Monday, July 12, 2010

Storage System Photos

These are some ingenious, creative storage solutions for the overwhelming chaos that LEGO can create. I am not commenting this week, I think the pictures and explanations are enough, and each person's storage area is what works best for them. Hope you leave with some great ideas.

Austyn, age 6.5, Ontario, Canada.

"Our Legos are stored on the top bunk of his bunk bed. We had a board cut to fit on the top bunk and placed it there instead of a mattress. All of the Legos are organized by shape and when there are too many they are put in different drawers by colours. You can't see it in this picture but there are separators in some drawers to accommodate more pieces of different shapes. We placed a tray beside the large storage drawers so that he can place any loose pieces there until they can be sorted again. Eventually I'd like to print off labels with pictures of different Lego pieces for the front of each the drawer."

Sebastian, age 11, California, USA.

"Really all I can say is that I just pile them in randomly. I have a lot and that's the only thing big enough to hold them all. I'm kind of lazy, so I don't really care about organizing them. Normally I can find the pieces I need. I keep the ones that I really really like in my desk drawer. Right now I only use Lego for animation."

Tyler age 7, and Josh age 5, Minnesota, USA.

"The blue bin is filled to the rim with your general legos. The Creator or Star Wars or other lego packs are in there own bin. My 5 year old still loves to put the Creator series (the 3 in 1) together by following directions. We have the blue three ring binder that has plastic sleeves inside to hold all of the individual instructions. Sometimes they do get mixed up, but for the most part they are in the correct containers. I still am heavily involved in finding the pieces for my 5 year old so I don't like having them all mixed up. I have had visions of little drawers with all of the pieces stored by size, color, etc. but I know that they would all wind up on the floor and leave me even more frustrated."

Simon, age 7, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"We use 4, three drawer 8x10 paper compartments. As you can see, one for each color. One of the drawers is used for building manuals, one for people and misc. strange parts, one for wheels and windows, the rest sorted by color. On the top we use two vintage suitcases to store all the Bionicle parts. We used to have it all in a pile, or one large container, but it overwhelmed Simon and he didn't ever feel the urge to create. Once we organized it all, it was like he could finally see how easy it was going to be to do what he wanted to."

Jonathan age 6 and Nathan age 10, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

"We store our LEGOs in drawers by model and keep our finished models on shelves."

Phoenix, age 8, Coastal North Carolina, USA.

"Here is our new Lego storage-- super simplified and our best toy solution yet! Everything goes into the 14x14 green box with smaller containers inside to hold the sets lil man want to keep separate (but mostly everything gets thrown in together). The box is bigger than it looks and holds a lot. A big ziplock bag for instruction booklets stores inside, also. When not in use pushes straight into shelf for a less cluttered look (makes mom happy)."

Reece, age 8, Nova Scotia, Canada.

"This is our Lego system. Reece likes to have all of his kits completely assembled. He stores them on his shelf in his room. The additional, non-kit, Lego is stored in Ziploc baggies according to colour. There is also one bag for odd shaped pieces. This system works fairly well except for a certain sibling who constantly removes these items and takes them apart!"

Keira age 4 and Finnegan age 6, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"We have two bins that are ostensibly for the storage of the lego-duplo-quatro. There is no other sorting of any sort. It is a rare occasion that more than 50% of the lego is actually IN either of the bins - it is most often spread out throughout the house (mostly on the floors or in beds!!) as part of one partially built project or another or mixed into bins with other toys (and usually the "lego bins" are half full of assorted and sundry playmobil items... this is a rare sight indeed - bins of purely lego products - but that is because we just had one of our semi-annual toy sorts last week)."

Aaron, age 5, Tucson, Arizona USA.

"I have a Lego table in the kitchen. I have 4 bins for my Legos and 3 small drawers. The drawers are for men, wheels and black fences. I sometimes sort the rest of the legos by color and size."

Jackson, age 7, Georgia, USA.

"Jackson stores his Legos in a rolling scrapbook cart. We originally stored the Legos in a plastic bin, but soon outgrew that. A friend of ours was using a scrapbook cart for workboxes in her homeschooling and I knew when I saw it that it would be perfect for our Legos. We bought ours at Michael's craft store when we had a 50% off coupon. We like that it rolls, the bins are clear and small enough to sort through, and each box has a snapping lid. Funny enough, we were on the other day and we saw they are selling their own version of same thing for about $55.00."

Evil Mad Scientist Organization of 1x8 flat plates.

Check out the Evil Mad Scientist website on how to organize your LEGO bricks. It's pretty amazing stuff and they show how to organize every type of LEGO piece! (thank you Alex!)