Tuesday, November 9, 2010

2 Cups of Random Bricks Photos

I am always blown away by the creativity I see with each challenge. Below are 40 submissions, my comments are more brief due to the number of creations. Enjoy!

by Joshua, age 12, Texas, USA.

"Joshua's Glasses. I was lucky. I got lots of two piece legos and I could easily make the frames. They won’t fit on any of us – we’ve tried.”

This is such an amazing creation! I can't believe you were able to design a pair of glasses! Very creative use of your random bricks!

by Noah, age 11, New Jersey, USA.

"The top picture is a destruction drone about to destroy the abstract Lego sculpture. The bottom two pictures a close of the blaster and the destruction drone's face.
My 1st reaction to 2 cups of random Legos was, oh no, I'm never going to be able to do this. I'm used to picking out my own PIECES!!! I tried at least 3 other sculptures, and they all looked bad, until I came up with this one which is much better than the other ones!!"

Brilliant robotic design! I love the weapon mounted on his shoulder. Very impressive creations. The abstract LEGO sculpture is really awesome! I am so impressed that you tried this challenge several times then picked your favourite.

by Sam, age 9, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA.

"I built a house with a deck where Plankton created a machine to make people's faces disappear. The two police are there to arrest him."

The evil Plankton is at it again! This is a very creative scene you made. The story about it makes it extra interesting!

by Sage, age 8, Maine, USA.

"This is my creation from the 2 cups of legos and I'm calling it the Weirdo Speeder! That was a fun Lego Quest assignment."

I love your title! Interesting vehicle came out of your random pile of bricks. I love how you used the wine glass!

by Ben, age 7.5, Akron, Ohio, USA.

"A Lego Junkyard, where Mini-figs go for spare parts."

This is a great concept! I love your scene with the LEGO people looking through the piles of junk. Nice use of all your random pieces.

by Julia, age 9, New Jersey, USA.

"This is a limo bus that has a special room for the driver and a separate room for the people. It can fit 6 people and it has 3 sets of double seats for the people."

What an interesting Limousine design! I really like how it looks like a little house on wheels. Very imaginative use of your random bricks.

by Cassandra, age 9, Selah, Washington, USA.

"All the colors reminded me of Kevin (the bird from the movie UP). So that is what I made."

The colors do remind me of Kevin too. Clever construction. I love that you were artistically motivated by the colors!

by Annalies, age 6, London, Ontario, Canada.

"This is what I made with 2 cups of Lego. There are different machines. One of them flies. One is a jail for naughty people. If you have to go there, you have to stay for 100 days. You don't want to be naughty!!!!!"

Wonderful assortment of machines you created. Your jail has some very interesting architectural elements to it. Love your concept of the 100 day jail!

by David, age 11, London, Ontario, Canada.

"This is a gold machine. You put "stuff" into the machine on the left and it comes out as gold on the right. The two men who are working on the machine are going to be very rich!"

I love the machine! The purple gear is great. The bricks you used for gold are perfect and the LEGO guys action poses really add to this design! Ingenious.

by Mikey, age 7, New Jersey, USA.

Great selection of contraptions! Some of them look like really cool vehicles and the other like interesting machines.

by Gavin, age 9, New Jersey, USA.

The guy with the sword sticking in his back is hilarious! I love this interesting, chaotic, mound of random bricks. It looks like some sort of bizarre, sci-fi machine.

by Tal, age 11, Southern California, USA.

"Thingy. I build this not knowing at all what it was going to look like."

Great title. This looks like an ultra modern loft built above the street or treetops. All the random strange pieces make this design unique.

by Katherine, age 5, Central Florida, USA.

"This is a boat. My boat has mini figures on it. Two mini figures are waving. One mini figure is sitting and one is standing up. One mini figure is in the corner of the smokestack, and he is looking at you. The last mini figure is under arrest."

Great boat design! All the LEGO people make this more dynamic. I love that you took the photo on a blue drop cloth, it looks like real water.

by Ethan, age 9, Oregon, USA.

"In space there was a gas station. A man came to fill his ship but couldn't reach the credit card scanner. He got a box and then he could. I feel lucky that I got a lego person and a crystal in my scoop. This was fun! "

This space gas station is so cool! What a great idea and design. I love that your LEGO guy needed a box to stand on to be tall enough. Too funny!

by Justin, age 12, San Diego, California, USA.

