Monday, January 25, 2010

Car Photos

Hi LEGO Quest Kids, thank you so much for playing, we received some amazing creations to share with you all. Here are the finished LEGO car challenge, (please note, comments are directly below each photo):

Made by Isaac, age 5
Complete with coffee cup! This great car looks super strong. Great use of all those flat pieces. Very smart design, Isaac!

Made by Lyn, age 8
The height of this car is impressive! Gotta love the monkey and elephant on top. Awesome, Lyn!

"No" by Lorelai, age 18 months
What can I say, but man, this is too cute!

"Thomas Car" by Gavin, age 3
The tall tower is super cool! You rock, Gavin!

"The Monster Car" by Nathan, 7 years old
The flag makes it look like it's moving, great construction, Nathan!

"Patrick Motorcycle Car" by Spencer, 5 years old
This looks so much like a motorcycle. So cool, Spencer!

"Double Decker Bus" Hannah, age 11
I think the hand drawn wheels are very creative. Way to go, Hannah!

"Speedflash" by Michael, age 5
He tells us it has speedy fins and it's supersonic. It really does look incredibly fast! Super cool, Michael!

"Zekkar" by Ethan, age 8
He tells us that the cage can open to store power crystals, and the window shield goes up and down. Love all the moving parts on this. Great builder, Ethan!

"Truck" by Sophie, age 5
Perfect for her little dollies! I like all the white. Very nice, Sophie!

"The Crusher" by Simon, age 7
Very cool use of roof shingles! This looks like a strong car, Simon.

Made by Angus, age 6
Great crane contraption and awesome that you used 10 wheels! Wonderful, Angus!

Stayed tuned, for LEGO Quest #2 challenge.