Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Favourite Song Photos

by Nathan, age 10 and Jonathan, age 7, Cincinnati Ohio, USA

"We made a string quartet in four different seasons for the Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi.

In spring there are flowers, a dog, the spring tree, and the 1st violinist.
In summer the are ants crawling across the ground, leafy plants, the summer tree and the 2nd violinist.
In fall there is a leaf pile, the fall tree, and the violist.
And finally in winter, snow on the ground, a snowman, the bare winter tree, and the cellist.

All of the musicians are kept in time by the conductor, standing on the platform in front.
If you want to hear a sample of the Four Seasons, go here.

This is a wonderfully rich, sophisticated scene you both created using LEGO Digital Designer. I love that you showed the orchestra with conductor as a whole scene and then broke it down further by designing each individual 'season' to visually interpret each piece of music. Amazing collaboration!

by Chris, age 12, Kennewick, Washington, USA.

"I first heard this song when we went to a Sanctus Real concert. It was my favorite of all the ones they did. The song is about a Dad who knows that his family needs him to lead them, but he can't do it alone, so he asks God to help."

I really love this amazing scene of Sanctus Real in concert! There are so many sophisticated elements to this creation. The lights, the amplifiers, all the band members and their instruments. Wow!

by Ella, age 9, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA.

"This is Taylor Swift giving a concert."

Great concert scene. I love that you made her initials on the side of the stage. This is made more exciting because you added a big crowd enjoying her music in the bleachers.

by Phoenix, age 9, USA.

"It is a punk rock concert. NOFX ."

Amazing creation made with LEGO Digital Designer. Great stage design, I love the band members and all their instruments. I think it's so cool you showed people eating pizza while listening to the concert.

by Jayden, age 10, Freehold, New Jersey, USA.

"8 bit Mario guys. The Mario music Theme song inspired him. He even showed me a guy playing the Mario music on piano on youtube that is amazing."

Unbelievable 8 bit LEGO creations! This is a completely different way of thinking about design. You've got every fantastic Mario character represented here, I can almost hear the theme music!

by Jaden, age 10, West Richland, Washington, USA.

"I like 'futuristic' music. In this scene there are some goofy dancers. Yoda is boogying, a robot is doing the 'robot dance', an alien is looking at the disco ball, an astronaut is doing the 'moon-walk' (back left), a future man is doing the splits, and ... a policeman is dancing?!? (back right)."

This is an awesome dance party. Every mini figure is showing their best moves. I really love your disco ball design.

by Moriah, age 4, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"My favourite song is "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid."

Wonderful blue ocean shown with the blue building platform. I love the crystal inside the clam shell beside the Little Mermaid.

by Micah, age 6, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"This Lego rock band is playing the music from Lego Star Wars."

I love the pieces you used for microphones and your drum design is so cool! Great creation.

by Jeffery, age 11, Torrington, Wyoming, USA.

"21 Guns by GreenDay. The 7 mini figures signify 7 soldiers who will shoot 3 times for the 21 gun salute. The cracked Liberty Bell is in the background but he just included it because he thought it looked cool. It is his favorite song."

Wow, your liberty bell design is so awesome! You've created the shape exactly. Great interpretation you've done creating a scene of surrender, the 21 gun salute. Perfectly fitting to this song.

by Julius, age 7, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

"I made this Beatles sign. As you can see, it has a harmonica on it. My favorite song is "From Me to You," by the Beatles. There is a harmonica part in it."

Fabulous! I love the sign made totally of studs and the harmonica design is very smart. Cool addition having you playing your harmonica in the photo too!

by Joshua, age 9, London, Ontario, Canada.

"He has called it 'Ultimate Battle' and it was inspired by the Star Wars theme song written by John Williams because he "loves Star Wars!"

This is a very intense scene! I wish I could see it much larger, there is so much detail and tons going on. The fortress looks so secure and guarded, but the soldiers coming at it seem mighty powerful! Amazing battle creation.

by Fin, age 5, Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

"The song was 'In a Cabin in a Wood'. There is a rabbit hopping by the cabin and the little man is in the cabin."

In a cabin in a wood
A little man by the window stood
Saw a rabbit hopping by
Knocking at his door
Help me help me help me he said
Or the hunter will bop my head
Come little rabbit , come with me
Happy you will be.

I really love the way you made your rabbit, and the cabin design is a very interesting structure. The perfect scene to accompany those lyrics.

by Jack, age 6, Ewing, New Jersey, USA.

"This is a band with instruments. The first one is a singer. The middle one is playing a washboard. The last one is playing drums. They are making music for the cars going by."

