balance beam."

by Isaiah, age 7, Virginia, USA. 

"This is an Olympian from the USA performing the pole vault."

by Hunter, age 6, Canberra, Australia.

"Pole vault is good because Steve Hooker did it!"

by Marshall, age 9, Canberra, Australia.   

"Swimming. I liked this event but it was very fun and exciting and I’m happy that Australia got a gold medal."

by Corinne, age 8, Ohio, USA. 

"I really enjoyed watching the gymnastics!"

by Simone, age 6, Ohio, USA.

"I like watching the high-divers go under water after they jump off the high-dive."

by James, age 6, Sydney, Australia. 

"He chose to build a weight lifter for this challenge. The weight lifter is lifting 215 kgs."

by Preston, age 9, Riverton, Utah, USA.   

"I chose water polo because I think it is a fun sport. I used my Harry Potter people and Lego Star Wars people for the match and included a score board."

by Hunter, age 8, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA.

"My favorite thing to watch on the Olympics was the Women's Gymnastics."

by Christopher, age 11, Charleston,  South Carolina, USA. 

"A fencing scene with light sabers (star wars) A lot of cameo appearances in the background. My personal fav is lord garmadon and his son Lloyd from ninjago Fighting around the Olympic torch."

by Anneliese, age 7, Charleston, South Carolina, USA.

"Olympic gymnastics. Bars."

by Mary Rose, age 5, Charleston, South Carolina, USA. 

"Olympic gymnastics balance beam."

by Ethan, age 6, Minnesota, USA. 

"I liked watching the swimmers and my brother helped me build this."

by Haydn, age 9, Minnesota, USA. 

"My favorite olympic sport was soccer. I made a red team and a blue team with fans sitting in the bleachers."

by Conner, age 8, USA.

"Men's Marathon."

by Lochlan, age 6, Waldheim, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"I made the olympics biking race. The guy riding his bike is very fast and he is almost at the finish line. He is from a very weird country called Putha-putha. When he wins he will win the little red mushroom in the picture."

by Tyler, age, Wentzville, Missouri, USA.

"Droid Gymnastics."

by Nathan, age 12 and Jonathan, age 8, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

"We made the Olympic pool in our sink. With a swimmer's stand and lap lanes, this pool's ready for any aspiring Lego."

by Paulina, age 6, Leah, age 4 and mom Christine, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

"Collaboration -  One on one basketball game."

by Rory, age 9,  Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

"Hockey rink with mini figure players. Look for the puck on the white tile in the middle."

by Parker, age 8,Georgia, USA.

"I created my favorite Olympic event, which was pole vaulting."

by Joseph, age 6 and Dominic, age 4, New South Wales, Australia. 

"This is the athletics from the ParaOlympics. They were racing fast on their wheelchairs. We liked watching the Australians win!"

by James, age 7, Massachusetts, USA.

"Lego diving."

by Dylan, age 6, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.   

"This is my lego creation of the Olympic Diving."

by Robert, age 11, Georgia, USA. 

"Tae Kwon Do."

by Alexzandrya, age 12, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.  

I love the Olympics! Some of my favorite events are what I have built... Pole vault, 100m sprint, torch relay, cycling, equestrian, uneven bars, and balance beam."

by Jonah, age 9, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.  

It was just to hard to pick one Olympic event that was my favorite so I made.... javelin, fencing, wrestling, volley ball, weight lifting, swimming, archery, and boxing!"

by Julian, age 10, Toronto, Canada. 

 "This is an Olympic medal ceremony. Canada won gold, Italy won silver, and USA won bronze."

by Nick, age 8, Georgia, USA. 

"Pole Vaulting."

by Andrew, age 5, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.  

"It looks cool. I love it. Made from Andrew."

by Paulina, age 6, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

"Acrobatics of the Olympic rings."

by Josh, age 6, Utah, USA.  

"I created an arena with fencing, boxing, wrestling, and judo."

by Jael, age 9, Tennessee, USA.

"Men's Pommel Horse (plus man with chalk)."

by Micah, age 11, Tennessee, USA.

"Women's Vault (plus gymnast with chalk)."

by Joshua, age 7, Tennessee, USA.

"High Dive Olympic Sport."

by Rachel, age 12, North Carolina, USA. 

“This is archery which I love, but I didn’t get to see any of this event on TV.” I made a “London 2012” sign for it and there are stands for the audience and the blue building is a concession stand.”

by Luke, age 10 and Sarah, age 8, North Carolina, USA. 

“This is an equestrian event which we worked on together.”

by Koen, age 3, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. 

"This is a Olympic Soccer game. The teams are USA vs. China. The score is 3 to 2 and USA is going to win. (Goals are made from Lego Hero Factory pieces. The ball is a thornax launcher ball with the spikes missing.)"

by Korbii, age 7, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA.   

