Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holiday Scene Photos

Grap a cup of coffee and come browse the 34 individually unique, amazingly creative Holiday Scenes submitted from kids all over the world!
*Please note, the next challenge will resume in January 2011, stay tuned*

by Jay, age 9, Vaud Canton, Switzerland, Europe.

"This is a medieval Christmas celebration. There's a table with farmers and the British queen, a man playing an instrument, a Christmas tree with lots of presents, lots of guys dancing and also a jester on his hands. There's another table with soldiers and the French and British kings. There's a barrel of wine and a fire."

Wow, what a jolly, festive, ruckus scene! I spy a whole lot of wine glasses! Detail rich, I encourage our viewers to click on the image to enlarge it, there is so much you have to see up close! I can almost hear the jolly laughter and singing. Amazing giant tree as the centerpiece. The Medieval town backdrop is stunning. I especially love the yellow tower building with the flags and swords decorating it. Amazing creation!

by Laurence, age 8, South Australia.

"My holiday scene is the beach because we go there a lot in the holidays. There is a man reading a book under a palm tree. The man under the umbrella has a ball next to him. There is a man riding a speed boat, a man swimming, a girl body boarding and the man with his arm up is saying hello to the man swimming."

This is such an awesome scene, so many people of leisure doing totally different things! You've really managed to make LEGO look like a beautiful beach and an expansive ocean. All the different bricks at various levels in the water portion look as though there are currents and waves. I love the guy swimming face down, brilliant!

by Emi, age 6 Figanières, France.

"This is my family at Christmas. I am outside playing in the snow. That is why I am not there. My mom is giving my brother, Bryn, a present. Bryn has already opened a bicycle, a magnifying glass, a fish, and a shield. And a toy suitcase. I like to decorate a tree every Christmas!! I hope you have a good holiday!"

I love that you made your scene on sparkly white fabric, it looks just like sparkly snow! I like the action feel of the gift giving and the simplicity of the wrapped presents under the tree. Great assortment of opened gifts and the grown up with the coffee mug is perfect.

by Bryn, age 8, Figanières, France.

Hi, my name is Bryn and I made a present out of Lego. The little penguin is the gift. This year my family will put shoes under the Christmas tree. That is the tradition in France. Père Noël puts a present in your shoe. Joyeux Noël!"

Nice gift box made of LEGO! I love that you've created a hollow space inside to actually hold a real gift. This design is made even better by the fact that you placed a real gift inside your box. Nice photo alteration to show the inside of the box and it's contents! Thank you for introducing me to the story of Père Noël.

by Lucy and Owen, age 8, Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada.

"Santa Lucia is the patron saint of Sweden whose holiday falls on December 13th. Everybody in the neighbourhood comes over at 6 in the morning and is served coffee and treats (pickled herring, head cheese etc.) by the oldest daughter in the house, who is wearing a serious fire hazard in the form of a wreath of candles on her head. It is meant to commemorate when Santa Lucia came to Sweden in a famine and fed the poor. This scene just shows our family since nobody in our neighbourhood gets up that early for salted fish. Beth (our 16 month old) is shown with her teddy bear in Playmobil, sorry for the cross-pollination."

This is a truly delightful scene you've created. There are so many wonderful details I encourage our viewers to click on the image to enlarge it. I'm so glad you told us the story of Saint Lucy's Day! What a fabulous tradition. I love that you used cotton to show smoke coming out of the chimney and the wreath of candles on the girls head is amazing!

by Noah, age 11, New Jersey, USA.

"This is a Christmas scene with a family in their livingroom opening gifts. The train is a gift that they opened."

Great scene, I love that you used Lego Digital Designer! Neat construction of all the gifts, they are so festive and brightly colored. The train is a very cool design and you've managed to make this scene full of action with the mini figures and all their unique positions. Great work!

by Jaden, age 10, Washington State, USA

"When we celebrate Christmas, we have snowball fights and we decorate our Christmas tree.My mom is hanging from the star of the tree and my grandpa is helping her down. I'm in the orange chasing my dad with a snowball. My brother is hiding behind a snowman, ready to ambush my dad."

What an awesome Christmas scene! I love how much fun action is going on here. Your mom looks truly terrified up there, great choice of mini figure face! Your Christmas tree design is really great! So smart to use flat pieces splayed at different angles, and the lights on the tree are so cool. Smart use of white studs as snowballs!

by Chris, age 12, Kennewick, Washington, USA.

"Christmas morning at his Nana's house in Idaho."

Wonderfully festive scene! I love your present design! The black ribbons and bows are perfect! You're throw rug with kitty on it makes your room so cozy, and the stair case design is great. I love all the action of gift giving.

by Josh, age 5, Minnesota, USA.

"A Christmas tree. The green slanted pieces are ornaments the heads and the lego feet are part of the tree topper."