"I liked this challenge, but I had to get my legos from my little brothers buckets, because all of my buckets are color organized and I didn't think that would be very random."

Great decision you made about where you got your random bricks from! This is a very unique contraption you made. They look like a couple of state of the art aircrafts!

by Cody, age 8, San Diego, California, USA.

"This was kinda hard mom really made me measure and no going back for extra parts that is why one guy has a block head. in the back are the extra left over parts."

Great to hear you worked only with what you had, it is extra hard that way, you really have to use your creative building skills. I love his block head, he's so unique that way. These look like two war machines in mid battle.

by Caedmon, age 5, and Jude, age 2, South Carolina, USA.

"Tom Thumbs House? A Bug, a Bear, a Star Wars ship. I hope you like my design. I started builiding and then decided what they would be. My little brother made the house, and I thought it looked like Tom Thumb's house because it was so small."

These are fabulous creations! I love that you just built and went with the flow and then decided what they would be. Many artists approach their creative practice in exactly this way! Nice collaborative work!

by Conall, age 7, Evanston, Illinois, USA.

"Science Station. The design came to him as he was working."

What an interesting place you designed. I love the different helmets on the side, all the weapons and the horse! First horse in space I bet.

by Eli, age 5, Greenville, South Carolina, USA.

"A Drill-Gun Spaceship. I just started building and this is what it turned into. This spaceship can turn into an airplane or a helicopter. It has a drill that you can control that drills into the ground. The guy has a winter helmet that he keeps on the spaceship, but the one he is wearing is his working helmet. It keeps the sun out of his eyes. There's a gun to shoot bad guys so they don't get his work."

I love how this design just appeared as you were working on it. It's great that you had to decide what it was after it was built, very imaginative. Amazing aircraft morphing abilities!

by Mesa, age 9, Sarasota, Florida, USA.

Very interesting creation! It looks like the all black LEGO figure is somehow pulling the giant grey mass. Nice effect having the tiny bits of color on the grey.

by Samuel, age 5 and Sawyer, age 3, North Carolina, USA.

"This is a secure, top secret, helicopter landing site. The good guys helicopter lands on the blue roof. Rocket launchers from the window, roof and left side keep bad guy helicopters at bay. An army man on his segway patrols the grounds before going up the ramp in the back and sleeping in the barracks."
It kind of came to life as they built it. They wanted to build a house and started talking about helicopters pretty quickly after the building started.

Very sophisticated construction. I love all the rocket launchers, especially the ones coming out from the windows. I love the Segway vehicle you built!

by Jack, age 4, South Australia.

"I made two cars and a gun with a thing. One of the cars has two guns."

Great creations you were able to make out of your scoops of random bricks. I really like the car with two guns on it!

by Laurence, age 8, South Australia.

"I made two ships. The ship on the right has an engine on the bottom and on the side. It also has a hose with a scared rock monster dangling down. It has a little brush at the front. The ship on the left has something to slide down to get off at the front. There is a guy who puts the gun on the right angle. Instead of a steering wheel I put a wheel on it."

Fantastic ships you were able to create out of your random selection. The dangling rock monster is a cool added touch. I also love the brush at the front, makes it look like some sort of cleaning machine.

by Charlie Rose, age 9, South Australia.

"The creation on the right is a droid. The thing in the middle is a flying ship. To get inside it you need to go round the back because there is a door there. The thing on the left is a sensor, which senses if there are any intruders coming. I didn't plan it, I just started making something and this is what it turned out to be."

These designs are so creative! I love that you just built, then decided what they were going to be. The droid's head is awesome and the sensor is very clever!

by Nithya, age 7, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

"These people have come to visit the newly built fountain. The gate is making sure that the people do not get wet. The object appeared before her eyes as she was building it with the random pieces."

Wonderful that you just started to create and then it transformed into something. Nice scene you've built. The LEGO people behind the gated area is very cool. Great fountain.

by Micah, age 6, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"This lego creation is of a challenge between a crocodile and a snow trooper. The vehicle is the snow troopers car. The challenge was to see who could break down the structure on the green base first."