"This is an Olympic swim race. The swimmers dove from the starting blocks and are swimming one lap of freestyle. The teams are USA (black), Australia (white), and China (red). All teams are being cheered for by their friends/team mates at the end of the lane. As you can see USA is in the lead!!!!"

by Alice, age 10.  


by Charlie, age 8, Blue Mountains,  New South Wales, Australia. 

"The event is Archery."

by Saurus, age 15, UK.

"This is a victory podium but the mixed sports represent the different countries & where they ended in the medals table over all."

by Christopher, age 7, Texas, USA.


by Jamie, age 7,  Japan. 

"I made six different creations and then I chose my favourite to send to you. I really like this pole vaulter."

by Bennett, age 7, Birmingham, Alabama, USA. 

"The event is the high bar in gymnastics. He won the Olympic Torch because he was the best in the entire Olympics."

by Nick, age 9, Athens, Alabama, USA.

"This is Nick’s creation of an Equestrian event."

by Cassandra, age 3.5 and Alexander, age 5.5, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

by David, Age 8, Ontario, Canada.

"I enjoyed watching the Olympic divers."

by Julius, age 7, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

"Tennis (Julius is holding the ball)."

by Willem, age 7, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


by Diana, age 9, Woodland, California, USA.  

"My Olympic cauldron. Pants make good hinge pieces."

by Alex,  age 9, South Carolina, USA.

"Olympic Boxing  GO USA!"

by Joah, age 8, Woburn, Massachusetts, USA.

by Micah, age 7, Woburn, Massachusetts, USA. 


by AJ, age 8, Rochester, New York, USA.

"BMX- The Best Olympic Track Ever Track included start ramp and finish line, many ramps and jumps, wide turns and the Olympic torch."

by Marley, age 9.

"Marley picked aquatics as he loves to swim."

by Tansy, age 7.

"Tansy likes to watch track and field competitions."

by Agnes, age 5.


by John Paul, age 7.


by Brydger, age 10, Williamsburg, Virginia, USA.

"My favorite Olympic moment was when Michael Phelps was awarded the most decorated Olympian in the world. My creation is Michael Phelps swimming."

by Raymond, age 7, Florida, USA.

"He enjoyed athletics, swimming, equestrian events and he decided to portray high jump. The athlete in blue is clearing the bar to fall on the purple Locktagon cushion. The judge-and-announcer is watching from his desk with his computer and microphone and the cameras are beside him."

by Grace, age 5, Maine, USA.

"This is a trampoliner."

by Sal, age 8, Michigan, USA.

"The goalies are blocking their goals while a player tries to score. The Referee is trying to break up two players." 

by Ari, age 11, Nashville, Tennessee, USA.   

"My favorite event during the Olympics was the gymnastic bars."

by Lauren, age 5, Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

"My favorite event during the Olympics was fencing."

By Emily, age 10, Bradenton, Florida, USA.    

"It's a girl on the high bar, doing gymnastics in front of an audience."

by Samuel, age 8,  Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.  

"A guy in a monkey suit, a rock star and a skeleton (with no arms) in a hurdle race."

by Ethan, age 9, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA.

"I chose Aquatics because I thought it would fit my level of skill. The swimmer is surrounded by water."

by Daniel, age 9.

"Table Tennis."

by Julius, age 8, Newton, Massachusetts, USA.  

"I got the minifigures in Legoland Windsor, England and in Heathrow Airport this summer. They are really special to me. This is the end of a boxing match, when the referee holds up the winner's hand. Do you notice that one of the boxers has boxing gloves, one has a face guard, and they both have gold medals."

by Alex, age 7, Trenton, Missouri, USA.

"These guys are playing Archery. I like archery. It's my favorite kind of weapon."

by Noah, age 6. 

"TaeKwonDo lego style!"

by  Ethan, age 8, California, USA.

"I created this quadra-thon event. From left to right: hurdles, javelin throw, water polo and canoeing."

by Evan, age 6, California, USA.

"Kayaking and Diving."

by David, age 7, Menlo Park, California, USA. 

"I chose to do swimming. The blue boards on top of each person are for water splashes. I couldn't find the pieces for a medal so I made a trophy instead."

by Haley, age 7, Australia. 

"My favourite olympic sport is show jumping."

by Rory, age 9, Australia.

"My lego build is from the opening ceremony showing the industrial revolution - see the smokestack?"

by Jack, age 11, Australia.

"My lego build is from the slalom canoeing, my favourite sport."

by Isaac, age 7, Maine, USA.

"I couldn't decide on just one so I made fencers, a weight lifter, a swimmer, and a trampoliner."