Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Food Photos

Below are all the super cool designs created for make your favourite food challenge.

by Jemilla, age 8, Hong Kong.

"Ice cream is my favourite food, and cookies-and-cream is one of my favourite flavours!"

by Mina, age 11, Cairo, Egypt.

"I made some cherries, a sunny side up egg, and an apple."

by Ossama, age 9, Cairo, Egypt.

"I made a pizza with cheese, mushrooms and black olives."

by Maryam, age 8, Cairo, Egypt.

"This is a plate of fruit with a plum, a slice of watermelon, an apple and a banana."

by Emi, age 6, Figanieres, France.

"This is a carrot. There is a cow eating the top of a carrot. There is a pink pig eating a carrot. And there is a man eating a carrot, too!"

by Bryn, age 8, Figanières, France.

"This is a picnic of 2 people eating their lunch. They are eating corn on the cob and a very colorful salad."

by Lily, age 7, Tennessee, USA.

"It is a pineapple that looks so yummy that I wanted to eat it and I did!"

by River, age 9, Tennessee, USA.

"I made a Granny Smith apple and I learned about apples in school. The top is a stem and the bottom is the apple. Inside is hollow because it is a LEGO."

by Carolyn, age 7, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.

"Roasted chicken, sandwich, french fries, soup and dipping sauce for the french fries."

by Victor, age 5, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.

"Back (l-r): Sandwich, rice soup and french fries; Front: chicken leg."

by Ivor, age 3 and Preston, age 2, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.

"Back (l-r): French Fries, Sandwich & Chicken leg (forefront)."

by Eli, age 8, Oklahoma, USA.

"This is a mango."

by Sarah, age 4, Oklahoma, USA.

"This is a strawberry."

by Lyric, age 7, Oklahoma, USA.


by Mikey, age 8, Kennewick, Washington, USA.

"His restaurant has a special feature, it is the speaker behind the patron’s head, they just push a button and order what they want and the waiter brings it right to them, in under 3 minutes!"

by "G", age 7, New Jersey, USA.

"My favorite food is shrimp sushi. The white dish with the black in it is the soy sauce dish. I'm using chopsticks to pick it up. I don't know how to hold them so I use a special holder."

by Finn, age 6, Richland, Washington, USA.

"Here is a picture of my lunch! It is a pb & j sandwich and slice of watermelon and a pineapple."

by Aaron, age 6, Tucson, Arizona, USA.

"This is a salad with Caesar dressing and tomatoes. It is my favorite food."

by Carter, age 11, Milford, Michigan, USA.

by Thaliya, age 7, Makwa, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"This is an apple."

by Hunter, age 10, Makwa, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"This is a hotdog, with a bottle of ketchup and an apple."

by Bridger, age 8, Kansas, USA.


by Gareth, age 10, Kansas, USA.

"It's a banana."

by Joshua, age 10, Ohio, USA.

"This is my lego creation of a burger, ice cream and fries."

by Mason, age 7, Princeton, New Jersey, USA.

"Macaroni and Cheese."

by Katie, age 5, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

"Candy Cane on wheels."

by Brayden, age 9, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

"Bacon, Eggs and Hashbrowns."

by Rose, age 9, Victoria, Australia.

"This is a slice of pavlova with passionfruit on top. It is served with a delicious fruit salad of watermelon, grapes, strawberries, mango and blueberries. I love my deserts that's where my inspiration came from."

by Violet, age 7, Victoria, Australia.

"This is a birthday picnic. The cake has 4 candles. There are honey joys in patty cases, a big slice of watermellon and juice primas with attatchable straws."

by Austyn age 7, and Zoe age 5, Alberta, Canada.

"Austyn made a roast chicken with a lettuce salad and Zoe made a big sandwich."

by Faith, age 6, Figtree, New South Wales, Australia.

"Tomato & Cheese Sandwich."

by Isaac, age 10, Figtree New South Wales, Australia.


by Lauren, age 10, New South Wales, Australia.