Nice action packed scene! This is an interesting challenge you have created, your story about this creation makes it so fascinating!

by Travis, age 9, Orlando, Florida, USA.

"This is called Drag Racing through the Dump. The two race cars have been built with scoops on the front to push the garbage out of their way as they race through the pile of Legos in the dump."

What a cool concept for a race. I would love to see that in real life! Very clever creations!

by Titus, age 5, Arizona, USA.

"It's a truck, since it has a trailer. The tall tower in the trailer is the electricity that makes the car go. The red part blows cool air on the people."

Wow, an electric truck that generates its own power and air conditioning! Brilliant design! This is such a unique construction.

by Eamon, age 7.5, Arizona, USA.

"it is a death tower. The guy is supposed to help destroy the world with the giant monster".

Yikes! Very interesting design, I love the scary LEGO creature running the machine. I see you've got your Bionicle counter set to 5, is that the level of power the death ray will use?

by Noah, age 11, Texas, USA.

" I made a robot making machine. It’s awesome, to me. I’m really happy I joined this club and this machine shows that an escalator at the front goes into a hot furnace and comes out of the furnace to be flattened, and then comes down to be crushed and smushed into the right shape and then gets dumped into a chute that they will be put together in – making tons of robots!”

Smart design! I love the production line construction of this machine. Very clever use of your 2 cups of random bricks!

by Hannah, age 8, Texas, USA.

"It’s called the pretty ship! If you can see, there’s a windshield where the passenger seat is behind. And there are back passenger seats and two wings, like a butterfly.”

Wonderful arrangement of random pieces. Amazing that you were able to create a ship that looks like it could fly.

by Eli, age 7, Dayton, Minnesota, USA.

"This is a rusty junk yard where some things were created from. If you find the 2 hidden items (a little robot and a frog), you have a good eye."

Clever of you to create a search and find within your creation! This does look like a big messy junkyard, the perfect place to find just the right piece!

by John Paul, age 5, Staunton, Virginia, USA.

"Blue Head in Spaceship on the Moon. Blue Head is a guy from our Lego country. It's a self-contained space ship.

This is an interesting little object you designed! Nice compact, clean design, perfect for navigating small spaces.

by Anson, age 6, South Carolina, USA.

"This is called the "star blaster" and I thought about it while I was building it. The Droid is holding a gun for protection against the invisible guy that's right below him."

I love that you had a vision of what you wanted your finished design to look like and worked towards it. That is extra hard to do within the confines of using only what you scooped out. Very cool construction.

by Malcolm, age 8, Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

"It was the first thing that came to mind before I started building. Space ships are cool."

Great to have an idea of what you'd like to transform your random pieces into. It looks like your ship turned out very well! Nice aerodynamic construction.

by Cody, age 7, London, Ontario, Canada.

"This is a deep-sea diver's sub. It can go 0-5000m down and the part sticking up on top is something that comes off and goes down ahead of the sub and uses sonar to see what's down there. People can sit inside and see through the holes (windows) at the front. It started out as a space shuttle but then I thought it looked like a sub so I built the sub instead. Lego quest is so fun!"

How cool that your creation morphed into something else as you were building it. Great that you had the flexibility in your creative process to let this happen! This is a very unique, compact design and your story about it makes it even cooler.

by Hannah, age 11, London, Ontario, Canada.

"This creation is a Crystal Keeper in Atlantis.
I was just building a space shuttle landing place and it wasn't really until I was finished that it just jumped out at me. I watched Atlantis last week so that gave me the idea."

Great construction. You have nice architectural elements, and some great symmetry making this design feel very successful. Wonderful, sophisticated creation!

by Wesley, age 6, South Carolina, USA.

"The base plate wasn't in the two cups but everything else was. I just made it up. I don't know what it is."

Very cool scene you have made! It seems action packed with a weapon in mid blast and what looks like an alien of some sort making a get-a-way. Great use of totally random pieces!

by Phoenix, age 9, North Carolina, USA.

"I some how got all good pieces!"

Wow, no kidding you scooped all good pieces! This is such a great aircraft design!

by Henry, age 9, Virginia, USA.

"S.W.A.T team portable base. It shoots a grappling hook and also has a winch."

Clever design! Compact for portability and full of feature rich elements. Great creation!