This is a very intriguing Christmas tree design. Very modern in feel and minimal in construction. Very cool, and unique tree topper! Nice work.

by Reece, age 8, and Cole, age 4, Nova Scotia, Canada.

"This reminds me of Christmas because we always gather around the streetto see the Christmas parade, and to see Santa. Santa is on the Fire Truck because in our parade, that is where he always sits. The TV crew came early to film the parade. Some of the special characters in this parade are Woody, firefighters, the Grinch and Scrooge. The Grinch is in the jail! Scrooge is in front of the fire truck holding a gold bar. Merry Christmas everyone!"

This is a very busy, action packed scene! There is so much going on here I almost don't know where to look first, just like watching a real parade. I love that it looks like the parade is going through down town of a busy city.

by Tyler, age 7, Minnesota, USA.

"A Christmas tree reminds me of Christmas."

Perfectly simple. The Christmas tree is one lovely symbol of this time of year. I love your symmetrical design and bright tree top! Nicely done.

by Nithya, age 7, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

"For the holidays, we put up the Christmas tree and my sister and I put up the star at the top, together. We also bake cookies like ginger bread cookies, and chocolate chip cookies. My family always go out to see the lights. We listen to holiday songs and watch movies together. I have made this Christmas tree with legos. There are some ornaments on it and also an orange star at the top. There are wrapped presents under the tree with flower shaped bows."

Fabulous, unique Christmas tree design! I love the clear green pieces you used to create the entire construction. Nicely tapered into a tree shape. The presents are simply perfect with their bows made of flower pieces. Very cool!

by Will, age 4, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"Every Christmas holiday time our family likes to do activities such as sledding down a hill. The picture shows a fast family snowmobile because I’m sure we would do that activity if we owned one."

Sledding is a wonderful family activity! I love your snowmobile. Wouldn't it be so fun to ride on with your whole family. Those look like turbo boosters on the side of the vehicle, yikes!

by Luke, age 7, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"Every Christmas our family likes to go for walks, and we notice all the great lights that some people put on their trees. Although, walking is not my favourite activity."

This is a wonderful outdoor scene you've created. I love all the decorated trees. The bright bricks showing the colored lights on the trees works so well. Great that you showed many people out for this fun wintertime activity.

by Nathan, age 7, Georgia, USA.

"This is our family sitting around the Christmas tree. We give presents to each other."

This is a delightful room that you created. I love seeing your Christmas tree with everyone sitting around it, enjoying this festive time of year. Neat brightly colored packages under the tree make this scene extra exciting.

by Aaron, age 6, Tucson, Arizona, USA.

"These are things that remind me of our Christmas. In front, the black square shows a person's head surrounded by blue Christmas lights when we went to our ZooLights, and a Christmas cookie with a J on it. In back there's my sister sitting on our couch next to our Christmas tree, and another tree with a star on top."

This is a lovely assortment of Christmas reminders. I love the pieces you used to show blue lights, the transparency of the pieces make them nice and shiny. The couch and Christmas tree are nicely paired to make a great little scene. I love the big yellow star on the top of your great tree design. They all work very well together.

by Aiden, age 8, Wichita, Kansas, USA.

"Christmas morning."

This is so great! Everyone coming downstairs in the morning to see all the presents left under the tree. I love how you designed your fireplace and think your stocking design is brilliant. Perfect star atop your Christmas tree. I love seeing all the gifts you've laid you. The bike helmet, the skates, the sled. This is a very exciting, festive scene!

by Liam, age 9, Wichita, Kansas, USA.

"Opening gifts."

This is a fantastic Christmas morning scene. I love that mom and dad are sitting on the couch, watching the kids rip open presents. Your Christmas tree design is so smart and I love the star on top! Fabulous Christmas display!

by Joshua, age 12, Texas, USA.

"I made a present. What's on top is a bow. I like making containers out of legos."

This is a very cool creation! I can see by how it was constructed, with the large, flat grey piece on top, that it would be hollow inside. Perfect for putting real little treasures or gifts in! You have designed your very own gift wrap!

by Noah, age 11, Texas, USA.

"I did a Christmas tree 'cause I was looking for something nice and Christmas-y, warmand stuff like that. I put an angel at the top. I used paper for the wings and skirt. I also used paper to make the tree green. The left person is Santa. I made his beard, but it got a little frizzy. One of the people who is wearing a red shirt and has a skeleton face is an ornament. He looked pretty, so I put him on there. Santa was an ornament, as were all the other people on the tree."

This is an awesome Christmas tree! I love that you used other media with your LEGO bricks to create this. All the green paper looks almost like the aftermath of opening presents. I love your angel design, smart to use paper to design the wings and skirt, more pliable than bricks. Santa's beard made with white plastic bag is so cool and also so funny!

by Hannah, age 8, Texas, USA.

