Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bridge Photos

*Special Note* LEGO Quest will now be bi-weekly. Stay tuned for twice a month challenges. I am proud to tell you that we have 123 kids playing on and off from all over Canada, USA, Europe and Australia!

by Nathan, age 10, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

"My bridge is a replica of the Tower Bridge in London. I also tested its
strength with coins. It held 32 quarter,35 dimes,4 nickels, and 20 pennies."

This is an amazing replica of the Tower Bridge! All the details are here, the two side suspension bridges with suspension rods and the hydraulic system. I love that you've raised the bascules and have a ship crossing underneath. Very sophisticated design and wonderful use of color. This is awesome, and it can hold $11.90 in coins!

by Henry, Frances and JP, Virginia, USA.

"We made a scaffolding against a building that is also attached to a low bridge."

Nice multilevel bridge construction. The scaffolding makes it look as though it is under construction. The low bridge looks as if it would bend under the weight of someone walking on it, much like a suspension bridge. Very cool design with so many interesting features.

by Noah, age 11, New Jersey, USA.

"My bridge is a causeway over the ocean. Attached is a giftshop. If you look closely I wrote: Gift Shop. In the water beside the bridge I built a small boat."

Wonderful to have this causeway extend directly off the gift shop. This must be a favourite shopping place for the rock monsters. I love how much action this scene shows. A person leaving the gift shop, people looking out over the dock/causeway and a vessel in the water. I especially love the stilts that the shop and causeway are on, giving a real sense that it is raised above the water.

by Niketh, age 5, California, USA.

"I live near San Francisco so I built a suspension bridge like Golden Gate Bridge. My dad helped me tie the string for the suspension. I built a boat going under the bridge."

How fantastic that you used string to emulate the Golden Gate Bridge! I love this multimedia design. Using other materials with LEGO brings the overall construction to a new level. Even the towers you built are reminiscent of the famous bridge. Nice work.

by Nate, age 6, Richland, Washington, USA.

"Suspension bridge spanned from the couch to the table. Nate piled it up with weight to see how strong his bridge was."

Great to see you span a real gap in your own house with this smart, simple suspension bridge. I love seeing all the LEGO pieces you piled high on top of the bridge, so many that I can see the bridge bending under the weight! I like that you exclusively used flat pieces.

by Elijah, age 5, Richland, Washington, USA.

This very interesting design reminds me of a truss arch bridge. I love the legs/stilts that raise the bridge. It must be spanning over something that is quite high, or perhaps large vessels need to pass underneath? Great engineering components at the top of your model.

by Joey, age 8, Richland, Washington, USA.

Double stilt archs make this an impressive structure! The overall design reminds me of a truss bridge. I can see in the yellow sections of your construction that there is a little archway for passing through. Functional and interesting.

by Annalies, age 6, London, Ontario, Canada.

"The two policeman are trying to trap the horseman on the bridge. It was fun building this bridge from Lego. I had a great time."

Nice action packed scene you've created. The moment of capture looks very exciting. This is a wonderfully simple beam bridge design extending over a small area. Nice work!

by David, age 10, London, Ontario, Canada.

"This is a lift bridge. The boat can go through when the bridge is up. The cars are waiting to go through. I got the idea of using a lift bridge from when we learned about bridges back in grade 3."

This is a great moveable bridge design. The bascule construction allows ships to pass underneath easily. I love all the traffic waiting for the drawbridge to lower. Smart use of levers to allow the bridge to move. I especially like that you used blue to show water!

by Casey, age 8, Washington, USA.

"Casey decided to duplicate a photo of herself. Not far from our house is a Japanese Garden, the kids both love to run across the red bridge."

How wonderful that you have a Japanese Garden close to your home! This is a lovely little red bridge you've designed. I like that you re-created a scene from a photo of yourself. This display was made more interesting by placing the bridge in dirt, adding to the realistic feel the overall construction has.

by Travis, age 8, Orlando, FL, USA.

"This bridge connects two floating houses. The walkway can be used so
people can visit each other between their houses. The yellow bricks
are rails so the people won't fall off the bridge into the water."