Fantastic roadside stage! I love all the uniquely designed instruments. The drums and symbols are super cool!

by Cody, age 9, San Diego California, USA.

"The song is NUMB by Family Force Five. It is a song about dancing. This is a dance floor with all kinds of people dancing."

I love the variety of dancing I see on this dance floor! I especially love the break dancer on his head. This scene has a real party atmosphere!

by Ryan, age 5, Southwest Missouri, USA.

"Fave song: "Boomin'" by tobyMac. When listening to this song, Ryan loves to play 'air guitar.' He created the neck of a guitar, including tuning knobs."

Genius guitar design. I love the frets and turning keys! What a great idea to create a guitar since you love playing air guitar!

by Joelle, age 3, Tucson, Arizona, USA

"This lion is singing my favorite worship song, "One Way, Jesus".

This looks like the lion on top of a cliff from The Lion King. Very nice structure.

by Aaron, age 6, Tucson, Arizona, USA.

"This brown box is a robot that is singing a happy country music song for fun."

Very interesting robot box. I like that you imagine it singing a happy country music song.

by Noah, age 9, South Texas, USA.

"Tick tick Boom by The Hives."

I love the fire blasting out of his gun. I'm not sure what he's shooting, could it be a bomb...tick, tick...BOOM!

by Caitlyn, age 5, South Texas, USA.

"Big House by Audio Adrenaline."

Your creation is showing the key elements of your song. This design hints at the idea of a big house and the girl being shown it by the boy. Nice work.

by Cassandra, age 9, Selah, Washington, USA.

"Round and Round by Selena Gomez and the Scene can be found here. Per Cassandra's request I took several photos to highlight the 'aroundness' of her project. This was with out a doubt, one of the most fun projects."

This design does indeed show like an in the round sculpture. Interesting things happening from all angles. I love that this photo was taken from high atop the staircase, that poor dude is falling!

by Austyn, age 7, Alberta, Canada.

"Song: So What by Pink. It is a fun song to sing and my Lego creation reminds me of it because it is fun, colourful, and twisting."

I love that you interpreted your song choice by making a creation that shows how you feel while you listen to your song. Wonderful creation!

by Seth, age 10 and Nathanael, age 11, Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada.

The song they chose was, “Monster”, by Skillet. They thought the Lego Rock Monsters were just perfect for the design! Here is their description:

“The Rock Monsters and Yoda, worked great for the ‘Monster’ from the title of the song. The security guards in the front are trying to keep Yoda and the Rock monsters from escaping the concert. Notice, one of the security guards got hit by the bars that Yoda threw off!”

Great scene! I love the sign, and the stage with the two giant scary monsters. The band looks super cool, each with their own instruments and yoda breaking out of his cage is very intense! Great collaborative work guys!

by Megan, age 8 and Chase, age 7, Chelsea, Alabama, USA.

"The song we chose was "Dynamite" Kidz Bop version. We created a stage with singers and a dance floor with people doing the cha cha."

Wonderful party scene! I love the stage with the performers and the dancers out front. I really also like your stage lights of different colors.

by Eli, age 8, Oklahoma, USA.

"I made a Lego rock band because I like rock."

Great rock band in concert scene! I love the exploding fire at the front of the stage, it's like a great light show!

by Nathan, age 8.5, Arizona, USA.

"This is dynamite. It makes me think of the song "Dynamite" (by Taio Cruz). I like that song because it's fun to dance to and sing to."

I like that you designed an object that is the title of the song. Red is the perfect color for dynamite!

by Spencer, age 6.5, Arizona, USA.

"This is a billion dollar bill, because I like the song "I Wanna Be a Billionaire" (by Travis McCoy). I like that song because I want to have enough money to buy all the LEGO sets, even the ones that are like a hundred dollars! And video games. And toys."

That's what a billion dollar bill looks like! Wow. Great, streamline design, perfectly suited to the song.

by Jay, age 9, Vaud Canton, Switzerland.

"This picture is supposed to go with the song "Yellow Submarine".There's two divers in the sub, they have a parrot and a pet monkey--the monkey has special diving gear. The blue line is the surface of the water, a dozen miles up. There's a third person diving and he's checkingout a new type of fish, sea star and sea urchin. There's a purple box jellyfish, and a white fish being eaten by a shark and the red blocks around the shark is blood. There's a new species of red fish to camouflage in the blood to not be eaten himself. There's also a sunken pirate boat full of priceless treasure and two monsters from Atlantis--they serve the great Greek god Poseidon and they're spying on the diver."

