Monday, April 12, 2010

Shadow Photos

by Lyn, age 8, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Lyn, this is fantastic! I love how dark of a shadow you were able to get! This reminds me of a wind up robot with a long neck, struggling to climb a hill. I want to know the story of this guy. Great creation Lyn!

by Angus, age 6, Saskatchewan, Canada.

You also have a nice dark shadow Angus! This seems to have religious references at the bottom, with the cross, yet circus act at the top, with what looks like an elephant balancing a giant hamburger on his trunk? Fantastically tall Angus!

"Mega Reflector" by Isaac, age 5, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"This is my 'mega reflector'. Can you see the blue windows in the shadow? I had fun making it."

Incredible creation Isaac! This looks like some sort of city skyline, or could it be a bunch of machines rising over the horizon, coming towards us? Love the addition of the blue window, subtle colours in the shadow look so cool! So awesome Isaac!

"S" by Sophie, age 5 and Simon, age 7, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"This is the letter S for our names. We used three flashlights because there was no sunshine."

Super cool letter S guys! I love that I can see the choppiness of the curves, showing the bricks trying to turn flowing corners. Why does this remind me of Sesame Street? Pssssst, wanna buy a letter 'S'? Way to go Simon and Sophie!

"Snail in the Sun" by Will, age 5, Selah, Washington, USA

"It's a snail, or sometimes a car depends on how I feel."

This is wonderful Will! I love that it can be either a snail or a car, depending on mood. Nice strong sunshine shadows here. I especially like the antennae in the shadow! Great creation Will!

"Iron Giant" by Cassandra, age 8, Selah, Washington, USA.

Cassandra says, "I really didn't know what I had until I took it out into the sun. I love how the top looks like a face; it instantly reminded me of the story The Iron Giant."

This is great! Your creation was made the way a lot of artists and sculptors make their work, by simply creating then seeing what comes out of their work once finished. I love that you noticed your design came alive once out in the sun and casting its shadow. And how cool that it reminded you of a story you read, so awesome Cassandra!

"Diamond" by Tal, age 11, Southern California, USA.

I absolutely love how strong the colour shows in your shadow. The wonderful blues and reds are so beautiful in this creation. This design is perfectly balanced and has great symmetry. So many negative space areas let the light shine through, creating a very delicate piece of shadow architecture. Amazing Tal!

by Bridger, age 7, Minnesota, USA.

"Do you see the shadow of the person on the top of this creation? It's a figure with a backwards baseball cap and white pants. I used a piece with lots of holes in it to make the grid that you see near the bottom. My creation kept falling apart when the whole top part was only connected by one notch. So, I connected it all by two notches."

This is such a cool creation! I love the height and how delicate this structure seems. How great to hear that you were able to come up with a solution to it falling apart, making it a more stable design. The person at the very top is so perfectly balanced. Wonderful piece of architecture Bridger!