Fantastic pontoon bridge design. What a great idea to built two floating houses connected by a bridge! I like that you made the walkway of the bridge safe by designing railings. The water looks like the beautiful ocean, I wonder where this innovative structure lives? Wonderful that you played around with buoyancy, this is an impressive creation.

by Lucy, age 4, Wisconsin, USA.

"This pirate is going under the bridge on the rainbow water."

Lovely rainbow water! The pirate ship is a frightening sight and the bridge above reminds me of a gangplank. I especially like the pillars that hold up the bridge, with their interesting construction.

by Austyn age 6.5, Ontario, Canada.

"This is my bridge. I made it right away because I love to build things. While I built it I thought about the bridge we crossed to get into the United States. I even added lights all over it because that bridge is covered in lights. The lights help people to see at night and they can see the bridge from far away. I also made the bridge high enough so that some boats can get under it."

Fantastic creation! I love that the bridge is spanning over a crack in the sidewalk! Perhaps it is for ants to cross? I'm impressed that you built your bridge from your memory of crossing a particular bridge on your travels. Adding lights to your design makes for interesting features. Great use of the arched LEGO pieces for the bottom construction.

by Tyler, age 7, Minnesota, USA.

"This is a bridge over a roadway. I tested the bridge's strength up to 16 pounds. My first design had a little droop when I added the weight. So I added a big green piece at the bottom and it didn't budge."

I love that you experimented with your design and tweaked the overall construction. Because of your troubleshooting, you've ended up with a superior bridge. One that I would feel safe on! I can see where you added the green piece for added stability. Your criss cross architecture is very smart and incredibly durable.

by Alex, age 10, Dana Point, California, USA.

"If i could only say one thing about this bridge, here it is. . . . IT IS STRONG!!!! It's strong enough to hold 65 POUNDS!! That's my full BODY WEIGHT. I actually stood on one leg on top of it and it DID NOT break. Other than that theres not much to say. There are two stair cases on both sides which connect to two lego.... mountains? Small ones but still mountains and each mountain connects to one side of the bridge which spans the gap."

Wow, 65 lbs! That is very impressive indeed! This incredibly durable design gets it's strength from the short span that the bridge gaps. If this was a longer bridge, it would start to lose it's strength. Interesting that you've added stairways up each side of the mountain. Nice work!

by Jack, age 9, Pennsylvania, USA.

"It took Jack a bit of time to decide what kind of bridge to build but then he made a draw bridge. I think he was inspired by the draw bridge we went over when we went to the beach."

Great drawbridge. I love that you've created a scene showing a boat moving underneath the raised bridge. Nice archways on both sides that connect the bridge to the water. I love the blue carpet, it makes this whole scene look like it is in water!

by Ruby, age 6, Maine, USA.

"This is a city bridge for cars and bikes. There is a road repairer on the side of the bridge."

Wonderful, simple design. Heavily used by the citizens of this city. Nice to see all the different kinds of vehicles using your bridge, from cyclists to motorhomes. I especially love the worker fixing the light. Great, busy, action packed scene!

by Jesse, age 10 Maine, USA.

"This is a city bridge designed for cars and people. On the side of the bridge is a refreshment stand that sells BBQ. The bridge crosses a small river"

Great truss bridge design! The all black construction makes this look as though it is made out of steel. I love that you have a BBQ vendor there to feed hungry passersby. Sophisticated architecture!

by Angus age 5, Lyn age 8, and their dad, Bob, Saskatchewan, Canada.

In this house we are rainy day and too cold to go outside Lego builders, so today was a perfect day to participate in the "build a bridge Lego Quest". Lyn says "we got the idea for ourbridge from looking at pictures of London Bridge". Angus says "I think our bridge is weirder than London Bridge". Bob says "a cup of coffee from Dean's home roasted coffee beans and a bucket of Lego are the perfect way to spend a rainy day".

First off, I have to totally agree with you Bob, a cup of coffee and a bucket of LEGO on a rainy day is perfect! Secondly, taking the photo up against a window puts this bridge in its own nature scene. Very sophisticated design. I love the two towers with their multilevel access points. The decorative architecture on the upper bridge spanis wonderful. The lower pedestrian bridge has the perfect railings to keep people safe. There are so many great detailed elements.

by Lewis, age 10, Bega, Australia.