Whoa! What an amazing scene. There are so many interesting features I encourage our readers to click on the image to enlarge it. I really love that you used modelling clay to make so many great additions. The yellow submarine on the wall with the water line is just perfect!

by Zephyr, age 8, Wichita Kansas, USA.

"This creation is based on my favorite song, Everything Hits at Once, by the band, Spoon.
I made a giant spoon with my iPod touch in the front. I included my iPod touch because it had the song and the band on it. The person on top, in case you were wondering, is the lead singer of the band. The gun he is holding is a party popper, not a real gun."

I love that you turned the name of the band into a giant icon. Adding your iPod touch that's showing the song playing adds a very interesting element to the whole design.

by Cassie, age 8, Kennewick, Washington, USA.

"My favorite song, "Lemonade", is by Chris Rice. I like it because it sets a good example in life to be thankful for what God has given me."

This is a wonderful scene you designed to show the saying when life gives you lemons, make lemonade! I love your stand, complete with handmade signage!

by Tyler, age 10 and Megan, age 7, South Carolina, USA.

"This is the song "Who Let the Dogs Out" by Baha Men. It has been on several of the kids movies and they love going around singing this same line over and over."

Yes, that is one catchy tune! I love your dog design. It's sort of a hybrid dog-machine. I think the head you created is very dog like.

"They also made a video to go along with their build."

This is so fantastic! You've made your creation kinetically motorized! Amazing. I also just love your singing, wonderful collaboration.

by Tucker, age 5, Princeton, New Jersey, USA.

"Tucker's favorite song is the Star Wars theme song by John Williams. His creation is a star ship and his inspiration is basically his love of Star Wars."

Very cool star ship design! It's hard not to be inspired by the Star Wars theme song!

by Mason, age 7, Princeton, New Jersey, USA.

"Mason's favorite song is the Star Wars theme song by John Williams. The creation is a battle scene and he was inspired by the melody and changing rhythms of the music."

Nice battle scene! I see weapons in action everywhere. I'd like to know what is on that guys head, or is he some sort of strange alien?

by Ella, age 7, Martensville Saskatchewan, Canada.

"One of my favourite songs is Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. My creation is a piano and I put Rudolph on top of it."

This is a great combination of the main character in the song, (Rudolph) and the instrument that makes the music. Both creations are streamline and smart in design.

by Gabriel, age 9, Martensville, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"One of my favourite songs is the theme from Indiana Jones. This is my creation, the two guys on the stilts are jumping, the one in front is jumping onto Indiana Jones and they are going to start fighting."

Wonderful action packed scene, it shows a lot of tension. The stilts is a very smart way to show jumping through the air.

by Owen, age 8, New Jersey, USA.
Song : The End of Days by Abney Park

The End of Day is a post apocalyptic song. In it is a line “ruined towns spring forth in vines” about nature taking over. That’s what he decided to do.

“The green is the vines. The guy in the middle is a dead guy. The red things are panels that go on the door. The white guy next to the door with the leaf on it wants to get in because he’s being chased by something. I don’t know what, but I just decided that I wanted him to be chased by something.”

You created a great scene of structures in ruins and becoming engulfed by nature again. This captures the title of the song perfectly.

by Jakob, age 7, Brewster, New York, USA.

"He picked "Allentown" by Billy Joel as his favorite song. It is a steel factory made from Legos. The steel tray is to look like a factory floor. The robot arm lifts the steel beam onto a platform. Then the worker will pick it up and drop it into a go-cart."

You've designed a great steel factory. The well used cookie sheet is the perfect factory floor! This really looks like the mini figure is working the production line.

by Lydia, age 10 and Katrina, age 3, Brewster, New York, USA.

"They chose Billy Joel's song "Scenes From an Italian Restaurant". They chose Legos that were the same colors as the Italian flag to build the restaurant wall. Then they posed their 18" dolls."

Great creation! I love that you used the red, white and green of the Italian flag to create the walls of your restaurant. Wonderfully literal interpretation.

by Jeremiah, age 3, Kennewick, Washington, USA.

"Mikey, Haley and Jeremiah all chose the same song this time. One of them had the fantastic idea of using short legos for Zacchaeus’ legs instead of the regular legs, so they all tried that out too!"

I see all three of you had a sycamore tree in your creations. It's so neat to see that you've taken an object from your song and created it!

by Haley, age 6, Kennewick, Washington, USA.

"Zaccheaus was a wee little man."

This is an interesting scene you have created. There is many intriguing things going on. That must be the sycamore tree from your song.

by Mikey, age 7, Kennewick, Washington, USA.

"Zaccheaus was a wee little man...notice his wee little legs!"

Those are indeed tiny little legs! I love your sycamore tree design and that you showed him being told to come down from the tree.