"They're singing Christmas Carols to people! And I was thinking, that I could actually be singing with those people."

Caroling is a wonderful Christmas time tradition. I like that you made an audience, (all the seated mini figures with their backs to us), and the carolers, (facing us). Nice scene.

by Cassandra, age 9, Selah, Washington USA.

"I put the stool because the snowman was tall. Have to help the lego guys build it bigger. Playing in the snow is my favorite part of the holiday."

You put your creation out in the snow! How awesome. I love this giant snowman the mini figures are building, great team work. Nice addition of the stool, and especially love the snowman's hat!

byMicah, age 6, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"Christmas is about baby Jesus. The one that is standing on top is called an angel. The animal that is white is a sheep. The 3 men that have the gifts are called The Wisemen. They followed the star on their camels. The other 2 men are called shepherds. The 2 people beside baby Jesus are Mary and Joseph."

Wonderful Nativity scene you constructed. I love your angel design, it almost looks like an action hero. The sheep, the manger and all the biblical mini figures are so cool! Nice work.

by Tal, age 11, Southern California, USA.

"Winter Solstice. Solstice is a day to celebrate change and letting go of the old and welcoming the new. Fire, water, earth and air: We include these in our Solstice celebration."

This is a lovely Solstice scene you have created. I love that you incorporated actual fire with the candles in the background. You have designed a nice, cozy evening scene of two people enjoying each other's company.

by Nathan, age 10 and Jonathan, age 7, Cincinnati Ohio, USA.

"We made a model of our family room at Christmastime. There's our fireplace with a paper chain, and our couch next to the Christmas tree, which has lots of presents underneath."

This is such a wonderfully festive and cozy scene! I am so impressed with your Christmas tree design! I love your sectional couch, and throw pillows. Wonderful construction of all the different, brightly wrapped gifts under the tree.

by Jasper, age 7, Dallas, Texas, USA.

"We always get a huge candy cane in our stocking. Christmas is the best holiday of the year, especially in LEGO!"

Great candy cane design! Classic red and white stripes, I can almost smell the peppermint. Smart use of bricks to create a curve at the top of your cane. Well done!

by Cambrie, age 13, Ontario, Canada.

"Christmas Dinner."

Look at the wonderful feast you created. Such a homey feel with everyone around the table full of glasses and a great assortment of yummy foods. Great fireplace, I love the door on it and the hot burning fire inside. Nice touch having the family dog eagerly waiting for any food morsel to drop on the floor.

by Kaleb, age 10, Ontario, Canada.

Great wintertime scene! I love the two mini figures building the snowman, carrot nose about to be placed on. The skier and the great house design makes this scene feel like a wonderful ski resort on a family winter vacation.

by Alyssa, age 10, Kincardine, Ontario, Canada.

"My lego scene is about a family sitting around a Christmas tree."

Fabulous and cozy living room, perfectly decorated for the holidays. Everything in this scene is made out of basic LEGO bricks which makes this scene extra smart in design. You really had to think about how to alter your placement to create different things.

by John Paul, age 5, Virginia, USA.

"I did carollers - yellow head and gray head singing Christmas carols to green head, but with an airplane flying overhead."

I really like that you didn't use traditional mini figure heads, the single brick is perfect! Having a couple people standing outside a doorway and one inside really does a great job os showing the action of carolling. Great addition of the airplane!

by Frances, age 11, Virginia, USA.

"These are carolers. The person coming to the door has cookies. There is snow on the ground."

Wonderful carolling scene! The offering of cookies makes this such a warm and friendly creation! I love the random white bricks here and there showing snow, nicely done!

by Jane, age 7, Virginia, USA.

"Carollers -- my favorite holiday activity."

I really love how you illuminated your creation. This gives the feeling of nighttime and bright, warm glowing homes. I also really like that you used a door and it is shown open, letting in the wonderful songs. Great scene!

by Fin, age 6, Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

"There is a tradition that we do at Christmas time, on Christmas Eve, that that me and my little brother Sylvan have a bath after dinner and then open one present. The present is usually pajamas but the last two times that I did it, it was one time a sweat suit and another time some trains. In the picture you see me and my little brother in the bath with a present on the side on a chair."

This is a wonderfully creative scene! I just love the present, waiting there on the chair for you. Using the red square brick as a gift is the perfect shape and the addition of the gold ribbon makes it that much better! The white bathtub, shower, faucet and taps are very neat!

by Zephyr, age 7, Wichita, Kansas, USA.

"Getting the Stockings. We usually have a Christmas like everyone else's, but a few days ago we got a real tree. In this picture me and my mom and dad are getting our stockings. I am sitting on the sofa enjoying my toys while my mom and my dad are enjoying their new things."

This is a wonderful scene! The excitement of looking inside your stocking to see all the surprises is a great holiday tradition. Nice creation.