"3 course meal – an entree of blue vein cheese, crackers and cheese knife; main of pizza with mushroom, meat, pineapple, cheese, vegetables, pepper and sauce, and a glass of water; and dessert of jam tart with a blueberry on top. Yum!"

by Jason, age 8, Wilmington, North Carolina, USA.

"Strawberry in a basket."

by Marley, age 8, Pelerin, New Brunswick, Canada.

"Scrambled eggs and a piece of toast. A fork too."

by Tansy, age 5, Pelerin, New Brunswick, Canada.

"Peanut butter sandwich."

by Lonan, age 10, Melbourne, Australia.

"I made a cake. It has my name on it and 9 candles."

by Moriah, age 5, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"Willie Scott and her husband are having a movie night. They are eating popcorn, macaroni and juice."

by Micah, age 6, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"I made doughnuts. The rectangle doughnut is called the bar doughnut. The circle one has sprinkles on it."

by Cody, age 7, London, Ontario, Canada.

"This my burger meal. It has a burger and peas and corn. On the burger there is mustard and ketchup. Good thing we don't have to clean the dishes!!"

by Lucy, age 6, Stone Mountain, Georgia, USA.

"She is about to chow down on her cupcakes. She felt that the guests needed more than just cake for the party."

by Taran age 9 and Lucy age 6, Stone Mountain, Georgia, USA.

"They are about to eat the cake they baked out of duplos (apparently, you get larger slices if you use this size lego ;) - notice the 4 tiers (or layers) and the large, lit candles on the top."

by Jack, age 6, New Jersey, USA.

"This is a sandwich. It has ketchup and a pickle. I am cutting it in half with a laser knife."

by Tom, age 8, Wichita, Kansas, USA.

"This is an ice cream cone."

by Zadok, age 10, Delaware, Ohio, USA.

"I love chocolate donuts with frosting! It's my favorite, and I didn't think that many people would pick this."

by Elijah, age 9, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

"Here is a soda, hot dog, hamburger, fries and ketchup."

by Sam, age 8, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

"My favorite food is blue cotton candy. In this picture the lady is making cotton candy and the man is waiting for his."

by Sarah, age 6, North Carolina, USA.

"This is an apple."

by Luke, age 9, North Carolina, USA.

"This birthday cake reminds me of my first birthday."

by Rachel, age 10, North Carolina, USA.

"There is a spoon on the right, a plate of mashed potatoes in the middle, and in the back of the photo is a cake with white icing, colored sprinkles and a candle in the middle."

by Gerrick, age 7, Tennessee, USA.

"He made french fries, a juice box, and a chili pepper."

by Ashley, age 7, Florida, USA.

"The Delicious Diner is yummy! There is a drive-thru and the specialty is hamburgers and cheeseburgers. Indy and Harry are eating a thick cheeseburger (right). Malfoy and Diane are eating a thin hamburger (center). Oliver and Satipo are having a salad (front left). Grumpy is ordering a thick cheeseburger (back left). Madame Hooch is taking a drive-thru order. The girl on the right is making a delivery with a cart. The boom box is playing rap music. I would like to eat here. Wouldn't you?"

by Hunter, age 7, Murfeesboro, Tennessee, USA.

"In the cup is some milk. In the bowl is yogurt, a blueberry, and a strawberry. On the plate is mixed vegetables (peas, carrots, corn), a piece of our Ridiculous Chocolate, two slices of cheese, celery sticks, and red bell pepper slices."

by Tait, age 6, Laurel, Maryland, USA.

"It is a giant banana. The Darth Vadar, he cuts the banana with a light saber. George wants to eat the banana."

by Rory, age 7, Laurel, Maryland, USA.

"The Star Wars characters are at Thanksgiving. The flat planks are bacon and the round things are turkey. There is a turkey delivery system on the left and a turkey baking machine on the right. I had to extend the table to make it long enough."

by Lucas, age 9, Adelaide, South Australia.

"I made a vege pattie, chips, peas and lettuce."

by Dominic, age 10, Adelaide, South Australia.

"I made a burger, chicken drumstick and lettuce."