"This bridge is 50 inches long."

Most impressive length! This bridge must be spanning a very large body of water. Smart design using the stilts every few inches for added stability. Nice to see the different people and animals making use of the crossing. I also like that the construction is not straight, but takes on different directions.

by Mark, age 9, James, age 7 with engineering help from big brother, Paul, age 12. Campbell, California. USA.

Smart, streamline design. I love the ramp system you have on both ends of the bridge for easy access. Simple color choices make this a sophisticated design. Nice to see a vehicle on the bridge showing that it's fully functional. Great architectural elements on the top of the bridge, especially the flags!

by Milo, age 4, Ontario, Canada.

"This bridge is under construction. There are lines and big walls and asphalt and rocks. It can hold all weight. Be happy with this picture. Love, Milo."

Milo, I am very happy with this picture! This bridge really does look like it's under construction with all of the working vehicles. I love that you made the white lines down the center of the road ways and that your asphalt is black! I especially like that you showed the bridge spanning over the roadway below.

by Grayson, age 8, with the help of his sister Railey, age 11, East Central Minnesota, USA.

"It is 3 feet long and about 18 inches high. You can see all the vehicles he has put on and under it!"

Fantastic height! I can't believe how many stairs there are to climb. Great use of color sections in the construction of the stairs. A person can say to themselves, 'almost at the top, I'm in the red section'. This reminds me a bit of a suspension bridge, kinda scary and precarious.

by Jonathan age 6, Cincinnati, OH USA.

"A tractor is in the water, and a tow truck is pulling it out from my bridge.
I designed the bridge myself."

This is a great towing bridge! I wonder if it floats on top of the water and is transported to locations where vehicles are in need? I especially love the two ramps for easy on and off access. Nice side railings to keep the vehicles from falling off.

by Nathan, age 7, Georgia, USA.

"This bridge is very fragile. It lets us cross the River Rush from Narnia."

Fantastic scene! I love how busy every inch of it is. The vehicles, the pedestrians, the cyclists all using this crossing. The river does look as if it's rushing by, filled with river snakes, or sea serpents! So many wonderful details, it looks as if there is a whole village behind the bridge. Great addition using the fence pieces for your bridge walls!

by Declan, age 9, Massachusetts, USA.

"The bridge was so long it wouldn't fit in the picture."

Impressive length! Smart support structures every few inches for added stability. I love all the LEGO people lining the bridge, it looks as if they are standing guard.

by Alex, age 5, Missouri, USA.

"I put boats and water on it, and cars are about to go through it. I made a door so people can walk on the bridge. The bridge send music in to the radio on the cars. There is a pipe that sends water everywhere. There is a tow hook in case cars break down."

This is a very unique bridge. Wide to accommodate all the different kinds of traffic. I love that you've created a crossing for not only cars, but also boats and pedestrians. Very smart design full of interesting features.

by Grace, age 11, Southeast, USA.

"Pictured are two figures walking and looking over a small river with a dog drinking water at the river's edge."

Wonderful scene you've created! I love that the bridge has steps to elevate it over the river. The all yellow colored bricks you used gives this a very bright, cheery feeling. I can't help but notice that the woman is enjoying a glass of wine while relaxing. Great job!

by Caedmon, age 5, Indian Land, South Carolina, USA

"The Beetle Flier--the world's biggest bridge. As you can see, this long piece is super tall. Really big! So this is what I am saying. This is the world's biggest bridge."

What an interesting structure. I love that this bridge spans horizontally and vertically. So it takes you over and up at the same time. This neat design reminds me of a camel. Way to go!

Dakota, age 8.

"He says it transports people by light speed. It goes as fast as light."

Interesting design. This is like an air bridge, invisible pathway. This vessel takes people across an area extremely fast! Nice work!

by Isaac, age 6, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"There are Crocodiles around the bridge, the yellow crocodile is approaching the bridge and it is about to snap. it will collapse the bridge and then the car will fall down into crocodile river and the driver and passengers will get eaten."

Yikes! What a scary scene you've created! I would not want to be the people in that car. I love how tall you built the legs of the bridge (probably to keep people safe from those darn crocs!) I guess the idea would be to drive as fast as you can across this bridge to safety. Nice work!